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 Starting Plot

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PostSubject: Starting Plot   Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:23 am

Chakra has proved to be the main source of power throughout the generations, after the ancestor of all ninja brought it under our understanding; we have attempted to harness it through many techniques and in many eyes we have succeed. Not only that but we’ve been able to create weapons of war that nothing can stop, we have followed the path of the sage, the consequences are great but the reaping the reward is what matters to us, as our being is that as no matter how we look at it, we are and will always will be Shinobi.

Throughout history since our dawn, we have been creators, peace keeps, understand and most of all destroyers. The beginning of our art lies in the existence of the sage, the beginning of ninjutsu and all other art that are now practiced. From the six paths also spawned the bijuu, beasts of terror that where the embodiment of true human fear and….Chakra. Time passed the sage left us but the beast could not and we human’s began to lust for their power. From this development came the existence of the jinchūriki, human’s who’s purpose was to contain the masses and direct them to work for the villages. The inheritance of our ancestor now put to work for many colonies of our kind; the ninja villages. Each village unique and powerful, as time went on they grew, waged war and even some faded from our history.

Through his the hatred grew, and resentment boiled over the edge. Eventually the villages found a new universal enemy come to fruition, those who hunted power, those who hunted the bijuu , the akatsuki. They ravaged the villages with little remorse hunting down the hosts and even at points loaned out their power to us; allowing us to take down our enemies with little difficulty or remorse. Beasts or no beasts, our powers grew and we were honestly content with the carnage as it promoted our well being.

Life was all well and good until the sage’s legacy had come to bite us in the face, right before our eyes they now stood; a mass of people large enough for a small army of are people. These figures claimed to be the purity of the arts we’ve polluted, the Guardians of the six paths. They proved themselves with little effort, each wielding one art or element could easily defeat any of our kind with little effort, they we’re the true embodiment of our desires but unlike the bijuu we couldn’t contain them no matter how we tired. After years the time had finally come, the akatsuki had collect all but one chakra beast, it was linger to the point of hopelessness and then the Guardians saved us, placing each bijuu in a dormant state they gave us a time of peace; but without the bijuu a hole was torn open in our world, a gap of power.

We turned to the Sage’s preserved arts for help; they promptly refused and as our kind normally does we retaliated. With not so much as a second thought we found ourselves at the brink of death before these demonic humans, who then in turn gave us a warning before they left, to places unknown. This warning was that they would return in ten years to pass on the purity of our arts, to only the truest of us. They then left, not a trace to be found.

Now, without the bijuu or the pupils we have descended into a pit of chaos, the villages destroying each other, attacking innocents, constant wars, people turning themselves into monsters all for the sake of the lost power. No truce remains unbroken, all is lost chaos has been picked up in the greatest shinobi war known to our people, the end seems to be near. In the midst of all this ruin, the once faded organization has risen, collecting the secrets of our kind, gathering power by precautions and force, no one is save from the chaos whether it be form terrorists or another villages, no one is safe. We were given ten years to prepare and we fell off into chaos; nine and a half years have passed, whether we like it or not we have six months before our world changes, we must either destroy each other or obtain peace by then.

Now fellow shinobi, we extend our hand to you, and ask you to join the chaos; we have six months to resolve the ruin; will you help us or will you walk the path of turmoil? Either way we will soon all achieve our point of Divinity.

Time is almost up
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Starting Plot
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