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 Koide, Ryouya [WIP]

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Ryouya Koide

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PostSubject: Koide, Ryouya [WIP]   Mon Aug 02, 2010 6:14 pm

Basic Info

Name: Koide, Ryouya

Nickname/Alias: Odo

Age: 22

Gender: Male
Important Family Members:
Koide, Kazu [Father Deceased] Ryuu, Rin [Mother Deceased] Koide, Soi [Sister]


Odo is not like most people, but then again most people aren't the same. Odo always seems to be angry, always yelling at something or someone. And whenever he is yelling at someone strong language is normally involved. He has a very short temper, that snaps just in an instant. He always lets his anger out through words, never physically. Unless it is something very serious. Odo only stops his rage when he feels it's the right time. Which is normally when he is alone, after the person that made him mad is gone. Apologizes rarely leave his mouth. It takes him days sometimes years to man up and apologize. Odo is rarely nice, but it does happen sometimes. When it does happen is always seems to be around a pretty girl. Of course most guys would do that, but when Odo does try to be nice it last only a short amount of time. Normally he'll find something to get mad at, but it is never the girl he is talking to. Odo can never bring himself to get angry at a woman. He doesn't believe in getting angry at a woman, no matter what they do or say. Odo is also very defensive of women, most of the time this leads to Odo getting the crap beat out of him. But he is only like that to women. When it comes to men Odo can get angry just by looking at them.

Due to his little anger problem Odo tries to stay away from most guys. But prefers to be around women. This is not an unusual thing for guys though. However Odo can be nice to men at times, most of the time when that does happen a friendship is born. When it comes to fighting Odo tries to end it as quickly as possible. Bloodshed is not something Odo likes to see. But sometimes it comes to that. When it does Odo normally curses himself for resulting to bloodshed. He is always nonchalant when a fight breaks out. He acts like it is nothing at all. Odo is loyal to this village. He would give his life to protect the place. When Odo has to fight his eyes tend to look up at the sky. Paying no attention what so ever to the person he is fighting. Due to this Odo normally appears to be rude and have no respect for the battle. Once the first move has been used Odo takes his eyes away from the sky and to his opponent. Odo spends most of his time either sleeping or doing nothing. He isn't like most people that train the crap out of themselves. He finds his strength good enough already. When he does to nothing he normally just watches the clouds breeze by, to most people that would be boring. But Odo isn't like most people. He's a short tempered asshole flirt, but that's just they way Odo likes it.

General Appearance

Basic looks

Odo has a very interesting look to him. He is almost always seen wearing a black gas mask. The mask covers all of his face keeping his identity hidden. The gas mask is strapped around the back of his head to keep it in place. The gas mask is not the only strange thing about Odo. His hair color is also very unique. His hair is a light shade of blue. His hair is about medium length and somewhat neat. Some parts of his hair stick, while other parts are kept down. His hair tends to stick up wear his mask is. Around the straps his hair folds over it. His hair does not cover his ears, due to him pushing it behind his ear. Underneath the mask Odo is rather handsome. He has piercing blue that normally show nothing at all, expect boredom. He has very thin light blue eyebrows. A small pointed nose, and a thin pointed chin. However on his right right cheek is a very long a jagged scar. The scar stretch from his right eye down to the very bottom of the right side of his face. The scar is not perfectly straight, but jagged and gruesome looking.

Odo wears strange clothes for a ninja. Due to this he is almost always mistaken for a citizen and not a ninja. Odo wears a tight maroon shirt, the sleeves on the shirt are rather short, and tight on his skin. The shirt reaches just below his pants. Occasionally Odo wears a black jacket over his shirt. The jacket is not tight or very large on Odo. It's just in between. The hood is rimmed with a white fur. On the back of the jacket in red cloth is the Kanji for strength. Whenever Odo wears the jacket he almost always has the hood pulled over his head. The hood covers most of his hair, but some pieces stick out for underneath. For pants he wears tight black pants. The pants have a white line of fabric running down the sides. Around his waist Odo wears his headband. The head protector part of it facing his right side, a knot on his left. For shoes Odo wears a pair of black ninja shoes. Odo has a very toned chest. His arms are somewhat toned. On his back Odo has a very gruesome scar. The scar is a very large 'X' that stretches from his shoulders down to his hips. His legs are also very toned, making him a good runner.

Extra Features: Odo is almost always wearing a black gas mask.

Rank and Skill Information

Village: Kirigakure

Rank: Jōnin
Letter Rank A
Group affiliation ---

- Main: Ninjutsu
-Sub: Genjutsu

Advanced/Secondary Skills:

Elemental & Jutsu Information

Elemental Affinity

Primary Element Water
Secondary Element Earth


Water Ninjutsu:




History/Rp Sample

Rp Sample:

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Koide, Ryouya [WIP]
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