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 Creating a Character and Template

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PostSubject: Creating a Character and Template   Mon Jun 28, 2010 7:28 pm

Creating a Character
When Creating a Character, specific rules apply that tie into the various point systems. Firstly, each rank of character gets a specific amount of Ryo to spend on them, right from the get go.

    E Rank: 100 Ryo, Limited to E rank Items and Abilities
    D Rank: 200, Limited to C rank Items and Abilities, All E ranks are Free
    C Rank: 400 Ryo, Limited to B rank Items and Abilities, All E ranks are Free
    B Rank: 600 Ryo, Limited to A rank Items and Abilities, All E ranks are Free
    A Rank: 800 Ryo, Limited to a Maximum of 1 S rank Items and Abilities, All E and D ranks are Free
    S Rank: 1000 Ryo, Limited to a Maximum of 2 S rank Items and Abilities, All E, D and C ranks are Free

These points are a cumulative total the include not only techniques, but weapons, puppets, animal companions, and anything else that requires a ranking. For more information on the point system, Click Here!

Additionally, certain starting ranks award more elemental affinities, specialties, character classes and their choice of Weapon/Puppet/Animal Companion ("Item") that the creator will not have to pay for. These will be considered "bonuses".

    E Rank: No Bonus
    D Rank: Free C Rank Item
    C Rank: Free C Rank Item; Secondary Specialty
    B Rank: Free B Rank Item; Secondary Specialty; Secondary Element
    A Rank: Free B Rank Item; Secondary Specialty; Secondary Element; One Amateur Rank Character Class
    S Rank: Free B Rank Item; Secondary Specialty; Secondary Element; Two Amateur Rank Character Classes,

Explaining the Template

Basic Info

Name: (Eastern Traditional, Last Name, First Name)
-Nickname/Alias: (Only If you have any)
Age: (Your Age, please be Reasonable)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Height: (How tall you Are)
Weight: (How Heavy or Light you Are)
Personality: (Give at least Two Paragraphs)

General Appearance

Basic looks: (A paragraph or two about how your character appears, you may add a picture; that is optional, the paragraph is not.)
Commonly Attire: (A description of what your character may usually wear)
Extra Features: (Are there any additional visual features we should know about?)

Bloodline Information

Kekkei Genkai: (Insert KKG/clan name here)
-Description: (Description of abilities)

-Physical Traits: (Any physical traits that your Kkg gives you)

-Ability Overview: (a quick list of the bloodline abilities)

Rank and Skill Information

Village: (What Village, you are from, if a Missing Ninja please place a Strike)
Title: (Genin, Chuunin, Jounin etc.)
Letter Rank: (E,D,C,B,A or S)
Group affiliation:(Any group in or out of a village that your character is involved with whether it be a team or a terrorist group)

Specialties: (Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Puppetry)
-Secondary: (C Rank and Up)

Character Classes: (For more information)
-1. (A Rank and Up)
-2. (S Rank Only)
-3. (Must purchase later)

Elemental Affinity (For more information)
- Primary Element:
- Secondary Element: (B Rank and Up)
- Advanced Element: (Must purchase later)
- Combination: (KKG ONLY)

Jutsu (If they don’t all fit, use a separate post)


History/Rp Sample

Rp Sample: (An example of how you would post in rp)
History: (A history of your character, placed in arcs please)

[size=14][i][u][b]Basic Info[/b][/u][/i][/size]


[size=14][i][u][b]General Appearance [/b][/u][/i][/size]

[b]Basic looks:[/b]
[b]Commonly Attire:[/b]
[b]Extra Features:[/b]

[size=14][b][u][i]Bloodline Information[/i][/u][/b][/size]

[b]Kekkei Genkai:[/b]

-[i]Physical Traits:[/i]

-[i]Ability Overview:[/i]

[size=14][b][u][i]Rank and Skill Information [/i][/u][/b][/size]

[b]Letter Rank:[/b]
[b]Group affiliation:[/b]


[b]Character Classes:[/b]

[b]Elemental Affinity[/b]
- [i]Primary Element:[/i]
- [i]Secondary Element[/i]
- [i]Advanced Element[/i]
- [u]Combination[/u]



[size=14][b][u][i]History/Rp Sample [/i][/u][/b][/size]

[b]Rp Sample:[/b]


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Creating a Character and Template
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