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 Menda vs. Noche

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PostSubject: Menda vs. Noche   Thu Jul 29, 2010 1:46 pm

Menda sat up suddenly waking up and walked over to the window. The bright light was shining through his window showing them that it had to be sometime in the early morning. He grabbed his brightly colored outfit from a hook on the wall putting it on he left his room barefoot leaving his building and into the streets of suna. Today he had planned to devote all his time to training of some type being that he had not trained since he joined suna which was hundreds of years ago. As he walked through the bustling town he stopped to buy something to eat to fill his stomach before he began training. He knew he wouldn't be back to suna until the late hours of the night and wanted to have something to eat before he returned exausted. He decided to buy three rice balls two with a meat center and one with a chicken center. He walked and ate his rice balls having devoured the two meat filled rice balls before even leaving the village he ate the last chicken one taking small bites this time. As he left suna he planned to go to an old training area that he used to use long ago before he had joined this cult.


Red eyes burning bright a rustle of his wings in the dead of night . A ferocious shriek as the creature takes flight the mothman is coming for you.
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Menda vs. Noche
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