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     Izanagi Tenin

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    Izanagi Tenin

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    PostSubject: Izanagi Tenin    Thu Jul 22, 2010 6:21 am

    Basic Info

    Name: Tenin Izanagi

    Nickname/Alias: -

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Important Family Members:

    Izanami (Little Sister - MIA)
    Mikoto (Foster Father - Deceased)


    Izanagi's most distinguishing features are his altered voice and psychotic grins. He is brutal, arrogant, disrespectful, and sadistic, a lot of time even towards his Kage. He has respect for his Kage and leaders to an extent, but he treats them almost no different then he would treat anyone else. He claims that his only reason of existence is "to set this world straight". During battle, he likes to taunt the enemy, and he battles like a berserker, ignoring injuries and overpowering his enemies with brute strength and force. Though he is more strength and force, he is an incredibly skilled strategist, capable of quickly killing off his enemies if needed. Izanagi may seem like a rude person, but at times he can be a little kind, though he never likes to admit it. Females can easily see him as a "jerk", due to what he can easily say around them, but he never means them any harm.

    Izanagi was never the shy type, even when he was young. He loud mouthed off to anyone, and everyone letting them know he was no joke. Even in his academy days he was a powerful fighter with simply his hands, and his chakra control was greater then most others his age. Due that he can often get cocky around others, which leads him to not having many friends, and being alone the majority of the time. Izanagi has never really been scared of anything, and he always manages to find a way through most problems. Though he smart mouths his Kage at times, and is somewhat rude, he is a respected fighter, and a feared fighter across the many lands.

    If you have ever watched bleach, hollow ichigo's voice is his voice.

    General Appearance

    Basic looks



    His overall appearance is quite different then a normal ninja. He is a fairly tall and lean-built ninja with pure white skin and hair. Black pupils, yellow irises and black sclera. He also has natural black nails. He skin and hair, as well as most of his outfit are pure white, as white as paper. These unique features given to him by his Clan. He has a well built body, with a decent amount of visible muscle on his arms for his age, as well as well built abs and chest. Though he is not a muscle head, he is just the right kind of fit that attracts the ladies. His hair is naturally spiky, and spikes in about every direction. Due to the way his hair is, he never needs to brush it, for it will simply bend back to it's original shape.

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 135lb

    preferred wardrobe: Shown in the pictures above. Izanagi wears a white outfit that is the same color as his skin and hair, with few black linings on it, and a black cloth tied belt on his waist. He wears baggy white pants that are similar in design to the pants of a Shihakusho uniform, and are held onto his waist by the tied black cloth belt. Covering his upper body is another white piece, same color as his skin and hair. It has a large neck opening with a black trim. On the bottom front, it splits open with a black trim going behind him, forming the back piece that hangs down behind him legs.

    Extra Features: His pure white skin and hair. Black pupils, yellow irises and black sclera. Black nails.

    Bloodline Information

    Kekkei Genkai: Tenin

    Description: The Tenin have the unique ability to control an Ambient chakra that varies in range, by their rank. This chakra can be controlled in two ways.

    The first way is the ability to suddenly alter that chakra, turning it into an incredibly powerful force "push", that has enough force to rock a building, or even destroy it depending on how sturdy it is. For example. If someone who held this ability was standing 7 feet away from a boulder, and applied this force to the boulder through simple thought, the boulder, if hard enough would be launched in the direction the force was applied to. Or simply shatter into small pieces that would be launched in that direction. This can also be used on people as well, as long as they are close enough. The closer the target is to the source of the power, being the user, the more powerful the blast can be. An example of the full power of this blast is say the user were angled over the target, looking down on them, and the power was applied right above the target, the target, depending on how heavy they took the hit, would at maximum be blasted approximately 4 feet into the ground.

    The second way this can be used is with physical contact. If the user manages to place a body part on the target, they have two options on what they would like to do. The first option would be to send that enormous force of power through the object, instead of using it outside of the object. When the force is sent through the object, it is capable of shattering what it comes into tact with. If the user were to place their hand on a building, and apply this power, the building would shatter. Or crack a lot, depending on how sturdy and well built the building is. If this is applied to a person or creature, it is capable of shattering their bone in the area that force was applied to. The deadliest way this can be used, is if the user manages to get their hand on the direct center of the targets chest for one post, an enormous force of power can be shot through their entire body, shattering nearly all of their bones, as well as disrupting their heart beat pattern, often leading to a quick death. If they simply manage to apply this to an arm or leg, that part of the bodies bone will shatter, or break depending on how hard their bones are, and how much of the user comes into contact with the target. This type of power can also be applied through an object that has been modified by the Tenin user to take it's power without breaking. When applied through the object, such as a sword, it is slightly less powerful, but fully capable of blasting an enemy back a few hundred yards if they are in contact with the sword. This can be used from a distance, to, but much less powerful, and only capable of reversing simply kunai, or low ranked projectile attacks.

    The last ability known of the Tenin, is the ability to alter the properties of anything they touch, making it so that it can withstand the powerful forces the Tenin user gives off. When a Tenin user performs this, they place the palm of their hand on the object, and what looks like a visible white liquid inside of the object quickly engulfs it, leaving it as white as the Tenin users skin. (Hint: This may be the reason why the Tenin's skin are pure white, as well as hair and objects they use). This can be used on multiple objects including weaponry, and lasts for 10 posts before the pure white color suddenly drains out of the object. This can also be used on humans.

    Physical Traits Advanced Chakra Control, great strength and speed.

    Ability Overview The ability to control Ambient chakra that varies in range around the user, as an incredibly amount of force. The ability to apply the force through physical contact, and through objects with their enhancement. Pure White Chakra.

    The radius around the user for no contact:

    Genin: 5 ft
    Chuunin: 8 ft
    Jounin 13 ft
    Special Forces: 15
    Kage: 20 ft

    The force can be felt outside of the radius, but does little to no harm.

    When used to stop a jutsu, depending on the power of the jutsu, as well as type comes into play. Most B and under rank simply projectile jutsu can be stopped, and sometimes even reversed depending on how solid the projectile is. If it is used against a lightning, the lightning can not be reversed and is harder to stop. Used on fire, most of the time it will simply go out, unless there's something solid that aids the attack. Used with water, depending on the size and shape, sometimes it can simply shatter the water, and send it back as small water droplets. As for wind and earth, those can be reversed with ease.

    The basic rank guide:

    Academy: simple weaponry
    Genin: C rank
    Chuunin: B rank. Can easily reverse C ranks
    Jounin: A ranks. Can reverse B ranks.

    Rank and Skill Information

    Village: Kirigakure

    Rank: Jounin
    Letter Rank A
    Group affiliation -

    - Main: Kenjutsu
    -Sub: Ninjutsu
    -Combination Am i allowed?

    Advanced/Secondary Skills: Izanagi's own KKG abilities:

    Over time, Izanagi managed to alter the abilities of his KKG into two other ways, that currently only he knows how to do.

    1. By streaming a long line of thin chakra into any given direction, even outside of his radius limits, Izanagi can do what is sometimes looked as Telekinesis. Though all he is doing is using that thin line of chakra to apply a force of power on the object, allowing it to gain even more distance. Though the most common used way is to force the object into Izanagi's hand, or towards him, allowing him to quickly recover weapons, or items that were distanced from him.

    2. The second way took years of practice. Using his KKG, Izanagi can apply a large amount of force to himself, giving him the ability to instantly change any direction he is moving in, or even allow himself to pick up an insane amount of speed at an instant. If used to the full limits, the sudden speed can be faster then the eye can follow. When this is used, it will seem like Izanagi had suddenly disappeared with out a trace. The instant he moves like this, a dull swish like zap sound is made from where he moved from, and sometimes wherever he appears, depending on if he wants it to or not.

    Elemental & Jutsu Information

    Elemental Affinity

    Primary Element Water (White being an optional effect)
    Secondary Element Lightning (Pure White Color)
    Advanced Element Acid/Poison (Branched off of Water)
    Combination -


    Non Elemental Jutsu

    Water Jutsu

    Lightning Jutsu

    History/Rp Sample

    Rp Sample:

    NO U


    The Birth Of Izanagi. The Demon Of Legends

    Legends of old, back when the god Izanagi ruled many lands over the world. His Spouse, who remains unknown to this day, and his younger sister Izanami. Izanami was terribly ill, and passed away, where the underworld claimed her very soul. Izanagi was furious at such actions, and traveled to the underworld in attempt to save his little sister. Fighting his way through the Underworld, with the Tenkei, a legendary sword said to have one been the horn of a great demon lord. The sword was coated in a pure white color, and so easily sliced through the gates of Yomi. The more he traveled in, the harder things got, to a point where he had no choice but to retreat. He failed at saving his sister, and hung his head in shame as he returned to his homeland. The anger, and thirst for revenge over all of those around him grew and grew as the years went by. It grew to a point where he, a god, finally snapped. The hatred in his very soul began eating away at him slowly, turning him into a beast. Slaughtering anyone, and everyone. Upon killing those around him, he launched the legendary sword; Tenkei, into the great seas of the world of the living. The crash of power shook the lands, caused great tidal waves, and killed many. The sword, lost forever within the depths of the great ocean.

    The moment this display of power, and destruction was heard of, the sun goddess Amaterasu, the moon god Tsukiyomi, and the Tempest god Susanoo immediately attacked, and restrained Izanagi. The power of Izanagi was to great to fully restrain, leading to a 5 year battle. Tsukiyomi, Susanoo, and Amaterasu Vs. the corrupt Izanagi. The battle wagged on, causing destruction, and many deaths on the world of the living. Putting an end to this, the 3 gods managed to finally restrain Izanagi long enough to perform an ancient Fuinjutsu of mass power, forever sealing him within the depths of the underworld. Though without knowing it, during the battle, a portion of Izanagi's power leaked off and merged itself within the cycle of rebirth upon the human world, where one shall be born with that portion of power. This power was also greatly merged with the Tenkei, giving the one with the power to instantaneously know where the Tenkei is located, but not know why, or even know much of it, besides it's name, and how to use it.

    This legend was turned into an old historical tale, that many elders told the young ones of the villages. They said that the birth of the pure white demon would be the return of Izanagi.

    Thus, Izanagi was born.

    Izanagi's Life In The Rain

    The birth of Izanagi created fear across the lands. Some were stricken with fear, others who didn't believe such tale didn't bother. Izanagi had pure white skin, as well as hair. His features stood out from even his parents, as well as everyone else in his village. Both of his parents were not of any clan, nor where they holders of any Kekkei Genkai. Luckily, the ninja academy accepted Izanagi, and agreed to train him, hoping he wouldn't turn out to be what the legends say. Izanagi was always rude to his teachers, as well as other students. Despite how he acted, he was actually very skilled, and sometimes spoke very maturely. That of which could have been the only reason why they agreed to pass him. That, and as he was taking a test, which was to create a perfect clone of himself, he instead placed his hand on the academy teachers desk, and shattered it to bits with no problem at all, nor any force. Using only his Kekkei Genkai which no one but he knew about.

    As a Genin, Izanagi was very skilled, and was always the one made leader in his squads. He was given multiple different Genin squads due to him "leaving" the other genin behind and finishing the mission on his own. His skill was shown to the leader of his village, which began scoring him Chuunin ranked missions, at only Genin rank. Shortly after, he advanced to Chuunin, even before his own team.

    As Izanagi was around the age of 16, both of his parents had died. Leaving him, and his sister Izanami on their own. They were both very skilled ninja for their ranks, and Izanagi took good care of her. The leader of the rain made them both a team for missions, and sent them on some of the tougher missions. Izanagi told the leader he wouldn't put his sister in danger like that, but the leader forced him to. During one of the missions, Izanami was captured by the enemy, and taken away as Izanagi fought off waves of oncoming enemies. He attempted to chase them down, but failed. After returning to the rain village, he demanded that they send out a search squad for her, though the rain leader denied, and sent Izanagi away, only to be locked in a cell. As he was forced out of the room, he heard the leader saying "You two only cause problems...your nothing but filthy demons". Izanagi began to feel hate for his leader, and swore that even if it was the last thing he does, he would kill slaughter that man with everything he had. After being locked in the cell for 2 days, Izanagi finally had it. His Kekkei Genkai fed off of his hatred, and became stronger. Using his Kekkei Genkai, he applied the force to the steel chains, and forced them open. He then blew through the bars of the cell, and killed anyone who tried to stop him. As the alarms in the village went off, the leader was quickly informed on what was going on. Just as the leader was alone in his office, about to give a message through the speaker to all ninja of the village, Izanagi appeared with a sudden dull swishy zap sound in front of him with a wicked grin on his face. The wire to the alarm system, as well as any communication devices he had, had already been cut.


    After dealing with the leader of the rain (Leaving him a dead bloody mess in his office), Izanagi went on his own search for his sister Izanami. After 5 months of searching, he was left without any luck. Refusing to go back to the rain village, he began looking for a new village. For some unknown reason, he felt as if he was drawn towards the large bodies of water. After crossing the bodies of water, he came upon the village of the mist, where he stayed due to the strange feeling, as if something he was missing was there.

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    I'm curious what level it would stop a jutsu, even under special conditions, just to understand more. After that it would be fine
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    Izanagi Tenin

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    It seems fine to me, approved.
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    Izanagi Tenin
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