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 Zenaku Uchiha Mission Log: Retrieve the Scroll of Anbu Back from missing nin

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Anbu Captain
Anbu Captain

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PostSubject: Zenaku Uchiha Mission Log: Retrieve the Scroll of Anbu Back from missing nin   Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:56 am

While preparing his shinobi gear the way he always does in preparation for any possible missions Zen recieves an urgent message. A scroll appears from an unknown location and lands in on a counter before him. He instantly recognizes the familiar scroll but what catches his eye is the bright crimson string tying it.

An important mission?!

Zen instantly grabs the scroll looking it over as he reads to himself.

Someone stole the Anbu Scroll?!

Zen reads the rest of the mission parameters as well as the last known tragectory of the enemy and rushes off leaving his residence in a flash. He jumps from rooftop to rooftop quickly making his way to the village gate and out of the gate towards the forest.

Sheesh, how large a lead does he have? The report said another team was dispatched as soon as the incident took place but where are they?

As Zen proceeds something catches his eye in the distance. It was a downed shinobi wearing konoha's colors. Zen sped up stopping just short of the body. He kneels down to the shinobi.

What happened?! Where's the rest of your squad?!

The ninja can barely make out words as he spoke.

Hurry, he's getting away. He just left here. My trying to stop him. But, he's very strong. He Be....carefu....

The ninja passes out with broken words. Zen leaves a marker for the support crew to find the hurt ninja as he proceeds on. As he continues he finds the rest of the squad defeated yet alive and continues on knowing the enemy can't have gotten too far. As he runs he steps on a plot of land that immediately reacts to zen.

Oh no! A trap?!

Zen quickly forces chakra to his feet propelling him upwards in the forest as the area where he was just standing ignites in an explosion. Zen flips over the tree branch holding a kunai in a ready stance as a voice fills his head.

Well, well, well. What have we here? Another annoying person standing in my way? Oh but it appears the quality of annoyance is atleast getting better. Why not come down here and show me just who you are.

With those words the enemy appears on the forest floor as Zen peers down at him. He wore the same basic gear as other leaf shinobi but his outfit had his forehead protector on his left thigh with a cross through it. Zen drops to the forest floor to face his enemy seeing who it is for the first time.

So, Boasachi is it? I never would of thought you'd be the enemy in question. Give up the Anbu Scroll and return to konoha quietly.

Zen prepares for a fight as Boasachi grins widely.

(To Be Continued)

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Anbu Captain
Anbu Captain

Posts : 119
Points : 2924
Join date : 2010-07-19
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PostSubject: Re: Zenaku Uchiha Mission Log: Retrieve the Scroll of Anbu Back from missing nin   Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:31 pm

Zen glares over the face of the traitor and gets in a ready stance. The wind filled with leaves dance all around the two as they stared each other down. Boasachi drops a heavy backpack that hits the ground leaving a heavy rumble in the earth. It felt like he dropped a couple of tons with that. He cracks his neck and begins to walk to the side.

So....judging by that symbol on you i'm guessing you're an uchiha. How interesting. I never thought i'd have the honor of crushing a member of the uchiha clan before i left as well. Oh this should be really good.

Bo begins to build up chakra as Zen immediately gets into a ready stance and glares as his eyes turn blood red. They glare as 3 tomoe appear in both his eyes signifying his Kekkei Genkai activating.


As Zen glares he sees Bo one second and the next he doesn't. Zen's eyes open wide as he detects movement to his left. Instinctively he rolls forward as a downward axe kick crushes the ground where he'd been standing just moments ago. Zen turns to try and stab with his kunai as Bo dodges to the left and swings his arm to try and catch Zen with a punch from the side. Things seem to move in slow motion as the punch appears to move in slow motion from Zenaku's perspective. The problem is, it seems like his reaction time is slowing down. He sees the punch but can't react in time to stop it. The punch connects to Zen's head sending him crashing to the side of a tree.

Blood trails down Zens head as he looks back at the fighter standing in place right where he swung.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. And here i expected so much more from a member of the "legendary" Uchiha clan. Get up and fight me!

Zen remains on one knee watching a massive build in chakra in Boasachi. His eyes take in every detail from the color of his chakra to his muscles bulging more than it appears his body can take. Just then he remembers the shinobi that he first me and pieced together the puzzle. He stands ready to fight.

So, you're using the Hachimon Tonkō no Jin eh? So tell me, what gate was that just now when you caught me huh?

The look on Bo's face seemed to exude a certain pride behind it. A grin appeared as he began to speak.

So, you know about the Eight Inner gates? That's great. That means I can know you died knowing how you went. Since you're going to be dead there's no reason i shouldn't tell you. Well I used Shōmon. Now i'll end things with Keimon!

With that, the immense chakra inside of him began to increase again. Zen grins as he drops multiple smoke bombs concealing him completely as he forms a kata. As soon as Zen is concealed Bo scoffs.

That's it?! That's your best move?! You coward! Fight me!

Moments later Zen appears from the smoke cloud rushing Bo with kunai in hand. Boasachi grins vanishing with speed untraceable to the normal eye. Zen turns around only to see a kick coming for his head.

This is over!

His foot connects squarely with Zen's neck with enough power to send a truck flying. In that moment Zen bursts into a cloud of smoke.

Kage bushin?!

Zen appears beneath him as he's in mid air. Coming up to stike with a kunai to his back. Using his increased speed and power Bo spirals around to kick Zen with a reverse axe kick to the skull. Knowing that there's no escape for Zen in that postion a smile slides across Bo's face.

It's over!

Just as he yells those words seconds away from Zen's head the smoke clears revealing.....ZEN! Zen created not one but two kage bushin and grins in a evil manner as he is seen with one single single sign.

Bushin Bakuha!

At that moment the Zenaku bushin ignites in a large explosion at point blank range sending Boasachi spiraling into a tree breaking it in half and crashing into a jagged rock stabbing him through the back to the stomach. He coughs up blood as moments later Zen at his throat with a kunai in hand. Coughing Bo speaks

I can't you. Kono..ha is goin.g. to be dest...r..oy..ed. Only th..e wea..k stay i.n kono..h..a. ar.e..n't so af.te..r all. You re..s.ort..e.d to

Zen makes a serious face.

There's no such thing as cheating in the world of the shinobi. Only honor and dishonor. You lost yours when you decided to try and steal from your home village, and for that dishonor there is only one result.... Death!

With that Zen slits the shinobi's throat. After taking the body down he carries it back to the site where the defeated shinobi lay. At this moment the rescue teams were on the scene. Zen leaves the corpse with them while taking the Scroll of Anbu back with him. The sun begins to rise as Zen makes his way back to konoha tired and a bit bruised up. The thoughts of betrayl dance in his head.

Only the weak stay in konoha? What if....

Zen quickly dismisses the last words of the fallen shinobi and makes his way back to the village gate
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Zenaku Uchiha Mission Log: Retrieve the Scroll of Anbu Back from missing nin
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