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 Feathering, A Tutorial for CS3 + (Photoshop)

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PostSubject: Feathering, A Tutorial for CS3 + (Photoshop)   Thu Jul 22, 2010 1:08 am

I made this and I copied it from the original post from another site I was on, thought I would share for Graphic artist in training.


Okay I am going to explain to you how to feather a image from a picture to use in a signature or a graphic of some sort. This is the main foundation of all photoshopping because it requires you to make the character perfect in order to have no "white" or background showing.

Step 1:
That is the image we are going to use to explain feathering, this is perfect because if you wanted to feather out Hinata for a signature this would work.

Help: Besides saving the image and opening it in Photoshop. You can "Copy" the photo and go to File>New and click Ok, Photoshop will automatically recognize the size of the photo.

Step 2:

This is what the screen should look like.

Step 3:
Select the second from the top tool called "Rectangle Selection" and select Hinata like in the photo below.

Step 4:
It should look like this

Step 5:
Click Copy and then go to File > New which should like like the image below.

Step 6:
Click OK, once you reach the screen with the white and gray transparency background Edit > Paste

Step 7:
That's what it should look like

Step 8:
Go to the free selection tool and make sure that your tool bar looks like the image above.

Step 9:
Select the white background, including the shadow, however you can keep the shadow if you want.
You should get a white and gray dotted background (This means that the background is transparent) Do not deselect.

Step 10:
Right click the selection with the selection tool and click Feather, set it to 2 px and click ok.

Step 11:

Tap delete a few times till you get the image JUST the way you want it.

You can copy the whole image by pressing Control A or going Select > Select All and Edit > Copy and going to whereever you need to copy the image and paste it.

You have now feathered.
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Feathering, A Tutorial for CS3 + (Photoshop)
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