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 Strange Injuries (done)

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PostSubject: Strange Injuries (done)   Sat Jul 24, 2010 7:25 pm

Loki kept walking in the general direction of the Cave of Naru, still pondering about how he was going to get the crystals without dieing from mutation. After about twenty minutes he made it to the dark, dank cave. He looked inside and saw a faint, purplish light. The light seemed to change colors as time passed on. Loki let his chakra seep out as gas. He surrounded himself with the black gas to protect him from the strange energy that is emitted from the Naru Crystals. He walked into the cave focusing on the light. He went deeper and deeper into the cave looking for crystals. He eventually found one. The crystal seemed to change shape slightly every few seconds. Loki turned some of his chakra into a solid and picked up the crystal with it. He started to walk out of the save when suddenly the spot where he took the crystal started to collapse. The grew bigger and bigger as Loki started to run out of the cave. The falling ground was right behind Loki when he jumped out of the cave. As he umped out the crystal went flying and he barley caught it. He started to walk to the Medical area.

When he got to the area he saw a black mark on each of the patients necks. He held the crystal up to one of the marks and the mark started to grow like a vine. It surrounded the patients body and started to crush his body. the body exploded, blood and gore spewing all over the walls. Loki quickly turned the front of the chakra gas solid blocking most of the blood.
"So that is what happens" said Loki as he walked out of the Medical Zone. Right has he got out of the area he moved as fast as he could to report the mission to the Raikage
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Strange Injuries (done)
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