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 Gang Zhi clan

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PostSubject: Gang Zhi clan   Tue Jul 20, 2010 6:09 pm

Clan Name: Gang Zhi

History//Legend of the Clan:

The Gang Zhi clan originates from a large family called the Gai-Mun family. The Gai' Mun family was rich and respectable, whose ninjas possesed great pride and honor. The Gai' Mun family resided in Iwagakure. One day, a group of creatures called the Gang Zhi were traversing the huge mountains outside of Iwagakure. The Gang Zhi were huge creatures made of metal, however they had life forces and could die. At that time, Gai' Mun Zhao was traveling the desert as well. The Gang Zhi had traveled for so long and lived so long that they were almost dead. In their journey, their youngest collapsed. Zhao saw this from a distance, and, despite the great danger, slowly walked over to help.

Zhao was a great medic ninja, however even his skills could not help, and he quickly diagnosed that all the Gang Zhi were dieing. However, the Gang Zhi saw what he was doing, and in return with their last bit of chakra and life force they blessed the Gai' Mun family with the ability to turn their body to steel. Then they died.

Zhao returned to Sunagakure and announced to the rest of the Gai' Mun family what had happened. In responce, the Gai' Mun family changed their family name to Gang Zhi in honor of the Gang Zhi creatures, and began worshipping them. The Gang Zhi family eventually became a clan of great power.

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:


Stage 1: In stage 1 of Tsuju, the user must form the Goat Hand Symbol, and place it over the symbol that is tattooed on his or her chest. The tattoo will glow silver, and the users arms will then be transformed into metal. The metal is durable, able to take attacks by Kunai and Shuriken, as well as some jutsu.

To unlock stage 1 the user must make a 300+ word training topic.

Stage 2: In stage two, the user may transform his torso into metal, as well as his arms and hands. The user forms the Rooster hand symbol and holds it over his chest. The tattoo on his chest will glow silver, and the user’s torso will be transformed into the metal.

The user must be in Stage 1 to use this.

To unlock Stage 2 the user must make a 700+ word training topic.

Stage 3: In stage 3, the user may transform his entire body into metal. The user forms the Ox hand Symbol and holds it over his chest. Once again, the tattoo will glow silver, and the user’s entire body will turn into metal. In this stage the metal becomes lighter and more durable, able to blow Kunai, Shuriken, and D-C rank Jutsu.

The user must be in Stage 2 to activate this.

To unlock stage 3 the user must be at least B rank and must make a 1000+ word training topic.

Stage 4: In stage 4 the user may transform only single parts of his body into a more durable, lighter metal then the metal in stage 3. However, only one body part may be transformed at a time. On the plus side, the user may merge this metal slightly to make it sharper, harder, etc. Another pro is that the user gains even more strength in that limb.

To unlock Stage 4 the user must be at least A rank and must make a 2000+ word training topic.

Clan Information:

- Clan Training :: To learn the ability to turn into metal, the user must make a 700+ word training topic.

- Population :: 35

- Nature//Values :: The Gang Zhi clan values strength, determination, and hardwork above all else. All Gang Zhi clan members work very hard, and are very protective of their friends. They think that betraying your friends is the most horrible thing somebody can do. They are also very proud, and hate to have their pride hurt.

- Clan Symbol ::

Additional Information:

- Clan Founder :: Gang Zhi Zhao

- Relationship :: The Gang Zhi clan is an ally with Sunagakure and all of it's allies.

- Clan Political Structure :: The Gang Zhi clan's political structure can be seen in the following chart:

The next leader is the current leader's eldest child. However, if the leader's eldest child is some how inelegible for the position, then the next child will be next in line. And so on. However, if the leader does not have any children, it will go to his or her sibling. If the leader is an only child, the leader shall choose they heir.

- Important Members :: Gang Zhi Zhao - Founder. Gang Zhi Jugan - Current leader
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PostSubject: Re: Gang Zhi clan   Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:39 pm

Approved unless said other wise
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Gang Zhi clan
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