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 Hana [Suna] [[Finished]]

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PostSubject: Hana [Suna] [[Finished]]   Wed Jul 28, 2010 8:58 am

Clan Name: ►Hana◄

History//Legend of the Clan:

About 600 to 800 years ago, a simple man was sitting in front of a lake. Then suddenly screams reached his ears and he instantly stood up, walking towards the noise. There he saw a beautiful Nymph with long blue hair. She was being held captive by some mysterious men. The simple man ran towards the nymph taking down the men who were threatening her. The Nymph grateful for the man’s help, offered him a wish. He could have whatever he desired. The man had no family or friends whatsoever and he was totally alone on his long journeys, so he asked her to accompany him through his travels. The Nymph agreed and so they were travelling from country to country for many years. The Nymph was also teaching the man about plants and medics. As time passed by they slowly fell in love and finally returned to the lake were they first met in order to marry. The Nymph’s parents, however, did not want their only daughter to marry a mortal, so they chased him away. Since the Nymph truly loved the man she went with him to his home village, Sunagakure. There they married and lived for the rest of their lives. No one however knew that the man’s wife was a Nymph. The Nymphs were always being hunt down for their wings and blood as both contained a substance which was able to heal any injury. The man and Nymph had many children. Their children had the appearance of a Human but the powers of the Nymphs. When the children turned 21 they were considered adults and had their wings given. Since the Nymph was immortal and the man mortal, the children were not completely immortal neither completely mortal. They could still die but they didn’t age. They looked always like 17. Those children could still die if injured or attacked.

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:

Kekkei Genkai:

The Future Telling Eye

Ability Summary:

The Future Telling Eye

The future telling eye, is a Doujutsu that makes the user capable of predicting, things that will happen. It also shows random things which the user can not control. This Doujutsu needs a large amount of chakra thus it is very tiring especially for a Genin.

Future Telling Eye: Deactivated.


This Doujutsu is easily distinguishable because of its colours and shapes within the eye. It can do nothing special. Most people tend to avoid clan members because of its appearance.

Future Telling Eye: Activated.


The user's eyes become green and blue with green and blue butterfly wings surrounding it. If the user looks the victim in the eyes he/she can see random thoughts and emotions of the user. (Ex. if he is nervous, happy, sad)It also allows the user too see, whenever he/she wants in slow motion so she/he can dodge attacks more easily. It can also work as a sensing tool, with it the user can feel when someone is molding chakra, and sense a nearby presence. This varies from the user's skills, experience, chakra amount and rank. The time limit is 3 posts for Genin, 4 posts for Chunin, 5 posts for Jounin and 6 posts for Kage.

Future Telling Ability: Activated.


The user's eyes become black with cat-like pupils. Around the eyes black lines are formed. With it the user can see everything he could see with the Future Telling Eye: Activated. but additionally he can see the future. If the user is inexperienced random pictures will pop into his head. If the user, however, is skilled enough he can see the future of the person he concentrates on (He can see whatever the other person wants to know).If the user is good at drawing, he/she can draw the pictures. The user can even see the past. This ability, however, is limited. The user can only see the past from his birth and after.

Clan Information:

- Clan Training ::

Academy and private training with a skilled clan member in order to master the clan jutsu.

- Population ::

Harumi Hana

- Nature//Values ::

The Hana clan is a peaceful clan which tends to avoid conflicts. They deeply care about their environment and fellow men. Furthermore the Hana clan loves and respects the nature and usually helps around the village. They use to have a garden full of strange and unique flowers which some of them they created themselves by combining genes of different flowers. Some of those flowers have special abilities. Two of them are listed below.

"The crying heart":

The name "The crying heart" describes the unique flowers, which resemble tiny pink or white hearts with drops of 'blood' at the bottom. The white foam at the bottom is able to ease the pain in case of an injury. It however has not the ability to heal the injury it just numbs the wound so the person won't feel any pain.

"Everchanging mood":

The "Everchanging mood" flower was created by Harumi herself. It has the ability to change a person's mood. However, the only mood it can spread is happiness. Therefore, every person that breathes the "Everchanging mood" flower's fragrance will automatically feel happy.
The blooms are a pastel peach color, with a washed eye - in a web configuration - having imperial purple colored webbing that outlines a watercolor wash of violet lavender. The eye colors are echoed in a watermark design on the sepals. In cool weather, the petals display a partial edge of grape purple, outlined in pale yellow gold. As the heat intensifies, the edge becomes spectacularly ornate and completely outlines the petal edges in serrated grape plum up to ¼" wide. This plum edge is bordered in a ¼" wide serrated, sharks tooth formation. The exotically formed bloom opens early, is widespread, flat and narrow, with 2 1/8" wide petals and 1 3/8" wide sepals. The colour and substance are unfazed by the hottest all day sun.

- Clan Symbol ::


Every member is born with this symbol tattoed on their right ankle.

Additional Information:

- Clan Founder ::

The man and the Nymph.

- Relationship ::

The Hana clan used to have good relations to every clan in Suna. But since that incident Harumi hates Sunagakure but has peaceful relations to Iwagakure's clans. The clans in Iwagakure are friendly towards the Hana clan and do not fear them or avoid them because of their strange eyes.

- Clan Political Structure ::

They don't have a leader since they believe that everyone is equal.

- Important Members ::

Harumi Hana
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Hana [Suna] [[Finished]]
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