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     Yuina Toketsu

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    PostSubject: Yuina Toketsu   Tue Jul 20, 2010 4:54 pm

    Basic Info

    Name: Toketsu, Yuina. Toe-ket-sue, You-ee-nuh; Yuina = Feminine Japanese name meaning Tie or Bind.

    Nickname/Alias: Hagudorīmu; Dream Hag, or simply Hag; A deceptive nickname referring to the dream-like state that her techniques create, often causing the unknowing to imagine her as a decrepit old woman.

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female
    Important Family Members: -

    Personality: Yuina can be described as many things. For starters, she's a romantic. She's a romantic in the sense that she has this unrealistic dream of finding her soul mate, and being her knight in shining armor. Yes, Yuina is a lesbian, she is also something of a butch; she acts very much like a man. Yuina tries to be chivalrous and noble, and as such always treats women with the highest amount of respect. Sometimes, however, her views seem to be a bit old-fashioned. She often forgets that women are, in fact, just as capable of doing everything as men are, despite the fact that she is a woman. She's a very passionate person in everything she does, putting her all into anything she views as worthwhile. However, she isn't what one would call hot-headed. She pours her energy into things, but that doesn't mean she gets over-excited. She's actually very calm and collected.

    Yuina is a mostly-normal woman, emotionally. She isn't bi-polar, depressed, or anything else that involves intense mood-swings or over-exaggerated emotions. She is, however, very sensitive. Even friendly teasing gets to her, affecting her slightly below-average self-esteem. However, she doesn't like to feel like she's being pitied or treated differently than others, so she tends to act like it doesn't affect her at all. She is a kind and friendly person, and rarely finds herself insulting anyone-jokingly or otherwise- because of how she feels about being insulted herself. She isn't the most well-liked person out there, but she tries to give everyone a chance to be her friend. She says hello to just about everyone she meets or see, unless she isn't in a terribly good mood that day.

    Being a rather lazy person for the most part, Yuina likes to procrastinate. She doesn't do projects until the last minute, she waits until it's absolutely necessary to do any sort of cleaning-not including personal hygiene, that she keeps up on very well- and she most certainly doesn't ever wake up early. That being said, she is a rather smart person, and did care for her school work; so she gave it her all when she did get around to working, and kept her grades as high as possible. Yuina is no genius though, she's only moderately intelligent. Because she doesn't like to be teased or heckled, she felt far too embarrassed to ask for help in class if she was struggling with something, which is why her grades were less than her potential.

    Speaking strictly on her goals and views on life, she isn't a terribly motivated person. However, she does have a few rather interesting opinions and views that she is never afraid to voice. The first view is simple, it's that knowledge is the most important thing. She loves to learn new things, most importantly words and languages. Yuina is obsessed with language in much the same way that she's obsessed with the arts. Language to her is the ultimate form of expression, and it's also the best medium for the transfer of information. Her second view is a religious one, and one that she has found is rather unique. She believes that as far as gods, goddesses, deities, and other celestial beings, they all exist. She believes that these beings are created through the faith of their followers, and that faith is the most powerful force in the world; not just religious faith either, faith in anything. Because she believes all deities exist, it's her belief that all religions are right in some way, and that it is up to the followers to decide who they should follow. Yuina is a very open-minded and accepting person in this respect, and in others. She's very passionate about her stance that as humans everyone has the right to live how they want, follow who they want, and fall for whoever they love. She is deeply angered by narrow-minded people, especially malicious ones. Being a loving person, and always wanting to help those that she loves, Yuina has only one goal in life. She wants to use her skills as a kunoichi to take care of her parents and give them a better life.

    Yuina has always loved drawing, probably because of her mother, or because she's always had a knack for it. She learned to play the guitar from her father a few years ago, and has fallen in love with music since. Obviously, she likes her job as well. She's trying to be a legendary combatant, and being a kunoichi is a big part of that. Yuina enjoys sleeping, one of her favorite pass-times, and eating. One could probably figure out that she loves to work with her hands because of her above-mentioned passions, art and music. She's worked with her father since she was little-on small projects, for fun- and woodworking has become as much a part of her as the arts, or battle for that matter. In fact, she is still in love with the thought of wooden animals, which her father used to make for her to paint all of the time when she was younger.

    Yuina absolutely hates when people yell. She's always found it an upsetting thing to do, and she could never really take it when her grandparents would fight. With that said, being a mildly sensitive person, she's also not a fan of being heckled, even lovingly. She's not a huge fan of anything very sweet, she prefers spicy foods. Yuina really hates pointlessly expending energy. If she's going to do something energy-consuming, she wants there to be a purpose involved. While she isn't afraid to get into a physical fight with someone else, she really doesn't like to hurt people if she can avoid it. Yuina has always hated smoke, there's just nothing about it that she could possibly like. That and it gives her headaches.

    Yuina often finds herself chewing on really anything she can get her hands on. It's usually a guitar pick or her fingernails. When she's thinking, she runs her fingers through her hair. Also, when she's nervous she tends to play with the hem of her shirt. Yuina has few great fears. She is terrified of the thought of being forgotten, or ignored, though. Yuina wants to become a legendary combatant. She hopes that if she does, she can enter tournaments or competitions, maybe write guides on how to become a successful warrior, anything to bring in money. Her main goal is to find a way to turn being a fighter into a career that she can use to support her mother and father, and give them a better life than they had before. Though being a shinobi helps pay the bills, she is overall not comfortable with her current position, as it doesn't pay much more than the amount she needs to make it by on her own. Yuina has few secrets, as she's a surprisingly open person. For the most part the only secret she keeps is that she's so sensitive. She doesn't let on that she gets hurt so easily, and often tries to cover it up by acting tough, but on the inside she's a real softy. Another big secret is the fact that she is constantly having nightmares, in which people she loves get hurt. She doesn't fully understand them, but she thinks that in these dreams she is the one who hurts them.

    General Appearance

    Basic looks

    Yuina is a girl with pallid skin, meaning basically that it lacks any real color to it. Her skin is almost bone-white, and will always be that pale, because she just can't get color. Her skin wraps tight around the muscles that she has, and can be described as paper-thin, meaning that she cuts and bruises very easily. This also means that the veins on her body are usually very prominent, showing as fuzzy blue lines trailing around her body in branch-like patterns. Yuina is a bit tall for a woman, standing on the higher spectrum of five feet, and has quite the muscle build, due to her career choice. Her muscles are wiry and compact, though, so she doesn't look very muscular from afar. Most place a person's height in either their legs or their torso, in Yuna's case, that would be her torso. She has a long torso, complete with an 'inny' bellybutton set higher on her stomach, and a bust ranking someone in the b's as far as bra size goes. Yuina has many no scars, though she's faced many an injury, most likely a result of the unique abilities of her clan. Her pallid flesh is unmarred in any other manner as well; no blemishes, tattoos, or piercings of any sort. Her fingers are long and bony, almost claw-like, with translucent, unpainted, clipped nails. Her feet are a bit of a contrast, being on the smaller end, with round toes. Being a woman, her figure is very sloped, around the breast and hip area, where she's developed throughout puberty.

    Yuina's face is pointed and elegant, with defined features. She has sky blue eyes, rimmed in black eyeliner and eyeshadow that contrast very powerfully with the brighter colors of her bone-white skin and cyan irises. She has high cheekbones, and thin pink lips. Behind those pink lips are two rows of perfectly straight, pearly white teeth and a long, thin tongue. Her chin is pointed, her eyes almond shaped, her eyebrows thing and arching. Her hair's color changes on a constant basis, though it was naturally blonde. Personally, her favorites are deep purple, blonde, and a deep cherry red.

    Height: 5' 7"

    Weight: 132 lbs.

    preferred wardrobe:

    Yuina is hardcore into her job, it's almost scary. She is almost always wearing her uniform because she's almost always working. Her uniform is very simple, so describing it should prove a short task. First of all, the under-armor. Basically this is a white shirt made of a thick fabric that she wears underneath her uniform, as a sort of extra padding. Next, she wears a thin fabric, sleeveless top. This top is made of a beige fabric, and hemmed in a dark violet. Yuina enjoys wearing long gloves that reach up a little past her elbow. These gloves are the same violet, until they reach the arms. Then they turn into a fabric that looks a lot like wrapped bandages, probably because it is. The gloves also end in dark violet hemming. As part of the uniform, she wears hard wood guards on her forearms. These are tied to her arm below the wrist and elbow, to allow free movement. They follow her arms rather closely, ending in a fanned out piece of wood which covers the backs of her hands. Yuina wears several belts, three to be precise. The first is a belt which is used purely to hold her pants up, this belt is too tight to holding anything on it, so it has no other use. The next is a belt which wraps around her hips. This belt is made of purple canvas, and clasps in the front. Attached to this belt, on either hip, are where he swords go. Attached to the back of this belt is also a single fuuma shuriken. The third and final belt starts at her right hip, but ends up at her waist. This belt is purely for decoration, and is the same dark violet as the rest of her outfit. Her pants are tight-fitting, violet in color, and made of a soft, comfortable fabric. They go all the way down to her ankles, where they're met by a dark violet pair of sandals; the same kind that most shinobi wear. Wrapped around her right thigh is a bandage, which allows her to place a kunai holster on her thigh for easy access. This holster actually has two compartments, one for a few kunai and the other for a scroll.

    Extra Features: Yuina often wears her ANBU mask, which is reminiscent of a cat, with dark purple patterns on it which look very much like tribal markings.

    Bloodline Information

    Kekkei Genkai: Tanso Kontorōru

    Description: This ability allows members of the clan to manipulate carbon, from creating diamond to weakening any carbon based material to weak as charcoal and vice versa

    Physical Traits Members of this clan can generally take alot of punishment to their bodies.
    Ability Overview The ability of this bloodline is carbon manipulation. It allows them to manipulate any carbon based material even from a distance. If they can get contact with people they can rearrange the carbon structure to increase it's hardness or even lower it's hardness to that of charcoal. They can rearrange the carbon make up of things to create acid, from any living thing that would burn through anything. Though they usually defend themselves from this by lacing themselves in a diamond like material. Members can extend their lifespan and heal themselves regularly by following the same process. This can be done to anything containing carbon.

    Rank and Skill Information

    Village: Iwagakure

    Rank: ANBU
    Letter Rank A
    Group affiliation Not that I'm aware of... HEY! YUINA! ARE YOU IN A GROUP!?.... Nope, she isn't.

    - Main: Ninjutsu
    -Sub: Medical
    -Sub: Kenjutsu
    -Combination(Must have admin permission)

    Advanced/Secondary Skills: Body Modification Arts.

    Elemental & Jutsu Information

    Elemental Affinity

    Primary Element Doton
    Secondary Element Fūton
    Advanced Element Raiton
    Combination Diamond

    Earth Clone
    Corpse Soil
    Dropping Lid
    Golem Technique
    Body Points Disturbance
    Lightning Hound
    Four Pillar Bind
    Physique Modification
    Mystical Palm
    Chakra Scalpel
    Poison Removal
    Poison Mist

    Name: Kakuchō kinō no Jutsu - Extensions Technique
    Rank: C
    Classification: Ninjutsu
    Element: -
    Requirements: Toketsu bloodline
    Description: Using the ability to manipulate carbon that comes with the Toketsu bloodline, a member of the clan can expand upon certain parts of their body. This includes the hair, teeth, and even fingernails. They are then also able to change the strength of those body parts, making them as hard as diamonds or brittle as charcoal.

    Name: Neguse no Jutsu - Bedhead technique
    Rank: C
    Classification: Ninjutsu
    Element: -
    Requirements: A massive amount of hair
    Description: This technique allows a shinobi to form their hair into different shapes, including weapons and even the heads of animals. The hair can then be controlled and moved. Their hair is still attached to their scalp, though, so unless they enjoy ripping massive amounts of hair out, they would probably want to stay within the limit of the length of their hair.

    Name: Chūkan bubun - Middle Part
    Rank: B
    Classification: Ninjutsu
    Element: Diamond
    Requirements: Toketsu Bloodline
    Description: Using their ability to turn their body into the density of diamonds, the user of this technique will turn their hair into the consistency of diamond. They will then manipulate their hair into two walls, which will ensnare their opponent, crushing them and possibly killing them, depending on how hard the user of this technique applies the two walls.

    History/Rp Sample

    Rp Sample:
    Just an hour before sunset was the time; the town was the place. What a lovely concept, fate, it brings people apart and tears others from each other. It's so fair and just, and yet some choose to whine and ***** about how it hates them. What a ridiculous thought, fate hating someone, thought the beautiful woman known as Nagare Warui. More specifically, she thought this as she wandered her way into a dark alleyway. Because of the convenient placement of the buildings, the sun shown through into the alleyway, despite its low position in the sky. This sunlight revealed her appearance to anyone who happened to sneak a peak at the figure as she walked into that vacant space between a filthy strip club and a pawn shop. Nagare looked an eighteen year old girl, but if that was the age you would guess you'd be more wrong than a straight man in the fashion industry. She had slightly tanned flesh, unmarred by acne or scars despite her age. Standing at only five feet four inches, she was an average height for a woman. She was nearly twig-thin, with a flat-yet visibly unmuscular- stomach. Her arms didn't appear to carry that much muscle in them, because her muscles are compact and wire-like. This was a result of more acrobatics and such than actual combat training. Nagare had a heart shaped face with sharp, defined features. Set in her eye sockets were matching cyan-colored eyes, like the brilliant sky above her. These eyes were rimmed by black eye liner and eye shadow, bringing out the brilliant hue even further. Nagare's eyebrows were thin and arched, ebony in color just like her hair. Between those cyan eyes was a thin, bony nose, her lips also thin, and a light, rosy pink shade. She had high cheek bones, small round ears, and a regal air about her. Her smile was brilliant, revealing perfectly aligned, achromatic teeth. She wore her ebony hair down around the sides of her head, pushing the bangs to the sides to frame her face, while the back was pulled into a ponytail that spanned down half of her back. Moving on a bit lower, her neck was an average height, her shoulders not very wide. She had an average bust, which she had wrapped in a bikini top. Her favorite bikini top to wear is a white one with black pokadots, and that was exactly the one that she was wearing. Her arms were long and slender, her hands small with longer, bony fingers. Fingernails painted black, both middle fingers containing rings in the form of dragon heads. Even further down, she had wide, shapely hips. This was because of her feminine qualities, brought on by puberty. She was wearing jeans, black as her hair. Because she was so skinny, she had to wear a black studded belt, to keep her pants from falling down. Upon her feet were black converse sneakers, with red laces poking out and brilliant white toes.

    The alleyway she had stepped into had about as many things to take in as her, which weren't much. The ground was made of dirt, scattered rocks playing the role of eye catcher, should one walk staring at the ground. The rich brown, almost black, dirt was occasionally broken up by white pebbles and other small, white, rocks; like stars on the inky night sky. On either side of her, just three feet in, were two dumpsters, one for each
    building that made the alleyway. The walls were made of brick, both, and close enough that even she could reach out and touch both with her fingertips. Dirt scattered as she walked on in, kicking it up as her feet skidded over the ground. Next to the green dumpsters were garbage bags that hadn't fit, though the alleyway didn't really seem to stink all that much. It was only a few more feet in that she would reach a wall that marked the end of the alley. The wall was identical to the two buildings, and in the dimming light became almost invisible to her. A sun sank down the horizon, marking a new night and a new form for the beautiful girl who had entered the alleyway.

    Suddenly, her form began to become engulfed in shadows. The shadows swirled around her, lashing out at the alleyway, creating gashes in the walls as if they were the claws of a massive beast. Within seconds the sunset was over, and night came into the scene. The sky turned inky black, pinpricked with white lights, and one massive white circle that was a full moon beginning its feverish run from the wolves that the cruel Norse gods
    had set after it. Shadows fell from her body like water, hitting the dirt and sinking in like it was being absorbed. The form that was left was an astonishing one. She appeared to age at least four more years, being in her early twenties now. Once lightly tanned skin was now a stone grey, though not unappealing; it was smooth, soft looking, and unmarred just like her human form. A small stretch of yellow flew from her body as the hair-tie snapped, allowing her hair to flow down as it should. Wavy bangs covered one eye, her hair seeming to have grown and gone from straight to a beautiful wavy texture. It fell over her chest, spanning down to about her belly button, the back falling to the same length; her silky hair was still dark as the sky above her. Goat-like horns protruded from her shoulder, spanning on either side of her face and protruding a little bit out. Like a reverse-halo, a small black semi-circle, set with glowing rubies, floated above her head. Floating in front of this semi-circle was a glowing ruby in the form of an arrowhead. Within this semi-circle was yet another ruby. Her visage was emotionless, cold, and beautiful. High cheek bones, regal features matching her human forms. The only difference was that her lips were more full, colorless, and her eyes were crimson in color. Cloth tore
    itself from her, now five foot seven, body as onyx-like material covered her. It spanned the top half of her rib cage, covering the outside slopes of her breasts, including the nipples, and also formed around her upper arms. The material covering her breasts seemed to span to her back, a pair of massive bat-like wings growing from the armor. The wings were folded due to the lack of space, but one could guess that the wing span was nearly two meters. Like the bikini the jeans were destroyed, in their place was a skimpy piece of cloth that covered her hips, vagina, and butt crack, but not much more. Flowing from the back of this cloth came a small cape-like length of material which whipped around her, the force of her appearance creating a small tunnel of wind which swirled around her. Covering her legs, from halfway up her thigh down to her toes, was that same ebony rock-like material. Though the material looked like rock, and was hard as rock on the outside, it was like she was naked to her, not restricting movement at all. She smiled, a door to the alleyway opening.

    A young man stumbled through, obviously drunk. He was fair skinned, with blond hair and green eyes. The suit coat he had been wearing was hanging from his right arm, nearly torn off; presumably by a stripper, his shirt dishevelled and his tie falling off. The drunk man release a load of vomit before looking up at her, as if seeing light for the first time. Drool hung from his pathetic face as he stepped toward her, overpowered by her natural ability to turn any man into a willing sex slave. He neared her, but she wouldn't have it. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the throwing daggers which she kept hidden in human form appeared in her hand. She threw the dagger, grazing his neck. Suddenly, he grasped at it, screaming with agony. The blade had barely drawn blood, but its affect would prove more devastating than any laceration. She smiled, throwing another two, which would graze his arms. Two more and his legs would feel the same insane suffering that his neck was experiencing. As he screamed like you wouldn't believe, she collected the knives, causing them to disappear in a puff of smoke-like shadows. Suddenly, her bare, stony-grey hand reached out and grasped him by his neck. She pulled him closer, lifting him into the air. At this point the pain was so unbelievable that he couldn't even cry out. A look of fury crossed her face for a moment, before smoothing back out into its emotionless visage.

    "Well, aren't you useless." She growled to the pathetic man, before clenching her fingers around his throat. Blood scattered across the alley walls, and the chest of Albatross. She dropped the corpse, reaching down to her chest where she would wipe off his blood with one finger. Putting that finger in her mouth, she licked her finger clean, taking in the delicious taste of blood once more. "It's been too long." She giggled to herself, before turning to see what other fun she could have.

    Birth and Academy:
    Yuina was born on a cold October day, the day of the Pagan holiday, All-Hallows Eve. Her mother died of complications, bringing her into the world and leaving her father in the process. Her father grieved, but chose to keep Yuina and raise her as his own anyway. However, this would prove much too difficult for Yuina's father, and the roles would end up changing though Yuina was still extremely young. They lived in a bad part of Konohagakure-where they had moved after Yuina's mother's death, to avoid the clan that Yuina was tied to- just by the southern wall where the only shinobi who patrolled were those who were on wall duty, and they didn't care about what went on below. Yuina was forced to get tough fast, she taught herself to fight and scare away people even before joining in the Shinobi Academy. Yuina's father didn't know about Yuina signing up; he was a carpenter who had a sore spot for shinobi since his late wife had been a kunoichi. So, Yuina would show up to the first day, filthy and beaten down badly, without a parent. She felt nothing but embarrassment when she saw the condition of all of the other shinobi children, each with one or even two parents holding their hands as they entered the grounds. The teachers caught one look at her, with her long and untidy hair and her torn up clothes that seemed too big for her, and labelled her trouble. They kept a close eye on her, and treated Yuina coldly. All except for one of her teachers. She soon grew close to the teacher, treating him like an uncle or even a second father. This man, who was named Daisuke, showed no prejudice against Yuina for the place that she lived or the way that she dressed. That was a rare thing, even amongst the students who had outcast her. She was a scumbag, a nobody, a criminal in their eyes, though she had done nothing wrong yet. It was two years into the academy that Yuina's father died, never telling her of the abilities that Yuina's blood carried on from her mother's side. Yuina still lived in the house, alone, trying to make a life for herself. Her father's retirement checks had been keeping food on the table and a roof over their head, now Yuina had to resort to criminal efforts to bring in money. In her side of the village no one cared who did what, so getting away with it was easy, and it brought in just enough to keep her alive. For two years she lived this way, toughening up more and more as she proceeded to develop as a shinobi. It was then that she graduated.

    Yuina graduated in a class of fifteen boys and only seven girls. It was her luck that he would be placed with two men and a male Jounin squad leader. However, she didn't mind. As long as everyone did their job and she stayed out of the drama everything was good. However, she would soon discover that not everything goes according to his plan. The two boys began fighting, becoming angry and seeking for Yuina to pick a side. Confused, she went to her squad leader. He only laughed, and told her that she should not choose a side, it would only cause trouble. However, Yuina couldn't do that. She had feelings for the one named Hachirou, and wanted nothing more than to take his side. She knew, though, that taking his side would result in breaking the team up. So, she went to Daisuke for advice. Daisuke, ever the romantic, told her to tell Hachirou of her feelings. If he felt the same, no amount of teamwork would be able to make up for what he could give her, and if he didn't then life would go on as it was. So, Yuina went to tell him. Hachirou felt the same for Yuina, and everything seemed fine until their teammate Dan found out. Infuriated, he swore that he would never talk to either again unless a mission forced him to. This made training with him difficult, and as a result when they fought on one side their teamwork was off. However, Hachirou was far stronger than either of them so he could pick up Dan's slack. One day, the power would go to Hachirou's head. He wanted to be given a rank he deserved, but the Hokage insisted that he take the Chuunin exam and work for his rank. Infuriated, he left the village. Yuina was crushed, she had lost her love for power. Determined to show him her own power and join him no matter what it took, she asked her sensei to put them in the Chuunin exam.

    Chuunin Exam/Running Away:
    Yuina and Dan joined the Chuunin exam together, but after the first two exams they agreed that they were no longer a team. They would not support each other, they would not help each other, and they would not train each other. It ended up being Dan's loss, because he would fail the exam. Yuina was placed against one of the few remaining Uchiha in the world. He had joined the hidden sound village, which had a total of only three squads participating in the Chuunin Exams. While they fought Yuina was exposed to the Sharingan, which was a life-threatening situation if there ever was one. As a result she released her own kekkei genkai. This was as much a surprise to her as it was to anyone else, since the Toketsu clan lived within Iwagakure. They fought, and the Uchiha spoke of a boy matching Hachirou's description. Yuina decided that after becoming a chuunin she would leave and seek out the Sound to find Hachirou. With her new ability she believed she could match his power. However, the battle wasn't as easy to win as she had expected. Though she was successful in matching the Uchiha's power level, the Uchiha continued to surprise her. It became a battle of speed, one that Yuina would win. She preformed a deadly assault of various movements and basic medical techniques that would leave her opponent powerless. With such a powerful combo, even the Uchiha was overwhelmed. After that it was just a matter of holding a blade to his throat until the referee called it his match. Yuina would receive her vest within two weeks afterward. The next day she suffocated the guard with that same vest and escaped once she was sure the guard wouldn't follow.

    It wouldn't have taken her long to find the sound, but instead she chose to seek out her clan and learn of her own powers so that she would have something to offer to the new village. While stopping in the Stone village she looked through their records, sneaking into the building and hoping they would be none-the-wiser. She was knocked out and captured by two shinobi. Waking up in a dark cellar, she was questioned as to why she was looking up the Toketsu clan history and powers. Yuina revealed her ability in the form of diamond skin, which broke the chains that held her. When the interrogator saw the power activate, he instantly recognized it and had her released. Yuina had accidentally found her clan. She was trained by them for two years, given their weapons and taught to use them. They taught her clan techniques and tactics, and how to fully master the art of the Kekkei Genkei. Shortly after she joined as a Chuunin in Iwagakure. As a Chuunin she led squads and developed her skills as a Toketsu. Soon enough, both her Toketsu blood and her miscellaneous skills would lead her to be recruited as a part of the Medical Team of Iwagakure.

    Medical Ninja:
    As a Medical Ninja she was only set on assault missions and wartime raid parties, things like that. Otherwise she spent all of her time cooped up in a hospital, or the laboratory where they developed new medicines, poisons, antidotes, jutsu, and procedures. Though it was a fulfilling career and she enjoyed being able to help others while working with her hands, it wasn't a job that payed extremely well. This was of concern to her, until she met a couple who would take her in. This couple were around the exact age that her parents would have been at this time(she was sixteen) and they brought her into their home, and taught her and raised her as their own. She learned brand new skills unrelated to combat, and even new philosophies in life. She learned that money wasn't everything, and that you could live without it very happily. Though they didn't had much, they were always giving and always loving. They were content in their life. However, life was still difficult for them. Two years into her new life, their money began to run dry. Her job wasn't enough to support three, her mother was never a working person-she claimed that it limited her creative abilities and stopped her from painting at her fullest potential- and her father was getting a little too old to be working. So, Yuina applied with the Hokage to take on a job that would pay much better, and put her in a position to get an even higher ranking position. She would soon join the ANBU Black Ops.

    Black Ops:
    RP Starts Here

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    Name: Futago-za
    Rank: A
    Element: -
    Classification Dual Katana
    Requirements: Kenjutsu
    Weight: 30 lbs.
    Length: 3.8 feet
    Abilities of item: Futago-za has a very basic ability. If she is able to draw the blood of anyone, she will forever be able to track them. After drawing the blood of someone, she is able to stick the blades into the ground, exactly three feet apart from each other. Afterwards a network of chakra will cut into the ground, providing a map of the nation that they are in, along with the coordinates of their location. However, if she is unfamiliar with the location this ability is mildly useless.
    Description of item Appearance: x2
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    I give up, that's all I'm doing.
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    Yuina Toketsu
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