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 D.Gray-man: Lost Innocence

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Natsu Sairento

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PostSubject: D.Gray-man: Lost Innocence   Wed Jul 28, 2010 2:32 pm


God's army-the ones called Exorcists, fighting for the survival of mankind-and the descendants of Noah-the ones fighting for the destruction of mankind. The war was bitter with many losses from both sides. However, the last battle took place almost a century ago and, lucky for us, God won. Or at least, that is what everyone believed.

Recently, accommodators of innocence have been found but the black Church did little recruiting, since the Millennium Earl was thought to be dead, there was little need for new Exorcists. Anyhow, 3 months ago, a horde of Akuma were spotted on the outskirts of Berlin. The beasts naturally attacked the regions people leaving the town in chaos, the few Exorcists in the area proved no match for the villainous legion.

The Vatican received intelligence of this event and instantly re-deployed their available Exorcists. Within a month the Black Order was established with its head office in London. The search for innocence continued! As time passed by, branch offices were founded. Exorcists were found around the world and were brought to the Black Order. Also, the number of Finders increased rapidly.


Join the Black Order, become an Exorcist and fight for the safety of mankind.

But if you want the world to shatter, become an Akuma or Noah and fight for the destruction of mankind.

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D.Gray-man: Lost Innocence
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