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 Satoru Amenokei~Mizukage {WAITING FOR APPROVAL}

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Satoru Amenokei

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PostSubject: Satoru Amenokei~Mizukage {WAITING FOR APPROVAL}   Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:12 pm

Basic Info

Name: Amenokei, Satoru

Nickname/Alias: Glass Controller

Age: 29

Gender: Male
Important Family Members:

Personality: Well, let's see. A lot of Satoru's personality is based around the fact that he doesn't really have one. He was trained to be emotionless - apparently from a young enough age that he can't even recall how to show emotions properly. It's as though a certain instinct most humans develop has been completely removed from him. He's horribly socially inept, and is only just now trying to learn how to become friends with others. Most of his knowledge comes from books and the poor explanations of his team mates. His lack of emotions also makes it difficult to read others, as even the concept of some emotions is hard for him to understand. Satoru everyonce in awhile will have a spark of joy, but thats is very, very rare. Even though he is emotionless he knows when he makes a rude comment, but he does say anything about it. He likes it when people get mad.

He may attempt to give someone he's considering becoming friends with a nickname, but he's at a loss as to how to go about picking one without insulting them.He stills tends to give rather fake smiles when trying to be friendly, but those are being replaced more often with his awkward real smile. (It's actually very similar, as he closes his eyes for both, but his real one has genuine emotion behind it.) He's not exactly outgoing, better at being led into situations that require interaction with others than seeking it out himself. The only time when satoru is outgoing is when he is on a mission that suits his well being, if it doesn't then he just acts the way he normally does, a rude jerk. Even though he is mizukage, that proffession is just like an everyday thing, he wants to be true to his people, and so he acts like he would around his friends. Surpsingly he has friends who love and care about him.

General Appearance

Basic looks My character wears the traditional outfit of the Mizukage. He has dark brown hair and silver black eyes. Occasionally he will die his hair black just for the fun of it, but he likes to keep his hair natural sometimes.His silver black eyes, however, Are wierd.The black part is where the white area of ones eyes should be and the silver part is the color of the pupil. His tongue is a strange blue color, which is wierd and his teeth are really white. he has a broad shoulder spane, and his eyes always look like he is glaring at someone, but really he isn't. From his waist up to his neck is all covered in bandages, the bandages are a light blue color and are apart of satoru's attire. He wears some of the bandages for play, while he wears the rest for real. Around his waist area is a brutal scar that rings around that whole area. That happened in the war which was awhile ago, but it still looks like it is bleeding. Excluding the waist, the banadges from there and up are just for show. He thought it looked ugly having just that aroun his waist so he took the curtosy of wrapping it around his whole stomach and torso area instead of just his waist. He also wears a full sleeve of bandages on one arm and just barely a sleeve on the other. The left arm wraps all the way to the finger tips while the right arm wraps barely past the shoulder area. He has a crescent shaped mark on his forehead that is colored a shade of blue that almost matches the skin color of satoru. It is so close, it is almost hard to see.

Height: 177 cm

Weight: 67 kg

preferred wardrobe:Like I said above, he doesn't like to wear his outfit all the time, so what he does wear is a short, black vest that he leaves open in the front, revealing his bandages. The vest comes up to the middle of hischest. Right where his torso meets his stomach. He wears black pants, that have a certain crease in them the make them always look brand new no matter the battle, he also black sandals that have a dark blue tint to them making them look more blue than black even though there natural color his black. Sometimes he would wear this outfit with his hat. When
Extra Features: (Are there any additional visual features we should know about?)

Bloodline Information

Kekkei Genkai: Amenokei

Description: This clan mainly focuses on glass, and glass based jutsu's.

Physical Traits (Any physical traits that your Kkg gives you)
Ability Overview Its the combination of earth and fire which makes glass. I have created these glass jutsu's into stages. These jutsu's are activated when the clan member eats a special glass shard.

Stage One

Name: Hari Seisakusho (Glass Works)
Description: Glass is, frankly speaking, a hard element to come by in nature, putting any Glass Specialist at a severe disadvantage lest he carry around pouches of glass shards around. Glass Works was created for that specific purpose; by combining Chakra with existing sand, the sand is compressed and converted directly into shining glass. In an environment without sand, however, there is a slightly more taxing method of glass creation. The user can change the Chakra inside his body directly into molten glass, and spit it out in a stream to collect in a pile of slag that quickly cools and hardens, becoming available for use.
Base Effect: Can create enough glass for Stage One and Two Glass jutsu.
Stage Two Effect: Can create enough glass for Stage Three and Four Glass jutsu.
Stage Three Effect: Can create enough glass for Stage Five and Six Glass jutsu.

For Stage Seven techniques, the user must be within the desert. Glass Works will then convert the abundant sand in the desert into glass for the technique's execution.

Name: Katsu Kagamiita (Shatter Panel)
Description: The most elementary form of 'defense' in this arsenal of jutsu, Shater Panel is more of a pre-emptive measure rather than a barrier. A square panel of glass forms up to one meter away from the user. The square is only a quarter of an inch thick, making it ridiculously easy to break and shatter upon solid contact (ie. a punch, not a tap). However, that is the entire point of this jutsu, because once the panel shatters, fragments of glass will likely fall on the person who broke it, perfectly able of giving him/her shallow cuts.
Base Effect: The panel is five feet by five feet in length and width.
Stage Two Effect: The panel is six feet by six feet in length and width.
Stage Three Effect: The panel is seven feet by seven feet in length and width.

Something to be kept in mind is the glass is completely clear and will not reflect any light, making it nearly invisible (save for a faint outline) to all but the user.

Name: Yousei Hokori (Fairy Dust)
Description: More of a support technique than truly offensive, Fairy Dust turns a handful of sand into a fine powder of glass (or creates that handful through the second method of Glass Works). The powder can then be blown into an opponent's face to irritate their eyes and, should they breathe it in, probably aggravate their throat into a coughing fit. Shinobi have even used 'Fairy Dust' to coat their weapons, granting them a more abrasive surface while also depositing glass into their enemy's wounds.

Name: Hari Kuuchuukassou (Glass Gliding)
Description: The user forms a layer of glass beneath his feet, coating it with a small amount of Chakra to reduce the friction so that it's as if the user is skating on ice when on regular ground. What makes this a handy jutsu is that the Chakra coat softens any noise of movement from the feet, allowing for quick travel while maintaining a high level of stealth.
Base Effect: The 'skates' can be maintained for five posts.
Stage Two Effect: The 'skates' can be maintained for seven posts.
Stage Three Effect: The 'skates' can be maintained for nine posts.

Stage Two

Name: Hari Kawarimi (Glass Replacement)
Description: A more potent variation of the standard Replacement technique, instead of switching spots with a nearby object, the user leaves behind a glass statue of their likeness. The model shatters easily, which can leave minor gashes on an opponent who happens to get caught in the outward burst of jagged shards. This, like any other Kawarimi technique, can only be used twice per thread (by itself or in combination with another Kawarimi technique).

Name: Wareyasui (Fragile)
Description: A weapons technique that requires a sacrifice on the user's behalf, Fragile takes a weapon already in the possession of the user (if the user has disarmed and stolen an opponent's weapon, he/she must have the owner's permission) and turns it entirely into glass. While completely useless in terms of defense, the glass weapon will break into scores of pieces on its first hit. This effect has made Fragile a popular technique for use on kunai and shuriken; if the opponent were to block one of the glass projectiles, it would then shatter and spray the razor fragments onto him/her, quite possibly cutting and sticking into his skin. Once the user turns an armament into glass, though, it cannot be changed back.

Name: Hari Densouro (Glass Link)
Description: Communication is vital in a team but sometimes simple, standard issue comm. units just don't cut it. Glass Link creates a two slabs of glass small enough to fit inside a pocket comfortably. One of the two is usually given to a partner (unless the user really likes talking to himself) because the two pieces of glass can communicate with one another as well as with other communicator units. All one must do is focus Chakra into the object and think about the owner of the other slab; the matching piece begins to grow warm to signal to the partner that he is being called. The two can speak amongst one another through their frames of glass. Both visual and audio is provided, and the sound is even tunnelled via Chakra so that only the bearer of the slab can hear what the other is speaking. These have twice the range of the regular comm. unit that most Shinobi employ and last about a week before crumbling into useless pieces. Glass Links created by Jounin have thrice the range of a comm. unit.

Name: Giragira Tekidan (Glare Grenade)
Description: Flashbangs are a most useful tool within a Shinobi's equipment, but sometimes one forgets to bring them along, or simply lack the space in his inventory to pack them. Glare Grenade is a simple, but effective, substitute. By creating a single, hand-sized, blunt-edged square of glass, the user can throw it into the air and, if there is sunlight (a sunny day; overcast with limited sunshine does not suffice), the glass will reflect the rays into the opponent's eyes and blind them for a few moments, just like a flashbang. If the user is indoors or it's dark outside, he can send a pulse of Chakra into the glass to create his own glare, but this has only half the strength of a regular flashbang and thus can prove to be much less effective in practical use.

Name: Hari Tetsubishi (Glass Caltrops)
Description: Caltrops can be a deadly weapon when used strategically. By slamming both palms to the ground, the user can cause miniature glass spikes to rise an inch from the ground. These are sharp enough to actually pierce through the rubber soles of Shinobi sandals to hit the soft flesh of feet. The power of this jutsu is increased by its second effect: the spikes will drill themselves into whatever they have pierced, so it's possible that an opponent (or an ally, the effect does not discriminate between friend and foe) will find his feet riddled with glass. .

Stage Three

Name: Hari no Yoroi - Karui (Armour of Glass - Minor)
Description: This jutsu creates a set of most basic armour for the user. Two inch thick plates of glass adorn the user in various locations: forearms, biceps, shoulders, torso/back, thighs, and shins. This armour, though, leaves much to be desired as the weight of the glass itself can become burdensome after some time, while there are plenty of chinks between the plates to attack. Each plate can sustain...
Anything higher than those will not only punch right through the plate, but also present a danger to the user since glass shards could embed themselves in the limb they once shielded.

Name: Kirameki Tama (Glitter Shot)
Description: Glitter Shot, when employed by the right hands, can prove to be a very damaging move. The user creates several shuriken or kunai (but not a mix, only one of the two) of glass. These projectiles can either be thrown by hand or through Chakra. What puts this technique above all other minor elemental projectile jutsu is that, when under the beams of light (or by pulses of Chakra, but is less effective), the weapons will shine and flare, creating bursts of glare that make them difficult to look at and thus, harder to defend or evade.
Base Effect: Two projectiles are created.
Stage Four Effect: Three projectiles are created.
Stage Five Effect: Four projectiles are created.

Name: Hari Honryuu - Karui (Glass Torrent - Minor)
Description: The counter part to the infamous Suna Shigure (Sand Shower), Glass Torrent - Minor creates a mass of jagged glass bits which can then be directed in a straight line at a target. The stream of shards cannot be guided or have its direction altered once started, but the torrent moves at a fairly quick speed (the user's Control equals the stream's Speed) and with a fair amout of strength (the user's Power equals the stream's Strength).
Note: The Strength/Speed levels are according to the user's rank.
Base Effect: Ten fragments are created.
Stage Four Effect: Twenty fragments are created.
Stage Five Effect: Thirty fragments are created.

Name: Kesshousei Seikei (Crystalline Cast)
Description: After forming the required handseals, the user can spit out a stream of molten glass. Unnaturally cool to the touch, the target of the viscous material is to hit an opponent's arm or leg. From there, it will harden almost instantaneously around the limb to hamper movement. To have a hand restricted by this technique would be disastrous as it would render a target unable to properly form handseals. If affecting a leg or foot, the glass usually fuses with the ground as well to root the target to the spot. This jutsu has even been known to form makeshift casts and splints on allies. The Crystalline Cast lasts for two posts before dissipating, but can be broken prematurely by a base Strength of 12 (willing targets have no duration).

Stage Four

Name: Hari Shunshin (Glass Instantaneous Body)
Description: Yet another variation of the famous Shunshin technique, this jutsu is exactly the same in purpose and nature, save for the appearance. Instead of disappearing in a cloud of smoke, the user's body will seem to freeze over in glass and spontaneously crack and break into pieces that are carried away in the wind. The pieces will then reform up to a mile away in any direction to a place the user has been before. This technique cannot be used in battle except to escape, and only if they haven't attacked or defended in their post.

Name: Hari Kumo no Amimono (Webs of the Glass Spider)
Description: This jutsu is the first to utilise both the burning and cooling effects of molten glass. Building up Chakra in his throat, the user will spew forth spherical globs of molten glass that are roughly the size of a softball. The spheres will travel in a straight line and, upon the user's command, burst outwards, sending tendrils to catch up any solid surface within twenty feet (otherwise the tendrils will fall harmlessly to the ground) and adhere to it by cooling quickly. What this does it make a giant 'web' of hot, molten glass; if something were to run into it, not only would they be scalded (first degree burns) by the high temperature, but the 'webbing' would then cool and fuse itself to the fabric of the victim's clothing and skin and caught as if they had run into a giant spider web. If a spherical glob hits an object, it will still burst outwards, but this time sending the extensions all around to wrap up the target and then proceed to harden. The webbing, though, will lose its strength after a set period of time...

Chuunin vs Genin : Genin will be trapped for two posts.
Chuunin vs Chuunin : Chuunin will be trapped for one post.
Jounin vs Genin : Genin will be trapped for three posts.
Jounin vs Chuunin : Chuunin will be trapped for two posts.
Jounin vs Jounin : Jounin will be trapped for one post.

The web can be broken earlier if the target's Strength or Power is greater than the user's Power. Also note that when under the light, the glass web will sparkle and shine, making it easy to see. In the darkness, though, it becomes exponentially more difficult to notice until it's too late.

Name: Hari no Yoroi - Juuyou (Armour of Glass )
Special Requirement: Armour of Glass - Minor
Description: The upgraded form of of AG - Minor, AG - Major creates a two inch layer of molten glass all over the user but does not harm him. Rather than deflect or stop attacks, the layer will simply absorb the force of the blows, which can be seen as the rest of the 'armour' will ripple. If anybody but the user were to touch it, though, they would be burned painfully (first degree). The armour can protect up to a base Strength of 18 and Ninjutsu up to Stage Two. If an opponent is a Taijutsu Specialist and attacks, his strike will go through the layer (but still be burned) to contact the user beyond. The main drawback of AG - Major is that the molten glass is constantly shifting, distorting not only the appearance of the user, but in his perspective, anything outside of the armour. This makes it difficult to see details of things, blurring objects together (ie. if the opponent threw five kunai together, the user would not be able to discern how many were thrown).

Name: Kyuuten no Ikari (Anger of the Heavens)
Description: After finishing the handseals for this jutsu, large boulders of glass will rise into the air and hover, glittering in the radiant light of the sun. The user can command the boulders to fly towards a target with enough force break themselves on contact, fracturing the unfortunate victim's bones; even a glancing blow can result in vicious bruising. The boulders can be shattered into little blocks by a base Strength of 15.
Base Effect: One boulder is created, roughly three feet in diameter.
Stage Five Effect: Two boulders are created, roughly four feet in diameter.
Stage Six Effect: Up to four boulders are created, roughly four feet in diameter.

Stage Five

Name: Koukiaru Kabe (Shine Wall)
Description: With this jutsu, the user creates a wall of glass to protect himself. The wall is rather durable being five inches thick, standing at ten feet in height and spreading seven feet in width. The barrier can be created in any position: To the front, behind, under, even above the user, making it an extremely versatile, though stationary, defense. It would take a base Strength greater than 20 to crack and break the wall in two hits while a base Strength greater than 23 would bring it to the ground in one. Ninjutsu up to Stage Three can be repelled with ease, but one Stage Four Ninjutsu would bring the wall to destruction. A tricky ability of the barrier, though, is that with a single surge of Chakra via physical touch by the user, the side opposite to the user will produce an intense glare akin to two flashbangs. However, this expends the duration of the Shine Wall and destroys it immediately afterwards. This can only be done once per thread, no matter how many Shine Walls are created.

Name: Hari Midika (Glass Familiar)
Description: Glass Familiar is a unique cloning kind of jutsu. Instead of creating a clone of the user, Glass Familiar summons forth a glass creature of nature. The beast can be no bigger than a bear in size, and no smaller than a hare. The creature possesses the full stats of the user, with two thirds of the user's Taijutsu bonuses (if the user knows a Taijutsu style). It cannot perform Genjutsu or Ninjutsu. Although unable to speak, the animal is able to communicate perfectly with its creator, but not anybody else. One solid hit will destroy the beast with ease. A user can only have one in existence at a time.

Stage Six

Name: Mure no Kyouran (Fury of the Swarm)
Description: One of the more potent jutsu in the Glass arsenal, Fury of the Swarm has been known to end many a fight in the past. Creating ten marble sized balls of glass at the end of each fingertip, the user then fires them all at once towards the target. Keep in mind that looks are deceiving. Although they are only marble sized, each sphere is actually half a ton of glass compressed via Chakra into that one, small space. The ten orbs will then split into two each (softball size) for a total of twenty, surrounding the opponent before exploding in a shower of glass senbon. While extremely difficult to defend against, it is a difficult jutsu to pull off and is rather taxing on the user.

Name: Amatsugoten no Zanchuu (Pillars of the Imperial Palace)
Description: A mix between offensive and support, this jutsu creates a large pillar from a solid surface through contact. The pillars can be employed to lift the user above the battle scene and avoid an attack, or even throw themselves in front of the user as a defense. When a pillar breaks, it explodes outwards in a storm of glass shards at everybody within three meters, even the user. The pillar can sustain attacks up to and including 25 base Strength and Ninjutsu up to Stage Four. If a rushing pillar were to hit an opponent, he could sustain severe injuries amounting to broken bones and even internal bleeding. A few unfortunate victims have even been crushed to death between two oncoming pillars from opposite directions, reduced to nothing but a flat, human pancake.

Name: Eikshou Ryuu Bakufuu (Molten Dragon Blast)
Description: Perhaps one of the most feared Glass techniques in existence, this jutsu's power can rival that of Katon: Karyuu Endan. Molten Dragon Blast is capable of altering, even destroying the landscape. By concentrating a great volume of Chakra in the throat, the user then spits out a massive torrent of molten glass. The liquid is hot enough to melt human flesh, radiating enough heat in the general area for first degree burns if one wasn't careful. The giant stream surges forwards as far as fifty feet, the front waves taking the form of a dragon's head and gaping maw. Those who are caught unawares in its path are either killed by the sheer weight or the hellish temperature. In two posts, the glass eventually cools and hardens, trapping and suffocating anybody who incredibly managed to live that long after being hit. Molten Dragon Blast can only be done twice a thread. A third time could, conceivably, be executed, but would exact so much Chakra that the user would die after the third use.

Stage Seven

Name: Amatsugoten no Juzou (Statues of the Imperial Palace)
Special Requirement: Training from Satoru
Description: Some say that this jutsu is done to the most terrible of traitors against Sunagakure, to show all in the village what becomes of those who turn against those of Sand. Concentrating an awesome amount of Chakra into one palm, this takes one post of preparation before its actual use where the user may not attack or defend due to the enormous focus required. The next person or object that the user strikes with that one palm will then gradually and inexorably 'freeze' over until it/he/she is nothing more than a glass monument.

Name: Kouten no Nagareboshi (Meteor of Heaven)
Description: Meteor of Heaven is a horrifying jutsu used only in the most absolute dire straits; the technique is normally forbidden because of its unrivaled pernicious potential. Sacrificing a great portion of Chakra, the user can part the skies and call down a shining meteor of glass. While falling from the stratosphere, the meteor breaks up into four house sized chunks that, when crashing to the ground, can cause tidal waves of earth so that even if one managed to evade the colossal boulder, the titanic shockwave of the impact would break bones and cause ears to bleed. Anything in a fifty foot diameter would be devastated.

Name: Hari Honryuu - Juuyou (Glass Torrent )
Special Requirement: Glass Torrent
Description: Much like the lesser version, GT - Major differs in that it creates actual three foot lances of glass. The lances, through hand gestures by the user - which means other jutsu cannot be used while GT - Major is in effect - can be guided and directed through the air in a stream to hound after the target. The lances can penetrate up to and including Stage Five defensive jutsu and, when the user closes his palms into fists, explode with half the force of an explosive tag. Shards of glass are sent flying in every which direction, so even the user must be extra careful not to be in proximity when this happens. The technique creates a monstrous forty lances. Note that when once lance is destroyed by a defensive or counter offensive means, it explodes as if the user had willed it. The rest of the lances can continue on, but as soon as the user chooses to detonate, all of them detonate at the same time.

Rank and Skill Information

Village: Kirigakure

Rank: Mizukage
Letter RankS
Group affiliation(Any group in or out of a village that your character is involved with whether it be a team or a terrorist group)

- Main:Ninjutsu
-Combination(Must have admin permission)

Advanced/Secondary Skills:Glass

Elemental & Jutsu Information

Elemental Affinity

Primary ElementS Earth
Secondary ElementA Fire
Advanced ElementS Gaton
Combination (Only if Clan based.)

Jutsu (If they All don't fit, put in another post)


History/Rp Sample

Rp Sample:

"That's it" Satoru did acouple of backflips back and landed on a tree branch. He was high up in the tree when he started to look down on kellen. "I don't take kindly to uchiha's, i thought i killed them all off long ago. I guess there are some i need to vanquish inorder for me to be superior" . Satoru looked at kellen. "Don't take me so lightly that i would lose to some one like you. it is more pathetic than you could ever think",Satoru then transformed back into his original form. "I am the S-ranked Missing ninja of the Leaf; I always toy with the genin and try to get them in my ranks, but i will never ever want to be with a uchiha, it is beneath me" He stared at kellen as his sharingan went into EMS mode."Do you like the looks of this sharingan? I had to take out my mothers eyes and implant them in mine to get this power" He said with a smirk on his face. "I will finish this with every dieing breathe of those pitful uchiha's i killed" He formed various handsigns. "Like many uchiha's, their element is mainly fire" He began to store and immense amount of chakra in his system. "But, as a blessing to me, i was given the grace of earth and lightning, with alittle fire and some water" The ground began to shake. "Earth-Lightning style: Magnetic Gravitational field" Satoru said as all the space around them for about 1 mile was magnetic, and all kunai's shurkiens and all other metal and steel, also titanium equipment fell to the ground and stayed there do to the magnetism. The gravity however took its toll as well making the equipment stay suspended in the air only to move when satoru said so. Only satoru though was floating as he reached the ground. "This is why I am a threat to all villages in the world. This jutsu, as wrecked havoc amungst them all" He clenched his fist as the objects began to twitch.

Another one

Satoru looked at everyone that came from where ever. He looked at the Anbu, the swordsmen and the strange...kid. He activated his sharingan and observed the kid with caution. He then got up ignoring the anbu, shikamatsu, and kaito. He walked toward boy. He stopped when he was 10 feet away from him. He threw a kunai by the boys face. "I am sorry i don't like it when people hide. We asked for you all to come out" He then put his hands together preparing for a jutsu. "With these eyes i can see your just a clone" Satoru stopped with the handsigns. "I am probaly rushing things. My name is satoru uchiha. I am the X ninja of konohagakure who single handedly took it down with my most destructive jutsu, which gave me the nickname of the Distorted Devil. You might know, you might not, i am not the type of guy who wants to be known by everysingle person. It becomes a pain" He looked away in an opposite direction from where everyone was."This is such an awkward confrontation" he looked back at the people surrounding him "We have an anbu, a boy, and a person with a sword....a swordsmen I suppose. I would ask you guys whats your business here, but I don't want to waste this valuable time looking at you again. My stomach is doing back flips with every glance I look at you with. utterly disgusting if I do say so myself"Looking to the bright blue sky, Shika watched as a hawk hovered the air in a circular motion. Just for a few more seconds he continued looking at it, but once it was over he began walking once again. Shika had been looking for a fight, not because he wanted to beat someone people up but because he needed to test his skills against someone else which was one of the many reasons he was walking about. Slowly Shika came upon a lake, he had has his Byakugan activated so he wasn't worried about the person attacking him. From the other side of the lake Shika stood looking at this person waiting for something to happen, he wore his Akatsuki robe, with his leaf forehead protector on with a slash threw the symbol. His Akatsuki cloak stretched up to his neck blocking off the little scars he had on his neck, he had white hair, that almost matched the color of his skin. He also had a strap around his chest that held his two Hook swords one his back that formed into a perfect X. With a slight sigh Shika spoke his words "Looking for a Fight" Is all that Shika had to say to his fellow Akatsuki member as he awaited a response. Satoru looked up at Shikamatsu. His deep gaze was truly astonishing. He adjusted himself on the rock and was then facing him. He looked up in the sky and watched the clouds pass by. He then set his gaze upon Shika again. "What do you want?" He said rubbing his head as if he was sleeping. He didn't realize the question he was asked until after the the encounter, but then he just realized he 'was' just asked a question. "A fight you say, sure why not, but we are not going to kill eachother, the boss would be angry with the outcome" Satoru was about to stand up and start when he felt something. "Shikamatsu, tell me, how many people are watching us right now" Satoru said as he knew shikamatsu and him weren't alone.


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PostSubject: Re: Satoru Amenokei~Mizukage {WAITING FOR APPROVAL}   Thu Jul 08, 2010 9:48 pm

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Honestly this app. is partially Kage level, without even looking at the technical part the hisrtory is nice but the appearance and wardrobe are severely lacking. Along with I see a need to expand your personality, the clan stuff is still under consideration.
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I tried to add as much as I could, before I ran out of ideas. I hope that is exceptionally well.
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Okay, with another person for trying for Mizukage, We'll judge both and decide who is mor qualified, so if you want you have sometime to amp up your app.
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I am good with any kage posisition actually....i mean i only chose mizu cause kaze was taken...any other kage posisition will be good ^^
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PostSubject: Re: Satoru Amenokei~Mizukage {WAITING FOR APPROVAL}   Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:24 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Satoru Amenokei~Mizukage {WAITING FOR APPROVAL}   Fri Jul 23, 2010 5:48 pm

no kage positions available at the moment.
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PostSubject: Re: Satoru Amenokei~Mizukage {WAITING FOR APPROVAL}   

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Satoru Amenokei~Mizukage {WAITING FOR APPROVAL}
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