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 Seireitei Hitogoroshi [finished]-[Approved~Kaze]

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PostSubject: Seireitei Hitogoroshi [finished]-[Approved~Kaze]   Mon Aug 02, 2010 10:31 pm


Basic Info

Name: Hitogoroshi, Seireitei

Nickname/Alias: Hito-kun, Slave, or Goro

Age: 5

Gender: Male
Important Family Members: None

Personality: Hito is a very quiet person, but also very imaginative. For some reason, he has a problem with orders. He obeys them and all, but the porblem is that he does what EVERYONE tells him to do. Even if it's an obvious enimy. He doesn't judge anyone and cares nothing about right or wrong, only the how. His favorite food is candy. Nothing but candy.

he never really cares much about his appearance and can be found in dirt, grime and blood. he had repressed his emotions so much that he is indifferent to most things but the attention he gets when he does things that people like. His main habit is nibbling on the tip of a kunai.
General Appearance

Basic looks Hito has wild black hair, huge orange eyes and pale skin. He usually carries a small backpack filled with weapons and candy that he stole from several shops. in his bag, he has: 5 kunai, 7 shuriken, 3 packets of skittles, 2 large lolipops, a compressed staff and 2 smoke bombs.

Height: 3'5

Weight: 45 pounds
preferred wardrobe: He wears anything that is given to him. what he has on now is a large white sweater (that is now splotchy grey) and tan shorts.
Extra Features: He has a large scar on his back about a 1 long and 5 inches wide.

Bloodline Information

Kekkei Genkai: Hitogoroshi

Description: The body is flexible with both physical and mental blows. Every blow that is hit at them physically, raises their physical ability. Every chakra that is hit at them, increases their chakra ability. The drawback is that if they attack back, they double the damage upon themselves.(which doesnt increase their ability at all. only a seperate person/thing can attack them in order to raise their power)

Physical Traits they tend to have very flexible tendons and are very small, fast, and weak with their own phisique.
Ability Overview able to attain power by being beat up by someone else with either fists-weapons-chakra(ect) and in the specific category that they are hurt, becomes their strength.

Rank and Skill Information

Village: Iwakagure

Rank: Academy student
Letter Rank D rank
Group affiliation unknown

- Main: Ninjutsu(weaponry)

Advanced/Secondary Skills: stealing

History/Rp Sample

Rp Sample: (this is an fma site that im at.)

Stone sat in her desk doing paperwork. her back stiff as a board and her eyes moving quickly from one forum to the next. Her colleagues staring at her as they talk amoung themselves. They usually didn't start their work until the Serageant came in or when the Captain snuck up on them. She didn't like that they could just lay about as if there was something right about it. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should do it.

she finished the paperwork and wrote in her journal her completed work. Title, date, time and time spent. She placed it back in the drawer and pulled out a piece of paper with the same form of meticullousness. After inking her pen, she scribbled a few words on it and closed the drawer, getting up from her seat and walking out of the room; ignoring the lazy eyes following her strict movements.

She walked down the halls, stopping several times to salute her higher-ups or to move out of the way of librarians. Speaking of which, she had arrived in one. strutting over to the main desk, she gave the paper to one and waited silently. Avoiding loose talk, as most people did here. the librarian, disgruntled that the company refused to subdue her vocal loniness shredded the paper and gave Stone the book that the paper had described.

After thanking her and sighning in, showing that she was there and when; she walked back down the hall and repeated what she had before. Salutations and being less of a burden. Two things that she hated to the utmost of her core. No matter, she just had to continue the work until she could finally do feild work. Her main pastime.

Stone sat back down at her chair and opened up the book. it was filled with circles, runes, formulas and knowledge that her mind desperately craved. It was as if she was a large sponge, soaking up the water fromt the heavens. Though she took in little at a time, it collected in to be quite large. the cover on this worn leather book was: " Alchemy Philosiphy: a science and an art".

Taking in most of the information, in the past she was told that there was 5 elements. Earth, Fire, Water, Life, and Air. Each one has its power and each one is within another. She looked up from her book, the eyes that had remained on her looked away momentarily. Hoping she didn't see their fear, though not hiding the smell. Stone wondered which was most powerful. She thought of the air that let her jump, that brought her through the desert, slowly eroding the hard rock, directing the water in the seas, and giving dance with the great flame bracketts on the streets. Yes, once she thought about it air was ruler. We relied on it, yet took it for granted. Just like the backs of the poor that the rich lean upon; without thought, and without grattitude. "Though.." she thought. " If the air rallied against them, they would fall upon the dust like the poor they had persicuted." she smiled, continueing to read. "The alchemy of wind shall be my stepping stone to a higher goal."


Seireitei was born in a small village hospital premature, his mother leaving him there forced to be put in an orphanage. He was always the quiet kid whom was picked on. His large orange eyes drawing everybody around him. After getting burned by a fire poker along his throat, he ran away and was lost in the forest. He wandred for days until he collapsed under a pile of leaves.

He was soon found by a chunnin and dragged to the capital and back into the hospital where he was fed and clothed. He loved the shinobi there so much that had saved his life that he wanted to go into the academy.

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PostSubject: Re: Seireitei Hitogoroshi [finished]-[Approved~Kaze]   Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:22 am

~Approved & Moved.
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Seireitei Hitogoroshi [finished]-[Approved~Kaze]
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