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 Causing Trouble Upon The Falling Leaves [Preferably Hokage;Open To All Konoha Shinobi] [Action is a must]

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PostSubject: Causing Trouble Upon The Falling Leaves [Preferably Hokage;Open To All Konoha Shinobi] [Action is a must]   Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:22 am

It was quite a long time since Kiero has been seen in the vicinity of the Hokage's Building. Well he seldom comes because he obviously oppose the current Hokage. For one reason, " He doesn't fit the position.." Kiero frankly said, not fearing a punishment from the Hokage himself. Kiero slowly entered the Konoha building, the chuunin guards making a way for him to pass. They had been observing what would Kiero might do. Yet they failed to see the evil glow in Kiero's eyes. As if he is planning something evil, something unexplainable too, notably also was the evil grin shown upon his face. As he slowly took the stairs, Kiero was already formulating a plan on how to easily dispatch the Hokage. It is a disgrace to attack the Hokage, but hey who can blame him? The Hokage isn't supposed to be holding that position anyway. He might as well make the first move. Kiero doesn't really like to get involved in such fights. But to see Konohagakure no Sato getting weaker as the day passes, he just couldn't sit around while a spineless Hokage is running the village. The steps he took from the stairs we're slowly but surely. He wont regret this no matter what happens, he has already promised to end this horrible rule. And if sacrifices must be made, Kiero is glad to do one for the sake of Konoha. Finally he came right infront of the office of the Hokage. He slowly opened the door, what could possibly be waiting for him in the room?

(Short, just came back to RPing)

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PostSubject: Re: Causing Trouble Upon The Falling Leaves [Preferably Hokage;Open To All Konoha Shinobi] [Action is a must]   Thu Aug 05, 2010 9:54 am

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PostSubject: Re: Causing Trouble Upon The Falling Leaves [Preferably Hokage;Open To All Konoha Shinobi] [Action is a must]   Fri Aug 13, 2010 10:05 pm

Zen is seen looking about the scene of the village of konoha from atop one of the roofs of some nameless house. The wind blew and the trees danced as a result and the sun shined down below and kissed the faces of the many villagers below. Zen loved to enjoy nature and to see things from a distance knowing full well that the reality of things was much more blunt. The fact that people, as a rule had become selfish people seeking their own desires and natural love of neighbor was no more.

He knew all to well how cruel life could be as he had chosesn the path of a shinobi. A tool to be commanded to take life and carry out orders without a second thought on the whim of one that outranked him. Leaning over the edge this provided a chance for Zen to live away from all of that even if just for a small amount of time.He finally decides to enjoy some time seeing the village he loved so much.

He jumps up to a railing and jumps off free falling in empty air. As he drops he casually holds out a hand wide as it grips a iron flag pole. The momentum from his fall causes his body to flip around the pole. From Zen's point of the view his vision jumped in one continual motion as he spun. From ground, to building, to sky to building as he releases the pole flipping over to a distant roof top.

Landing on the roof he accelerates as the wind blows through his face and his heart pumps faster and faster. He felt alive when he ran throughout the village rooftops like a mad man in his own merit. It was his own little joy that very few witnessed other than other shinobi on rooftops as well. Finally he jumps between two buildings allowing his foot to touch just below the edge of the roof of the next building letting his momentum build. His muscles spring back pushing him backwards to the building behind but at a lower point. He jumps back and forth like this three times before landing safely on the ground with a grin walking out of a alley.

As he exits the alley he sees the hokages manor. Thoughts of villagers talking flashed through his head about who the new hokage was. It was completely unheard of for one to attain the rank of hokage, the leader of the village. When so few people actually knew him. He decides what better time is it to meet lord hokage.

As he begins to approach the manor he sees another figure approaching the front doors. He couldn't tell who it was from his distance but he got a bad feeling something was off even in the walk of the shinobi. Zen follows behind at a distance watching the two chuunin guards allow him to pass. Zen decides to investigate himself.

He takes out a white mask with a japanese dragon face on it and black with one small black kanji on it. He was always ordered to wear his anbu mask before entering kage manor to investigate anything without permission. There was currently no time. He scales the side of the building finally sneaking into a window in the main breezeway and sees the shinobi approaching the doors to lord hokage's room. He wondered where the other anbu members that were supposed to be on duty were. The stranger begins to push open the doors slowly as Zen speaks up with a kunai drawn.

Stop right there or die!
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PostSubject: Re: Causing Trouble Upon The Falling Leaves [Preferably Hokage;Open To All Konoha Shinobi] [Action is a must]   

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Causing Trouble Upon The Falling Leaves [Preferably Hokage;Open To All Konoha Shinobi] [Action is a must]
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