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 Miyamushi; Kanako. (Elendril's Apprentice.)

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PostSubject: Miyamushi; Kanako. (Elendril's Apprentice.)   Tue Jul 20, 2010 12:52 am

Basic Info

Name: Miyamushi; Kanako.

Nickname/Alias: -

Age: 14.

Gender: Female.
Important Family Members: -


Ebony is a bubbly, yet courageous girl. She often forgets things from the last few days or so, unless very important. She often thinks of missions as a practice, and not always important. When she gets mad, she has an attitude. She nags at times, and whines at other times, but she always stays bubbly, and people love her that way. She is always happy, even when hurt, and she can cheer anyone up. In a battle, she is still bubbly, yet she is willing to take risks to save others, and will do anything to win the battle. Ebony is smart, although she can often be slow to answer questions. Ebony has a high pitched giggle that can cheer up anyone's day.

General Appearance

Basic looks

Kanako has purple hair, often tied up into a ponytail at the right side of her head. With the ponytail tied up, she often leaves a long strand of hair out of the ponytail to the left and right sides of her head. She has a long smile, and bright green eyes, with a small nose. Her face is still babied, her cheeks a little chubby. Kanako has a round body, and having early womanly features since she was eleven, her chest is rounder then most girls, and her thighs and hips rounded as well. Fitting her body shape, she wears a yellow dress, divided into two parts. The dress shows half of her chest, a black see-through veil-like dress covers the front of her dress. The dress itself is long on the sides, though in the middle, it is cut short to show her shorts, with the ninja pocket. Being thin, the dress is quite tight, but loose in the bottom, making it easier to run. Kanako also carries around a large, umbrella-like weapon, which in battle, acts as a shield and a weapon. Kanako wears bandages down her legs, although leaving a small gap between her shorts and the bandages. The bandages have a thick black trim, and over-top, she wears ninja sandals, over-top once again is matching black leg warmers, to keep her cozy. On her left arm, she has a long series of bandages, with a yellow arm warmer along her arm to her wrist, cutting in between her index and her middle finger. On her right, she only has a short series of bandages. Lastly, her Sunagakure forehead protecter, is worn around her neck, tied at the back of her neck.

Height: 5'2".

Weight: 105 lbs.

Preferred Wardrobe: Above.
Extra Features: Kanako has a butterfly tattoo on the back of her neck under her forehead protector.

Rank and Skill Information

Village: Sunagakure no Sato.

Rank: B.
Letter Rank Chuunin.
Group affiliation -

Specialties: Fuuinjutsu, Weaponry.
-Main: Weaponry.
-Sub: Fuuinjutsu.
-Combination -

Advanced/Secondary Skills: (proficiencies, mastery….)

Elemental & Jutsu Information

Elemental Affinity

Primary Element -
Secondary Element -
Advanced Element -
Combination -

Jutsu (If they All don't fit, put in another post)

Name: Miyamushi Seal ~ Chakra Point Seal.
Rank: C.
Classification: Fuuinjutsu.
Element: -
Description: With this sealing technique, the user will have a chakra emitted through their fingertips. With this chakra, the user will touch the specific body part they want to seal the chakra from. If the opponent uses a jutsu from that bodypart, the jutsu is no longer usable. This seal lasts for the topic. This seal cannot be used multiple times unless the user is S Rank.

Name: Miyamushi Seal ~ Movement Seal.
Rank: B.
Classification: Fuuinjutsu.
Element: -
Description: With this sealing technique, the user will have a chakra emitted through their fingertips. With this chakra, the user will touch the specific body part they want to stop the movement from. For example, if the user seals movement from the opponent's leg, they can no longer walk with it. This seal takes a lot of chakra from the user. This seal lasts for the topic. This seal cannot be used multiple times unless the user is S Rank.

Name: Miyamushi Seal ~ Pain Quarantine.
Rank: C.
Classification: Fuuinjutsu.
Element: -
Description: With this sealing technique, the user will have a chakra emitted through their fingertips. With this chakra, the user will touch a spot where the ally is in pain. The user will expose the chakra through the bodypart to prevent the ally from feeling the pain for a short period of time. The seal lasts seven posts. This seal cannot be used multiple times unless the user is S Rank.

History/RP Sample

Rp Sample:

Light breathing and the faint sounds of screams in her mind tormented her thoughts, as she began to breathe heavier and heavier, as the lights flickered, making her sit up in her bed. She looked over to the other side of the bed, a lump cozily made with her man inside it whom had been sleeping. She patted his head gently, and sighed. She had to get out, before she was killed, quickly, she looked out the balcony, a few ninja were standing on the stone balcony specifically made for her, as they charged towards her, as she quickly withdrawed her grasswhistle, and played a gentle tune made to stop time for a moment. She quickly hit the last note as the men became frozen in stone, and other people as well. She knew, once she got out, she would be a criminal, but she was an Uchiha, whom many seemed to want to kill. She quickly opened the balcony doors, and moved through the gap that the men had attacked her in, and grabbed the rail, and jumped, landing onto the ground. Blood fell from her face, she had cut herself by jumping through the immense winds. She removed the chakra flowing from it, as she rushed to the gates, and kicked them open, and before she knew it, more people began to notice her. She quickly formed crystal kunai in her hand, as she quickly withdrawed one and threw them at them, some piercing where they would be severly wounded, and some would be killed. Quickly sending her blue coloured aura over the village, she sang faintly, and lifted her grasswhistle, and matched her mother's rhythm that came from the clock tower. She slowly began to run to the village, her memories striking at her, as she began to let her conciousness away slowly, and falling to the ground, barely breathing. Her time had come, for her memories to be filled to her, as she would become whole. His name, would be Kitaro, the one she had to meet. She felt it lust in her heart.


Birth/Academy Arc

Kanako was born on a sunny day, in the middle of an annual Chuunin Exams. Being only a baby, she can't recall the sights that she saw. When she was born, she had a minor kidney disease. The doctors took only a few days getting it out, but she was fine afterward. Her parents had planned a vacation, so for a couple years, Kanako lived with her grandparents. Sadly, her parents never came back. With this, Kanako's legal guardians were here only family left. Kanako was a happy baby, and as she grew up, she became more bubbly then ever. By the time she reached the age of nine, she told her grandparents she wanted to be just like her father, to be a ninja. Her grandparents assigned her to be in the academy.

When she was in the academy, she grew towards the arts of sealing more then ever, but sadly, she seemed better in weaponry. Although, she grew to both of them over time. During her exams, Kanako aced the written work, although was worse then others in fighting, but.. she seemed to pass the exams, and was given a forehead protector of Sunagakure, to be an actual ninja.

Genin Arc

Earning the name of a ninja, Kanako grew to help citizens in need. As she grew, she was assigned to a team of ninja, her sensei, Fujiwara; Kanai, and the other girls, Hyuuga; Yano, and Takashima; Nami. Kanako loved her squad, and has ever since. Her first mission was to pluck weeds out of a garden, she didn't mind, but her teammates did. Soon, the missions became progressively harder, and soon, her teammates fought of criminals from outside the village. They succeeded at many, but had a loss at about two. They tried hard not to let the criminals away. Kanako soon was entered in the Chuunin Exams with her teammates, the exams being not a team, but individual survival. Many genin had died in the exam, but others succeeded, and became Chuunin, where-as Kanako, did not on her first exam, although her second exam with her failing teammates succeeded, being a team exam. Kanako was awarded the name of a chuunin, an advanced ninja. An actual ninja of Sunagakure no Sato.

Chuunin Arc

[RP Starts Here.]

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PostSubject: Re: Miyamushi; Kanako. (Elendril's Apprentice.)   Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:02 pm

(This is the account for this character.)
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PostSubject: Re: Miyamushi; Kanako. (Elendril's Apprentice.)   Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:40 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Miyamushi; Kanako. (Elendril's Apprentice.)   

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Miyamushi; Kanako. (Elendril's Apprentice.)
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