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 Null Abarada~Kazekage-Sama [Sand/Approved]

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Null Abarada

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PostSubject: Null Abarada~Kazekage-Sama [Sand/Approved]   Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:00 am

Basic Info

Name: Abarada, Null

Nickname/Alias: Sands Advocate

Age: 26

Gender: Male
Important Family Members: -

Personality: Null acts very well minded, always thinking about what should be done, and when it should be done. Null will tell you that is greatest weapon is his abbility to think before he actually does anything. Which is the harshest mistake that most people make. As the anbu captain Null is not very demanding, he usually just does most of the stuff himself but when stuff needs to be done they need to be done. Needless to say Null can be harsh but is always fair.

Null is nice for the most part, he isn't the type of man to sit inside all day. You can usually find him walking around the village helping out the people in need. Whether it be helping a child swing on the swingset, or stopping by at the academy he's usualy outside of his office. Null knows how to handle himself and anything bad towards the village, if a catastrophe strikes he stays smart about it and deals with it smartly as well. Making Satsu the ideal Anbu captain.

General Appearance

Basic looks Null's hair is naturally in a very wild stance, and is usually bouncing back in forth while he is in motion. But the hair does stayin in it's normal stance, even when he is in constant fast pace movement. Sandy blonde is his natural hair color, and reflects brightly in the relentless sun. His deep blue eyes go along with his blonde hair making them pop out drastically. His blue eyes also match his Kazekage out fit, and he is usually recognized by the blue eyes. His nose his decently small, and almost unnoticeable, but is still there with out a doubt. Null's lips are always in a smirk, due too the fact that he would like too shed some happiness on situations. There not in a smirk because he see's everything as a joke, he actually takes most things a tad bit more serious then they are desired. Null's body is actually very toned, and masculant. Not meaning that he is a huge guy with Hulk sized muscles, he's just a little bit more muscular than most. His abdominal section has six perfectly shaped muscles. His legs are decently toned, for his quads are not that much muscular than his calves which rely diretly beneath the thighs. But due too alot of traveling his legs are in great shape, and rarely ever have cramps. Null's skin complexion is a light tan, and thats mostly from the relentless sunagakure sun. But people in sunagakure are mostly used too the sun after a good while of being in it, so the sun really doesent effect anyone there, especially Null.
Height: 6'2

Weight: 175lbs
preferred wardrobe: Null wears a black leather vest, that has a sort of turtle neck that retreats over his adam's apple. The vest stays zipped up all the time, for it has a zipper that relies on the middle of his vest, and reaches all the way to the bottom. His vest has two different colors. The first part of it is a grey/silver. Than the remaining of the third of the vest is a midnight black. Null's pants consist of a spandex fabric, but it is mainly denim and cloth. Allowing Null maximum comfort, and appearing as normal pants. Bamboo slippers cover his feet, but they aren't normal bamboo slippers, they have a padding on the inside, that once again provides a great deal of comfort. He wears a black sweater beneath his vest, in which has sleeves approaching outside the vest. The vest color matches the sweaterbeneath it, and on the wrist fold it's a greyish silver matching the top half of the vest. He wears his anbu mask around his bacl most of the time, and only when needed he wears it around his face.

Extra Features: ~

Bloodline Information

Kekkei Genkai: Iron Dust

Description: This kekkegenkai allows the user to manipulate magnetic forces and or impulses. This kekkegenkai allows the user to focus on the materials within there sand. Which is not really sand it is actually very tiny grains of iron or steel dust for the most part. The manipulation of the magnetic fields allow the user to also manipulate the iron or steel dust. Allowing the user to manipulate the dust into shields, weapons, etc. The manipulated objects have the same density, texture, toughness, everything as the real steel or iron would.

Physical Traits ~
Ability Overview Manipulation of Magnetic Poles

Rank and Skill Information

Village: Sunagakure

Rank: Kazekage
Letter Rank S
Group affiliation ~

- Main: Nin
-Sub: Gen

Advanced/Secondary Skills:

Elemental & Jutsu Information

Elemental Affinity

Primary Element Lightning
Secondary Element Earth
Advanced Element Iron Sand
Combination ~

Jutsu Weapons And Jutsus will be Put sepperatly, after char approval.

History/Rp Sample

Rp Sample: -

History: Child hood: Null was born as an unusual baby. He was also was born luck in a way. His father had the iron sand kekkegenkai his mother didn't. The parents were told it was a 1 in 100 chance that Null would be born with it. In the luckiest out come Null was born with the iron sand kekkegenkai. The kekkegenkai would need training but it was nothing that Null's father couldn't fix. Null s mother did not have a kekkegenkai she basically specialized in taijutsu in what she lacks of her kekkegenkai she makes up in her fighting styles. She was known for her fighting posistioning, her flexible ways made her very deadly. She would be very valuable later in Null s life.

Academy: When Null enrolled in the academy he did not know how to do much, but he did know that he was soon going to start learning. And learning is exactly what he did without any training from his parents, he payed attention very closely in the academy and came out being the smartest child in class. When they started teaching tai jutsu skills, Null made sure to pay very close attention. They taught the ways of how to move around when fighting to make sure of protection while fighting close range. It really was a great help to Null just because he always thought fighting was about offense strictly.

In other lessons they taught how to utilize nin jutsu, Null knew if he wanted to be good at his sand he would first have to get used to using other elements. Null knew from prior lessons that the mixture of earth, and wind would created sand. So those two elements would help him greatly if he was going to learn how to use the iron sand. But mixing the two to make a whole new element wasnt so easy it took great time of practice. But over due time he finnally was able to perform sand jutsus by mixing two other elements.

Gennin: For gennin rank Null was to meet a chuunin and the kage himself at a designated area which was on the outskirts of sunagakure. Null arrived at the place as he saw a dummy in an open field. Too his left he saw the kazekage, and a single chuunin. Null took a few steps forward as he heard the chuunin speak, You must knock down this dummy with an impressive skill, When Kazekage sama says go, perform your attack." Null nodded at the instructions as he revealed his hands from his pockets. The Kazekage put his hand up and yelled "GO!"

Null began performing jutsus, as his hands moved so fast then stopping to release a barrage of rubble out of his left hand, and as quickly as the rubble was released out of his left hand his right hand released a stream of wind that sped towards the rubble. When all of a sudden the rubble and the wind collided, the mixture of the two collided elements created a whole new element, sand. The sand was now tearing through the sky towards the dummy without hesitation, then it made collision with a large thuding sound as it hit the dummy, and the dummy hitting the floor with a puff of smoke coming out as soon as the dummy fell.

Null looked to his left watching as the Kazekage began to speak with the chuunin. They stopped talking as the kage looked at Null smiled and turned to the village and walked off. As the Kazekage left the chuunin walked towards Null , The chuunin began to speak as he stopped infront of Null " Your Jutsu presentation has impressed not only me but the Kazekage himself, so without further adue you have now been premoted to Gennin " Null was very excited as he heard the chuunin speak those words but Null did not want to act immaturely ecstatic, so Null smiled shook the chuunins hand and walked back to Sunagakure. Needless to say for Null becoming a gennin was very easy, Null dazzled the teachers with the mixtures of his elements which immediatly got gennin rank.

Chuunin: As a gennin Null got assigned a team with two other gennins, one of his teamates was a girl, the other a guy. There sensei was a man aswell with bushy black hair and his ranking in suna was jounin. They had only one mission, and that was to test there skills which was to find a bell in the deep woods in less than one hour. As a team they found the bell without there sensei though. The both of Null 's teammate thought that Null was kind of weird because he did not speak much, but Null couldnt blame them it was his team after all, and he would risk his life for them any time.

When one day Null just stopped showing up for missions,training or just messing around. This absence wasn't good for the team but it was great for Null . The reason of that was it was time for his training in the iron sands. The Kazekage was informed that it was time for Null s training in Irond sand, and Null was exempt from any missions and gatherings. The kazekage did that because he knew that Iron sand training was some of the most difficult and longest training that he had ever heard of. It would take the whole entire time between now and the chuunin exams before Null could master it.

It took many sun ups, and sun downs before Null ever made an appearance outside of training. Three, and a half years of training to be exact. He was walking very slum, and droopy he was to tired for explanation. He slumped to the nearest ramen shop lazily. "I'll take an extra large ramen vegetable." Null said as he sat at the table on barstools. "there you go" The shop worker said as he slid over a large bowl of ramen. Null began eating ravishly trying to finish up as much ramen as he could before the shop closed down for the day. When all of a sudden he felt a sudden presence behind him,Null quickly turned around and pointed his chop sticks at the presence, with a full mouth and a angry face. When all of a sudden the soft cold hands of a girl put his hand down. "Chill Null , it's only me Maya" She said as she began speaking when she sat down "I'm from your group, do you not remember" she said.Null swallowed the large amount of noodles, And smiled "Yes i remember you now Maya, Are you hungry?" Null said as he clipped his chopsticks at the waitor. "No thats fine" MAya said, "Oh nonsense, let me get a medium sized crab bowl for the lady" Null said as he smiled and gathered noodles on his chopstick again swallowing it down. "here you go" The waitor said as he slid the bowl towards Maya. "Thankyou" She said to both the waitor, and Null . "well it was very nice seeing you again, but i must go home and get rest before the exams, good luck" Null said as he left money for the both of them and walked home to sleep for a good amount of time.

It was finnally the day for the chuunin exams, Null walked to the arena after a well deserved sleep for two days straight. Null walked to the arena doors walking in as two gennins were fighting. Null took his seat in the arena bleachers. He noticed the kage sitting in a box area with body guards. Null then looked back down to the fighting area to see the two gennins fighting as bloodshed appeared. When all of a sudden the proctor raised his hand signing that the fight was over, and pointed out the winner, and the new gennin. Before Null could blink it was his turn he walked down the steps, as he notice another man walking down the steps at the same time he was. The man was wearing a black cloak with a hood that went over his face making him unnoticable. Null walked to the designated spot and awaited the other man to hurry up and walk down the steps. Null stood as he watched the man drop his cloak to reveal a gennin that Null recognized but couldnt remember who it was. Null did not care who it really was he was just ready to fight. The man was a weaponry master supposedly, but Null was unafraid of any blade, as soon as the proctor yelled go Null released sand as it surrounded him the arena's jaw drop as if they had never seen it before. but they were going to get aquainted with quicker than ever. The other ninja pulled out three senbon and launched them at Null , Null then made his move as his sand blocked the senbon with ease, as he sent an enormous ammount of sand toward the gennin it leaft no escape with only little runnin room the sand engulfed him and suffocated at the same time. Null made the sand bring the gennin to him, and showed the proctor. The proctors jaw dropped, and announced the winner to be Null . Null made the sand retreat leaving the gennin on the floor as Null left. Looking up to the boxed area in which the kage was sitting, to see there was no more kage up there.

Jounin: As Null left out side the door he felt a hand touch his chest Null was surprised at the moment for it was the Kazekage's hand. "You did out standing Null " He said to Null "Well thank you,I've been training real hard for this and im glad to be a chuunin." Null replied. "Well how about you just skip chuunin, and become my own personal jounin, Your skills are way to expierienced from almost everybody in this village." Kazekage said. " Really, wow i would love that job but what does own personal jounin mean" Null asked. "Well what it means is that when there is an opening you will not only be my body guard but the head anbu. I chose you because you are very careing for everybody, you are very skilled in your fighting styles, you know what to do, and you have the best leadership skills." "I would make your father my new personal jounin but he turned it down for a Sannin rank which he did great at." The kage said. Null could not help but accept the rank, and Null knew he would be great for the job. And would be great for Head Anbu.

Null lived on reaching the moment in which an opening arrived in which he took a spot in Anbu captain, and also being the kage's main guard.
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Null Abarada

Posts : 190
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Location : Mojavi Desert, Chillen.

PostSubject: Re: Null Abarada~Kazekage-Sama [Sand/Approved]   Wed Jul 07, 2010 11:46 am

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Missing Nin
Missing Nin

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PostSubject: Re: Null Abarada~Kazekage-Sama [Sand/Approved]   Wed Jul 07, 2010 12:11 pm

You have my approval, I'll ask for a secondary one as well.
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Ryusaki Toketsu

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PostSubject: Re: Null Abarada~Kazekage-Sama [Sand/Approved]   Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:06 pm

my approval
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PostSubject: Re: Null Abarada~Kazekage-Sama [Sand/Approved]   

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Null Abarada~Kazekage-Sama [Sand/Approved]
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