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 Ryu Uchiha. The Wolf of the Uchiha. (WiP.)

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PostSubject: Ryu Uchiha. The Wolf of the Uchiha. (WiP.)   Tue Jul 20, 2010 9:53 pm

Basic Info

Name: Uchiha; Ryu.

Nickname/Alias: Nevada.

Age: 19. (Never Ages)

Gender: Female.
Important Family Members: -


Ryu is a cold person, almost hating anyone. Ever since she forgot her memories again, she has never been able to restore them. Although cold, she is kind to some, but only listens to orders from her leader. Ryu thinks of herself as her only leader, as if to never let anyone into her life. She is not easy to make friends with, or even alliance, but she is definitely a wolf-type of person. Ryu is only close to those who she can remember, or those who can help her in her life. She is quick to act, always alert, and protective of those who she knows. She never puts down anyone she knows easily. She will protect those who protect her. She is a valuable teammate.

At times, Ryu can forget things easily, but only if the memory is from a year or more back. She is the kind of girl who can only be warmed on the inside, though her words hurt others. She finds that she has rarely any enemies. She is intimidating, and can scare most people. She says everything she thinks, and never hides words from others.

General Appearance

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Ryu Uchiha. The Wolf of the Uchiha. (WiP.)
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