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 The Mizukage, Shirosame Hoshigaki

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Hybris Kinkotsu no Kaguya

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PostSubject: The Mizukage, Shirosame Hoshigaki   Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:24 pm

Basic Info

Name: Hoshigaki, Shirosame

Nickname/Alias: The Nutcase

Age: 26

Gender: Male
Important Family Members: None

Personality: Being ill from birth, Shirosames personality is filled with various disorders, and because of that he does not have the look on things as most people do.

Antisocial personality disorder: Shirosame does not really obey the so called "rules of society". He does not see the world in black and white like most people do, he rather sees it in gray, as in, do anything to survive. One of his strengths is also his massive amount of imaginary names, so one may not find out his true name. You can describe him as a rather spontaneous person, with the inability to plan ahead, for he does not make specific plans, not even for his or his fellow travelers safety.

Delusional disorder: Having a mental unstable brain also has its benefits; Shirosame does not really see what most people see: If lets say, a close family member dies, normal people would grief and often weep for the deceased, but Shirosame would just think of the funereal and what a great party and gathering it would be. He also often daydreams, such as seeing things that are not actually there. As others would see, he often talks to himself, but in his reality, he hears two or several voices inside of him, that are either helping him, making comments, or just arguing with each other.

Hypomania: Shirosame does not really talk much, but you should not engage him in a conversation, because once he starts, there is no way to stop him, unless of course, you seal his mouth shut. He will always talk during fights, often mocking his opponent, and making him lose concentration, while he will remain fully concentrated on the task at hand. He also has a really big self esteem, or ego, thus, there aren't many ways to insult him, because he will just ignore it, or take it as a compliment. He also has a non-sleeping mind, he requires less sleep than others, and his mind is almost never out of ideas.

Narcissistic personality disorder: Shirosame always thinks he is better than others. While this might be true sometimes, it also got him in many troubles while he was younger. He does not really care for his appearance, because he already know that he could not look better, he thinks he is the best at everything he does and the he is... to put it simple, awesome.

Paranoid personality disorder: Trust nobody... unless they have money. That is Shirosames rule for strangers. He always thinks that someone is planing something behind his back, whether its an assault or a birthday party. He holds a grudge against someone who has insulted him forever, unless he can somehow pay them back, either by harming them or robbing their belongings. He always takes second guesses of things.

Besides his disorders, he is usually friendly to people who either pay him well, or can do him a favor. He is often in his mind, arguing with his voices about some delicious looking food or how to cook a certain fish. And instead of having a passive alter ego, his ego or egos are always active, although it is not fairly noticeable on the outside. You never know what he might do next.

A more detailed informative on his personalities could also be found in this list as follows.

* Expressively Haughty (e.g., acts in an arrogant, supercilious, pompous, and disdainful manner, flouting conventional rules of shared social living, viewing them as naive or inapplicable to self; reveals a careless disregard for personal integrity and a self-important indifference to the rights of others).

* Admirable Self-Image (e.g., believes self to be meritorious, special, if not unique, deserving of great admiration, and acting in a grandiose or self-assured manner, often without commensurate achievements; has a sense of high self-worth, despite being seen by others as egotistic, inconsiderate, and arrogant).

* Contrived Object-Relations (e.g., internalized representations are composed far more than usual of illusory and changing memories of past relationships; unacceptable drives and conflicts are readily refashioned as the need arises, as are others often simulated and pretentious).

* Insouciant Mood-Temperament (e.g., manifests a general air of nonchalance, imperturbability, and feigned tranquility; appears coolly unimpressionable or buoyantly optimistic, except when narcissistic confidence is shaken, at which time either rage, shame, or emptiness is briefly displayed).

* Expressively Disciplined (e.g., maintains a regulated, highly structured and strictly-organized life; perfectionism interferes with decision-making and task completion).

* Interpersonally Respectful (e.g., exhibits unusual adherence to social conventions and proprieties, as well as being scrupulous and overconscientious about matters of morality and ethics; prefers polite, formal and correct personal relationships, usually insisting that subordinates adhere to personally established rules and methods).

* Constricted Cognitive Style (e.g., constructs world in terms of rules, regulations, schedules and hierarchies; is rigid, stubborn, and indecisive and notably upset by unfamiliar or novel ideas and customs).

* Concealed Object-Relations (e.g., only those internalized representations, with their associated inner affects and attitudes that can be socially approved, are allowed conscious awareness or behavioral expression; as a result, actions and memories are highly regulated, forbidden impulses sequestered and tightly bound, personal and social conflicts defensively denied, kept from awareness, maintained under stringent control).

* Reaction Formation Regulatory Mechanism (e.g., repeatedly presents positive thoughts and socially commendable behaviors that are diametrically opposite one's deeper contrary and forbidden feelings; displays reasonableness and maturity when faced with circumstances that evoke anger or dismay in others).

* Compartmentalized Morphologic Organization (e.g., morphologic structures are rigidly organized in a tightly consolidated system that is clearly partitioned into numerous, distinct and segregated constellations of drive, memory, and cognition, with few open channels to permit interplay among these components).

* Solemn Mood-Temperament (e.g., is unrelaxed, tense, joyless and grim; restrains warm feelings and keeps most emotions under tight control).

* Interpersonally Abrasive (e.g., reveals satisfaction in intimidating, coercing and humiliating others; regularly expresses verbally abusive and derisive social commentary, as well as exhibiting vicious, if not physically brutal behavior).

* Combative Self-Image (e.g., is proud to characterize self as assertively competitive, as well as vigorously energetic and militantly hardheaded; values aspects of self that present pugnacious, domineering and power-oriented image).

* Pernicious Object-Relations (e.g., internalized representations of the past are distinguished by early relationships that have generated strongly driven aggressive energies and malicious attitudes, as well as by a contrasting paucity of sentimental memories, tender affects, internal conflicts, shame or guilt feelings).

* Isolation Regulatory Mechanism (e.g., can be cold-blooded and remarkably detached from an awareness of the impact of own destructive acts; views objects of violation impersonally, as symbols of devalued groups devoid of human sensibilities).

General Appearance

Basic looksDue to his heritage, Shirosames hair is rather deep blue looking, like the depths of the ocean. His headband is wrapped around his forehead, helping his hair staying in an upward position. His eyes are of normal size, although the iris is really hard to see, and if you look closely you would notice that it is of yellow/blue color. His pupils can barely be seen, but they supposedly never widen. His gills are right below his eyes, much like any other Hosihgaki clan member. His nose is neither really big, nor is it really small. His mouth is wide, allowing him to hunt his meals easier. His teeth have a triangular shape, much like a shark.

He wears an enhanced cloak-like... cloak without a hood, but with sleeves, which allows him to hide his actions from observers nearby. It has buttons on the inside, so that he does not need to expose his arms if he wants to drop the cloak. Its color is black on the outside, with kanji of his name written in blue all over it. The inner part of the cloak is yellow in color, so that it contrasts his pale, white-blue skin. The cloak goes down from his mouth to his knees, allowing him mobility. This is where he also keeps his secondary weapons, and some accessories, like candles, a mirror, or forks. Apart from that, nobody knows what's beneath it, since he rarely takes it off. He has a belt-like sheath around his torso, to carry his blade around.
Height: 6' 8"

Weight: 83.9 KG (around 293 Lbs.)
preferred wardrobe: Explained previously.
Extra Features: Members of the Hoshigaki clan are very tall and strong shinobi, with distinctive shark-like appearances, complete with pale blue skin, small white eyes, gill-like facial structures, and sharp triangular teeth. When they remove their clothing, they are shown to have gills on their shoulders as well for underwater breathing.

Bloodline Information

Kekkei Genkai:

Description: Mastery of all practical Water Ninjutsu Techniques, and as default, gain all water ninjutsu, jutsu, through the addition of a scroll that is given them at birth, and is not capable of being read until they gain skills that rival Jounin (Elite-Jounin). This scroll contains ALL water jutsu known to the ninja world.

Physical Traits Members of the Hoshigaki clan are very tall and strong shinobi, with distinctive shark-like appearances, complete with pale blue skin, small white eyes, gill-like facial structures, and sharp triangular teeth. When they remove their clothing, they are shown to have gills on their shoulders as well for underwater breathing.
Ability Overview Mizu no Kami (Water God)
Rank: "B" Rank
Skill: Clan Mastery
Effect: Allows the user the ability to perform water based techniques as if their chakra cost was reduced by one rank.
Drawback: Even though the chakra cost has been reduced, the cost of movements and the time spent performing the techniques remain the same. Defensive techniques that require the user to expend the same amount of chakra in order to block a technique are unaffected by this mastery.
Description: There are few clans out there that can rival the Hoshigake when it comes to their use of Water-based Ninjutsu. Because of their constant use, individuals of the clan have developed a keen sense of how much chakra is truly necessary to perform the technique and as such may perform water-based ninjutsu as if the chakra cost of the technique were actually one rank lower than the technique's actual cost. However, just because the user can perform the technique for less of a cost doesn't mean that it takes any less time to perform them.

Rank and Skill Information

Village: Kirigakure (Mist Village)

Rank: Mizukage
Letter Rank S
Group affiliation None.

- Main: Ninjutsu
-Sub: Kenjutsu
-Combination None

Advanced/Secondary Skills: (proficiencies, mastery….)

Elemental & Jutsu Information

Elemental Affinity

Primary Element Water
Secondary Element Fire
Advanced Element
Combination N/A

Jutsu (If they All don't fit, put in another post)

Shirosame doesn't possess any Jutsu at this time.

History/Rp Sample

Rp Sample: Xarias smelled something in the distance, wondering what it could be. Her senses drove her to conclude what she was smelling was a combined scent of rusted metal, and broken or moist wood. Along the lines, another scent came across her nostrils; which skimmed around the lines of her nose. The smell of Akatsuki clothing. The special stitching created by Akatsuki themselves. An injured Akatsuki.. ? There was no time to think. She erased her prescense and enveloped herself in darkness, teleporting herself to the exact location by interpreting the scent and vibrations she tracked in the ground.

She appeared behind the broken mishap of metal and bark, noticing shreds of Akatsuki robe tattered and ripped all over the oddly shaped body. "Ah.. Your the Akatsuki member that had dissapeared a few years ago. I was watching from above during the lightning storm that had shocked the both of you. If my memory is as sharp as it has been for the past billions of years; Your the Puppet King, known as Daedalus. Are you not?" She asked him, standing straight up like she was in parading in a silent rule of authority. Royalty. She had to after all, being the accompany leader of the Akatsuki.

The wind blew hard as rocks scattered and riveted sounds under her feet; flying around her body. Her hair slightly blew, and the temperamental breeze gently aligned her torso, and legs in perfection. The sunlight was hardly noticable due to the nethers above the two, storms forming overhead. Thunder could be heard cracking in the distance. And as everyone knows, lightning was to follow it. She simply looked at him through vibration. She couldnt fully interpret what he looked like because well, she couldnt see due to her blindfold.

Xarias looked upon him. He was badly damaged, but still living. That was critical.

"I am Akatsuki Second in Command: Xarias Oni. First Prophecy.." She began, tilting her head slightly to the left. "As for your laboratory operation, it has been canceled. The base was destroyed by the formation of alliances of the Kage's.. They destroyed it in hopes of annihilating the Akatsuki along with it. But they didnt quite notice, none of us were present inside. We have created a new village for the Akatsuki. We're hidden extremely deep in the Rain Village. We're off the map. We called it, the Village Hidden in the Bloodmist. " She nods, beginning to walk with him. "Our operations are basically the same. Capture the Bijuu, annihilate all of mankind. But that is not all. With the addition of the Tenshu Akatsuki, which are the completion of eternally immortal beings; such as myself, our final goal is to re-shape this world into our own image. The image of perfection with our beliefs. Our new leader, Zodiark; Who im almost more than sure, you've met, is now leading us with a great amount of excellation. Hes quite the leading figure. He is most likely in his bar, resting. We'll see him there."

With that, they began to travel. The storm clouds above began to disappear and spread, revealing an almost sunny sky. Far too much of a scientist, Daedalus analyzed her words. "The only point you've made is that you're less advanced then a Willow. Willows aren't immortal, you do have a point there. And you probably could destroy this world, just by removing your blindfold, sure, why not? However, immortality leaves you without something that all mortals possess. Perhaps one day you'll learn what that is. But, until then."

Daedalus then held out a wooden arm, ready to go.

Xarias looked at Daedalus with a laughing tone.

"I assure you, Daedalus. Im far more advanced than any Willow." She laughed out loud. "I can teleport us there if you'd like." She said, still giggling lightly. "Willow's can only regenerate.. They werent born immortal, like me. I cant die, let alone even have my skin tear. I can grant immortality as well as take it away.." She says, looking at him through her blindfold. "And this, " She says, pointing to her blindfold. ".. This, is the only thing keeping me from completely destroying this world, and the next. Haha!" She says, laughing even harder. She walks toward Daedalus; in an attempt to grab a hold of him and teleport to the Village.

Xarias looked at him just before she allowed the darkness to envelop them.

"The only thing I do not possess that a mortal does, is what you do not have as well.." She whispers, darkness comes from around them; and completely envelops the two seeming to devour them. The shadow itself turned into a demonic dragon; and dissapeared completely. The two had officially left the stone village. They were still on the lookout for their target, Kenshin.

Kenshin was born in the Rice Fields with his mother and father in a big tree. His parents were members of the Tsubasa clan in Sound. Once his parents got back to the Hidden Sound Village they showed him off to the rest of the clan. The were so happy for them the finally had a son. Kenshin had a older sister about the age of 12 when he was first born. He was a big baby weighted about 6 pounds and was about 1’6 feet tall.

When he was about the age of 5 his parents performed the Ritual of Talon and Feather on him. He was the youngest clan member in Sound and was forced to join the academy. He was a loner and didn’t talk to many people in the village other then his parent and his older sister. His sister taught him everything that she could teach him at the age he was. His sister taught him the wing grow technique when he was the age of seven. One day Kenshin and his sister were out flying out side of the village and his sister got hurt by an arrow shot. The arrow was shot by a missing sound ninja that had a vendetta with Kenshin’s sister. She fell from the sky and landed in front of the guy that shot the arrow. Kenshin landed in a tree and with drew his wings and watched helplessly has the guy took his sister.

The Missing Nin soon found Kenshin hiding and took him with him his sister out off the village. They were taken to his hideout in the land of fang were he killed his sister as Kenshin watched helpless. The Missing Nin was from the land of waterfall and took Kenshin under his wing. When Kenshin was 9 the Missing Nin was hunted down by a Snow Nin and taken back to the Hidden Village of Waterfall. Kenshin was on his own stuck to fend for himself. Kenshin stayed in the land of fang and just wondered the land for a long time.

The Missing Nin left Kenshin his sword as present when he was killed. Kenshin eventually found a group of birds that he lived migrated with to the land of waterfall. He never graduated from an academy so his skills has a ninja never moved up in rank. He lived with the family of birds until he they moved to the waterfall capital city. He was asleep one night and the birds left in the middle of the night.

Kenshin stayed in the capital and found a job when he was at the age of 11. He worked in the post office licking stamps for a living. Which was enough for him to eat off of for two years. At the age of 13 Kenshin was told to go see the world for himself instead of living by himself. Kenshin lived on the streets of the Waterfall Capital alone for no more. He is now searching for the Tensora Sky dojo to learn a little fighting skills to defend himself. Unfortunately, this was all they knew.

They never found him.

History: His father, Gen Hoshigaki was a powerful Shark Priest from Kirigakure, who fell in love with a beautiful girl named Rei Takamatsu. The other Shark Priests forbid marriage outsed the clan, so they both left the village and went missing. They returned 2 years later with Rei highly pregnant, and seeking forgiveness. Although Gen was accepted back in the clan, the other Shark Priests did not allow him to be one again, and tortured him for his betrayal of the clan and the village, giving him scars all over his body. Two weeks later, Rei gave birth to a young boy and because of a very exhausting birth she died. However, the little boys health was not in good condition, and the medical ninjas did not know how to help him. Eventually, Gen asked the Shark Priests to preform The Ritual on him. The Priests agreed, but they told him that he would have to get the requirements for The Ritual himself. And so he went into the sea, searching for the strongest shark, that would make his boy survive. Upon his return, he was missing his left arm, and over his shoulder, a white shark was stretching to the ground. The Priests performed The Ritual, and the young boys physical condition got better, but his mental state suffered severe damage, although nobody could see it at that young age. Eventually the boy would be named Shirosame.

Pre-genin madness (age 6-12)
Entering the Ninja Academy at 6, he quickly gained the reputation of a prankster. Often playing tricks on his teachers and classmates, like putting exploding tags on the bottom of their chair, or pretending to drown on the field trips. The teachers tried desperately to take him out of school, but he always completed his assignments with perfection, despite his nature. In school he was the prankster, while at home, he studied jutsus and read books, so that he would never be treated as a bad ninja. There were no signs of his mental instability at that age. Shirosame passed the Academy aged 10, and was quickly assigned to a team with Hwoarang Uchiha and Mizuki Ryuuga. Around that time his father applied to be a team leader, and was assigned to his sons team.

Gennin, the life and troubles (age 12-16)
Preparing their team for the Chuunin Exams, Gen did not go easy on them, despite his son being on the team. He would often train them for days with no rest, pushing them to their limits. He would also let them fight each other, until one of them collapsed from exhaustion. The team missed on Chuunin Exams, because Gen thought, that they were not prepared for them. So they waited for the next Exams. the week before them, he went easy on them, as a reward, and let them sleep for days, waking them up, only to serve them breakfast. When the Chuunin Exams came, Team Shark, as they called themselves, was on the peak of their strength. Unfortunately for them, the other teams were either stronger, or more experienced with the Exams than them.

Despite their difficulties, they managed to make it to the finals, but instead of fighting, Gen pulled them back, explaining that they were not ready for the much stronger Gennin. Shirosame, being both sad and angry at the same time, did not know what to do, so he decided to spend some time alone. When he came back, after days, he said to his father:"I want to leave the village", and in his min he suddenly started to hear voices:"Why are you doing this? Don't you know your father will be hurt?", and:" Leave fast, and steal some food too... and a mirror, I want a mirror." Those were the first signs of his mental instability.

Missing a piece of mind (age 16)
His father was surprised by his decision, and after a short while he said:" I won't hunt you down, but others surely will." Shirosame understood him... sort of, and decided to leave the village at night. He packed up his bag, taking scrolls with Hoshigaki clan techniques, a world map, some food, and of course a mirror. At his departure, his father was waiting for him at the village gates, with a large blade covered in bandages. It was a reward for his hard work. Shirosame accepted it, thanked him, and quickly ran out of the village. While walking to the harbor, he decided to name the 180cm blade, Fluffy. He sneaked himself on board the ship, that was going to the fire country. He was a missing nin now, a fugitive, a lost soul.

Travels of a lost soul (age 16-19)
Landing in the fire country, he quickly hid his headband to not make people around suspicious, of course, that didn't help much, he had the appearance of a shark. Helping himself with the world map he took from home, he went on to the main city of the fire country. When he arrived, he quickly bought a very expensive custom made cloak from the money he had. He also heard from the local tavern, that a certain Uchiha Satoshi seeks worthy opponents for him. He then left the city, and went to a nearby lake, where he built himself a small cottage. With three years passing, Shirosame has now mastered the Hoshigaki clan jutsus. His Academy jutsus, his heritage and his insanity helped him to survive this rough time. One day, a mysterious masked man appeared, calling himself "The Hermit". He challenged Shirosame to battle. Shirosame accepted, thinking that he was just another fool that was trying to steal from him, and that he would be on the bottom on the lake soon. But instead of winning, Shirosame was overwhelmed by "The Hermit"s Doton mastery, and Iron Fist mastery. Shirosame eventually asked "The Hermit" to train him the mastery of Doton and Iron Fist.

The Hermit accepted, and taught him the basics of both techniques, but the training for Doton took nine months, since Shirosame was not a Doton user. When one day Shirosame woke up, he found a letter from him, telling him:"Good luck with your goals, whether it is to become Chuunin, or to beat Satoshi Uchiha in a battle. Although I might warn you, Uchihas are really hard to defeat. Signed, Hwoarang Uchiha." Surprised at his former teammates strength, Shirosame was now full of confidence, and so he decided to go back to Kirigakure, to participate in the next Chuunin Exams and pass them. Destroying the cottage, and burning everything in it, he set off, through the Fire country, going to the harbor to take him back to the Water country. Once there, he silently and quickly killed one of the passengers, took his ticket and boarded the ship.

Return of a madman (age 20)
Leaving the ship, he was really exhausted from the trip, so Shirosame thought, that it would be best to set up a camp for the night, rest, and continue the next morning. He was awakened the next morning by the sounds of thieves stealing his possessions. He only managed to catch one, and when he did, he killed him, took his trackers, money and great sword with him. He disposed the body in a nearby river. Having lost all of his money, except for the thieves 1,000 ryo, he continued his path to Kirigakure.

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PostSubject: Re: The Mizukage, Shirosame Hoshigaki   Mon Jul 19, 2010 2:22 pm

-Drop the liquid fire; it just isn't practical considering your kkg.
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PostSubject: Re: The Mizukage, Shirosame Hoshigaki   Tue Jul 20, 2010 3:12 am

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PostSubject: Re: The Mizukage, Shirosame Hoshigaki   Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:13 am

Sooooo, No jutsus huh.

Uhm i Beleive this is good too go unless said other wise.
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Missing Nin

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PostSubject: Re: The Mizukage, Shirosame Hoshigaki   Mon Aug 02, 2010 4:54 pm

Approved, make an account for this character.
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PostSubject: Re: The Mizukage, Shirosame Hoshigaki   

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The Mizukage, Shirosame Hoshigaki
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