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 Loki Karasu

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PostSubject: Loki Karasu   Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:38 am

Basic Info
Name: Loki Karasu

Nickname/Alias: None
Age: 23

Gender: Male
Important Family Members: None

Personality: Loki doesn’t like to fight and will do anything to stay out of a combat situation such as he will usually try to find a diplomatic solution to problems. He also is seen by some as a smart aleck because he is very literal. He likes to tinker with new sealing techniques.
General Appearance

Basic looks Loki is tall but skinny with long Black hair. He usually wears his hair in a ponytail and his hair is spikey. His eyebrows are long and thin. He wears glasses and his eyes are red.
Height: 6’3
Weight: 168 pounds
preferred wardrobe: He prefers to wear a long dark brown trench coat with his headband on his right bicep. Under his trench coat he wears a jounin vest filled with scrolls containing senbons, wires, herbs, and various poisons. He wears special tan pants made to hold scrolls and other items.
Extra Features: none

Bloodline Information

Kekkei Genkai:

Description: The clan’s main ability is to produce and use a thick black chakra. The Black chakra does non-elemental based damage, which varies based on rank. The Chakra can be manifested in all states of matter, (Solid, Liquid, Gas, Aqueous and the flame like state unique to chakra.) making it very flexible and easy to use. The Chakra itself will not hurt the body of Karasu Clan member, it will also conduct elemental chakra that is allowed by it’s master.

Physical Traits Black hair and red eyes
Ability Overview -Karasu ninjutsu mastery[u], the user gains a major increase In ninjutsu based abilities , and has excellent control over their Dark Chakra, be able to damage other clan members with it, they tend lack more physical strength then the other members of their clan

[u]-Karasu Taijutsu mastery[u], the user gains a major increase in the physical aspects. The Dark Chakra has naturally become implanted into their bones, allowing them to achieve inhuman like levels of Taijutsu skills. Some member have even found ways to release the chakra stored in their bones for attack, the are the strongest physical members of the clan but lack a large amount of chakra and control.

[u]-Karasu Doujutsu mastery[u], the rarest and to some the most powerful manifestation of the clans power. Th user gains a vision based jutsu in which their vision is increased to 270 degrees, leaving a small 90 degrees area in which they can not see or use their abilities, this blind spot varies from person to person. Said ability is that the user can create a form of the Karasu black chakra anywhere with in their field of vision, and "Spread" it like a fire from that position as all the chakra must be connected in some manner, this chakra can injure other members of the clan but put's a huge strain on the users body. It is believed that a higher level of this doujutsu can be achieved (created at expense of the user).

General appearance of the users eye's while activated, though the white circle is different from person to person as it represents the users blind spot. [u]-Karasu ninjutsu mastery[u], the user gains a major increase In ninjutsu based abilities , and has excellent control over their Dark Chakra, be able to damage other clan members with it, they tend lack more physical strength then the other members of their clan (Loki has the Ninjutsu mastery but he can use his chakra to heal )

OniKarasu form (Demon Crow)

upon reaching Jounin level, a clan member ninja normally has the power and knowledge to gain the final, common manifestation of their clan powers, a form in which their power is drastically increased, but they also enter a demon like form which varies from member but they all share the common trait of black feathers somewhere on there body, after x amounts of posts pass the user reverts back to normal in a serve wounded state.

*Other abilities can be gain through use of Karasu chakra but are uncommon and specific to the user. (This can appear to in the form of different masteries types, or totally different/new powers, created at the users expense.)

Clan History: At the early second generation of the villages, a new group of warriors had emerged, they worked as mercenaries, utilizing all abilities they could possibly come upon, altering the fate of small villages and clans, making many enemies. The biggest issue that people were having with the band of ninja as the fact that would take the secrets of their victims and allies, using them to their own advantage, whether that was selling them, or killing with them. In an attempt to keep secrets, secrets, three of the new kages met and decided upon a plan of action.

The plan itself was a stereotypical under handed move in which one hired the band to kill another one’s troops, and eventually trapped the group in a small under ground tunnel, in which a long desperate battle ensued. The end was rather obvious, most of the band was slaughtered though a few remained, these criminals as they were now called were each placed in a different holding cell throughout the 3 kage’s villages, were suppose to be held there up until death.

Fate had it that one such member of the band, who at the time was called, the crow or Karasu, due to his use of a powerful chakra style. Had managed to make a deal with the current Raikage, the deal was like so, him and three of his men were spared at the cost of all the secrets they had gained from their years of war. Along with Karasu, his younger brother, one of the members who held the secrets of other villages, and one of the very few female members.

Freedom, had been bought but now as members of the Lightning village, Karasu and his remaining members were put into a world of restrictions, as they functioned together as a team in the battles that ensued after their freedom was bought against the kages deal. The warrior’s skill led him though many battles, earning a name for himself but it wasn’t enough to become a real member of the village. The only way that seemed would prove it was taking his troops directly into the enemy territory and to defeat the anbu captain. Astonishingly, Karasu had managed to weaken his enemy down to just the captain. The following battle was relatively short, after the anbu captain unleash a seal upon his body which turned him into a demon like being, that quickly tore through “The Crow “ and his Team. When things look desperate the Female member hit a blow to the demons heart, in it’s last minutes it asked for a favor from Karasu, and a strange one at that. To preserve the demons legend forever it asked Karasu to absorb the decaying body, and in return he would gain great power unknown before. Karsu chose the power over Death and returned home a hero.

The dark power itself was unstable at the time and as a result seeped into the Female member who he spent a lot of time with, who became to be known as the first female member of the Karasu clan. The Chakra was first seen as stable when the two warriors had there first son, who went on to pass on the blood line as it became engrained in the cloud village. Around the third generation, the chakra began to really effect it’s hosts body, preventing physical aging after the age of twenty one, though it soon became simply a part of the clan named after their Founder, Karasu lives.
[u]Rank and Skill Information

Village: Kumogakure

Rank: Cheif Medical Ninja
Letter Rank A
[i]Group affiliation
Kumogakure medical Team(Leader)
- Main:Fuuinjutsu
-Sub: Medical ninjutsu
-Combination none

Advanced/Secondary Skills: Has extremely good chakra control and can use this to destroy many things with taijutsu

Elemental & Jutsu Information

Elemental Affinity

Primary Element Fire•
Secondary Element Wind


Name: Finger Engraving Seal
Jutsu Type: Fuuinjutsu
Description: The user concentrates chakra into their finger and using the heat from that can apply writing on whatever they want. This allows them to write on the skin of animals, iron plates, or a wide range of things however when doing so requires them to be very delicate with their chakra control. This jutsu causes slight discomfort for a living target and if it is on flesh, it will scar.

Name: Fire sealing Method
Jutsu type: Fuuinjutsu
Description: This jutsu allows the user to seal a nearby fire into a scroll. The user writes the seal on a scroll and then performs the required hand seals. This causes a vapor to appear from the scroll, enveloping the fire and sealing it on the scroll as the kanji for seal (封).

Name: Five Elements Seal
Jutsu Type: Fuuinjutsu
Description: This jutsu produces a powerful seal that is used to block or disturb the flow of chakra in a target. Once the seal is completed, the target will become unconscious and unable to fight for a short time.

Name: Five Elements Unseal
Jutsu Type: Fuuinjutsu
Description: This jutsu is used to remove seals of up to equal power, like the Five Elements Seal

Name: Generic Sealing Technique
Jutsu Type: Fuuinjutsu
Rank: D
Description: This technique is a standard ninja skill which allows a ninja to summon an assortment of items or weapons that have been stored using Fūinjutsu, typically they are stored within scrolls. When needed, the owner will activate the seals releasing their item or weapon of choice. Scrolls can also be used as ammunition for other weapons. The items themselves are unaffected by time.[1][2]
Puppets can have these hidden inside various compartments as a means of increasing their own killing potential as well as hiding useful weapons from the opponent's sight. Interestingly, objects with seals on them can be sealed in other seals, which expands the number of potential tricks a shinobi can use

Name: Mystical Palm
Element: Healing
Description: his medical ninjutsu allows the user to speed up the body's natural healing process by sending chakra from their hands into a wound or afflicted body part. This allows the user to heal a patient without the need for medical equipment or surgery, making it highly useful on the battlefield. It can be used to treat both external and internal injuries. It is vital to match the amount of chakra used to the severity of the affliction or injury. This requires a great amount of chakra control. Because of this, only a few highly skilled medical-nin are able to use this technique.

Name: Chakra Scalpel
Rank: A
Element: Healing
Description: This medical technique forms one's chakra into a small, sharp blade. This can then be used for highly accurate incisions necessary for surgeries and anatomical dissections. Unlike regular scalpels, the Chakra Scalpel can actually make cuts inside the body without actually creating an open wound, limiting the risks of an infection.
The Chakra Scalpel can also be used offensively, although it requires great precision to be effective. Because of this requirement, using the Chakra Scalpel offensively is highly unusual. In heated combat, even the greatest medical-nin won't be able to exert the precision needed to make fatal cuts, but it can still effectively cut muscle tissues and tendons, rendering the target immobile.

Name: Dark Healing
Element: Black chakra
Description: This is an advanced version of Mystical Palm using Loki’s special chakra. This move takes a considerable amount of chakra so it is not usually used in the field. This jutsu allows Loki to heal up to two organs the size of a lung to almost full health. To heal one organ it will take 20% of his chakra. If Loki uses his clans final ability he can heal up to 4 organs.

Name: Dark Rejuvenation
Element: Black chakra
Description: This jutsu allows Loki to use his black chakra to heal all minor damages on his body and it can heal a puncture wound that is 1 inch deep. It can also heal minor amounts of organ damage. This jutsu takes around 5% of his chakra to heal minor wounds to the full extent this takes 15% of his chakra.

History/Rp Sample

Rp Sample:
Inside it was very dark. the only light was a flickering candle. Ocrandas knew this was where the witches were.

Ocrandas walked deeper into the cave seeing cracked skulls with spears stuck through them. While distracted by the skulls a bonewolf leaped at him claws drawn. Ocrandas then realized he was being attacked. With the upward slice of the sword he made quick work of the bonewolf. Ocrandas continued down the cave. Suddenly he heard cackling in the distance. Sword in hand he approached where he thought the laughter had come from. He walked into a large cavern. standing in the middle were three witches that seemed to be chanting some sort of spell or ritual. Ocrandas decided to wait until it was over.

Birth Ark: When Loki was born he had bad eyesight right from the start. He was wearing glasses by the age of 2 years old. When he was three he showed a love for fuuinjutsu and started tinkering with seals. By 4 he had a lot of chakra control and could control his black chakra like a whip and he could already concentrate chakra to his finger so that it was visible.

Academy Ark: When Loki got into the academy he could easily pass all his tests, especially his tests about the body. He knew over 72 chakra points by the time he was 6. He graduated the academy at the age of 7.

Genin Ark: Loki wasn’t paired up with a team because his parents believed he was smart enough to go on missions on his own. He first started doing d rank missions like catching cats and weeding lawns. He did these using his black chakra. Eventually the Raikage let him go on a c rank mission. The mission was to collect a rare herb from outside the village. While he was on the way there he was attacked bye a rogue ninja trying to make some money. The ninja ran at Loki with a kunai in his right hand. Loki used his black chakra to stop the man and burn his skin to the point where it burned the ninjas muscle tissue. Loki finished the ninja bye using his chakra to wrap around the mans neck and decapitated the man with it. He continued to the spot to pick the rare herb and returned to the village. After he finished this mission he was sent to the chuunin exams.

Chuunin Ark: When he got to Konoha for the Chuunin exams he was told their first trial was an extremely hard test. Most people had to cheat in their own way but Loki was smart enough to do the test normally without cheating. He got every answer correct and advanced to the next round. Where they were each given a scroll and they had to take the opposite scroll from another ninja. Loki walked into the forest calmly and waited for someone to come by. A ninja from the rain village came by and sat down to rest. Loki took advantage of this and caught the ninja’s arms and legs and pushed him against a tree. Loki took out a scroll and said “If you don’t give me your scroll then I will burn you to death.”
The rain ninja scoffed and said “Ya right your just a little kid” Loki then open the scroll and said release. The scroll shot out fire and started to burn the area around the rain ninja. The rain ninja said he would give him the scroll if he got rid of the fire. Loki pretended like he didn’t hear him and took the scroll out of the ninjas pocket and sealed the fire away. He let the ninja go and ran to the end of the second exam.
The third exam was an all out tournament. If the kages thought you did well you would become a chuunin. Loki was up first and he was fighting a ninja from Konoha. They both walked into the middle of the arena ready to fight. Right as the proctor said go the konoha ninja jumped into the air and shot a fireball at Loki hoping it would burn him. Loki used his black chakra to strike the middle of the fire ball. This made the ball turn into a ring of fire and disperse. Loki then shot his chakra at the konoha ninja and trapped him. He walked up and used his finger engraving seal to write failure on the ninjas arm. He then knocked the boy out with a punch. Loki left the arena and was made a chuunin.

Medical Training: Two years after Loki was made a chuunin he had unlocked the second level of his abilitys. All of his ninjutsu were increased in power. This included medical ninjutsu. The chief medical ninja of Kumogakure took him in as a student. Over a 5 year period Loki learned all about medical jutsus and even created some of his own. Eventually He surpassed his master and was made a Special Jounin.

Special Jounin Ark: Loki joined the Medical squad and became one of the best medical ninjas in Kumogakure. He was well known for his special jutsu that could heal organs. People from all over the world came to be cured by him. He also created 100s of poisons and antidotes. Eventually Jobashi became Head of the Kumogakure Medical Core

(bye the way im Jobashi)

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Loki Karasu
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