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 Inus Resiege

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Inus Resiege

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PostSubject: Inus Resiege   Tue Aug 03, 2010 2:51 am

Basic Info

Name: Inus Resiege

Nickname/Alias: Oblak Patniku; A nickname designated to him by his clan the day be became a 'man'. Ren is also an alias he uses, though no one really knows why.

Age: 22

Gender: Male
Important Family Members: Vladetel Resiege (Father), Kralicata Resiege (Mother)

Personality: Inus is a musician first and foremost, even before being a shinobi. He's an artist, a poet, a philosopher, and a lover. Inus is extremely intelligent, and is a fan of thinking in general. He loves learning different schools of thought, and different ways of looking at things; it's a big-time hobby of his. Inus isn't an optimist, or pessimist, and yet he's both at the same time. When he has someone very important in his life, someone he wants to protect and cherish, he feels like he can pull through anything. However, when he's alone he's a very dark and dreary soul, morbid and pessimistic to the extreme. Inus is obsessed with angels, for some odd reason, and a lot of his artistic works have to do with these celestial beings.

He loves to stare at the clouds, something that runs in the family, and could watch them for days on end without ever getting bored. As a member of his clan he is a worshipper of a god known as Odmazda, the cloud god. He's a very pious person, just as all others in his clan are, and prays to his god very often, especially right before a storm. He is very superstitious, and believes heavily in things such as omens and the use of clouds to tell the future. Inus has always had an issue with authority, especially that of the Kage's, which he views as a mere figurehead who was given too much power for his own good. He isn't very sensitive about his missing eye, he even occasionally views it as a blessing. With worse eyesights his other senses have grown more potent, and using that he feels he can best just about anyone.

General Appearance

Basic looks
Inus is a tall, muscular person, though those muscles aren't very large; they're more wiry and compact. He stands just under six feet, a startling height for most, though still within an average range for men his age. Though Inus was once a teacher, he surely doesn't look like it. He has several scars from battle, including three on his upper torso and one running down his face, over his eye, to his jaw. He wears his hair ebony-colored hair mostly in a ponytail, and pushes the bangs that hang out over his right eye, covering the scar on his face. His eyes are black in color, and almond-shaped. His eyebrows are surprisingly thin for a grown man's, his ears slightly pointed at the tips and pierced thrice. He has thin, pale lips, with a ring wrapping around the left side, pierced through with a tiny needle. Inus is rarely ever smiling, though he does curl his lip and reveal teeth when he is frustrated. He has a hexagonal patterned tattoo on his lower left abdomen, with a series of numbers inside. The tattoo looks far too geometric to be tribal, so its assumed that it doesn't have spiritual significance to him.
Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 180 lbs.
Preferred wardrobe: Inus enjoys wearing darker clothing, blacks and dark patterns, etcetera. Most often he'll wear a black or pinstriped vest, no shirt, and a pair of black pants. The pants are baggy, full of pockets, and have numerous colorful wires hanging all around them, as well as a chain or two. Inus prefers wearing combat boots, for obvious reasons, black in color. He wears black, fingerless gloves in case he should have to use his fists, and a cloud headband around his neck.
Extra Features: -

Bloodline Information

Kekkei Genkai: Oblak Gledanje

Description: The Resiege clan doesn't have a bloodline, but rather a 'Hidden Technique'. The clan is actually owners of a Hidden Technique and the Oblak Stil. Their Hidden technique is, in its most basic form, a ninjutsu revolving around moulding their chakra around objects and possibly even people. The Hidden Technique is known as Oblak Gledanje, and is basically a technique moulding their chakra around an area, causing resistance to increase. This makes movement slowed, and projectiles harder to throw. The technique in basic form can only be used on smaller areas or attacks, and for short periods of time. The Oblak Stil is a series of jutsu revolving around the use of Suiton to form clouds or fog and manipulate their size, shape, and density.

Physical Traits -
Ability Overview
-Oblak Stil - Series of jutsu revolving around clouds and fog
-Oblak Denaje - Hidden Technique creating a sense of suspension.

Rank and Skill Information

Village: Kumogakure no Sato

Rank: Chuunin
Letter Rank B
Group affiliation -

- Main: Ninjutsu
-Sub: Kenjutsu
-Combination(Must have admin permission)

Advanced/Secondary Skills: Clan Techniques/Oblak Stil

Elemental & Jutsu Information

Elemental Affinity

Primary Element Suiton
Secondary Element Fuuton
Advanced Element

Jutsu (If they All don't fit, put in another post)

Name: (Name of your jutsu, or technique)
Rank: (Rank of your jutsu, or technique - E, D, C, B, A, S, X)
Classification: (Gen, nin fuuin…etc….)
• [b]Requirements

History/Rp Sample

Rp Sample:

.,:;Creation of Life, Dreams Destined to Fail;:,.
Inus was born on a sunny day in Otogakure no Sato. It wasn't a day that was all that special or awe-inspiring, many children were born that day and no big event was occurring. It seemed an important day to his parents, though, which no one was surprised about. They had done the most amazing thing two people could do together, they fostered life; and a truly powerful one at that. They didn't know the things their son would do or the person he would become, if they had they may have thought twice about making him. They were just happy that he was alive and well, and hoped he would be a wonderful little boy, and righteous shinobi. It was such a shame that their hopes and dreams would be crushed, and unlike some luckier people, they would live to see the day that it happened. Ren would go through routine procedures, stay in the hospital as he was nursed and tested, and after a short while be sent home with his parents. His life from there forward was normal and uninteresting. He made friends with neighbour's children, played ninja, dreamed of his life in the future, and lived as any normal child would. After a few years of boring life, he started going to the ninja academy.

.,:;Training a Killer, Coping With a Defect;:,.
As he learned more and more about chakra and the system it ran through, he discovered he could combine his love for music with it. Using this method, and the help of a teacher who seemed willing to test and see if it would work, Ren developed a technique that allowed him to hear several times better. From there he became enamoured with the concept of sound ninjutsu. He would often stay after and discuss the concept with the sensei, and research different ways he could learn to preform such tasks when he grew more skilled. However, this obsession didn't get in the way of studies. He always did his work, made good marks, and kept up in class, he knew how to prioritise. Sometime during his academy years, his parents-who weren't shinobi- moved from the village to join family near Kumogakure. Still wanted to become a shinobi, he rejoined the academy in Kumogakure, taking up his training once again. Displeased with the level of experience he came in with, the children played very roughly with him. Once a child threw a rock at Inus, cutting him deeply and ruining that eye completely. Despite this new handicap, Inus continued to train at the academy. With a few extra years of training, he graduated from the academy with even more under his belt than his fellow classmates.

.,:;Easing Slopes, Descending Slowly;:,.
As a genin, Inus wore his headband proudly. He wore it around his neck, tied tight so that no matter what he was doing it wouldn't fall off. Even on his days off and when hanging out with friends he had his headband on. Sometimes his friends would joke that he even bathed with it around his neck, which simply wasn't true. He did bathe with it very near by, but it wasn't on his body. He travelled and worked with the same three people throughout his entire career as a genin. These three people were his fellow squad fifteen members, and some of the finest ninja that he knew at the time. He even occasionally thought that his sensei was more powerful than the Raikage himself, purely because Ren had seen his sensei in the heat of battle, and yet all he knew of the Raikage's job was that he stamped his approval on papers and told people what to do. As one could gather, he had a reputation for disrespecting authority, one that was too true and too often got him in serious trouble with more than just the Raikage. It was at this point in time that Inus began thinking about things that most would find unhealthy for a shinobi to dwell upon. He didn't fit in where he lived, he didn't like taking orders from someone that was so weak in his mind, and he didn't enjoy his life in the village. One day, as he pondered over this, his father saw his sullen face and got an idea. He gave him a katana, his very own sword, and began to train him with it. He found it the most satisfying weapon he had learned to wield so far. As a result, it would become his main weapon in all forms of combat.

.,:;Examining a Prodigy, The Slopes Steepen;:,.
Inus entered the Chuunin exams as a genin with a squad, but he would leave a chuunin without one. The first test within the exam was extremely easy, he would pass it without any difficulty at all, and so would his teammates. As they travelled on to the second exam, things would become significantly more difficult. The Chuunin exam was once again being held at Konohagakure. His team would come in contact with a Sunagakure team that was very similar to them. Their elected leader was a spear-wielder, who seemed very gifted in the art. The way he moved with his weapon amazed Inus, almost enough to attempt a weapon other than his sword, but not quite. Their other two shinobi, like Ren's comrades, were a girl who specialised in fuuinjutsu, and a male who focused completely on raw power and brute strength. It was odd and intriguing that they would be fated to meet, even more spectacular was that Inus's opponents held the scroll they needed. Inus' team walked away from the fight with the scroll they needed, and a boost in their self confidence.

The third task would be the one that took Inus' teammates from him. They were to fight other shinobi, and though their team was excellent as a cell, his team mates weren't very efficient in solo battles. His male teammate didn't think often enough to do any real damage without someone telling him what to do, and his female team mate couldn't deal out any physical damage, she just weakened, distracted, and sealed the chakra of their opponents and let Inus and the others take over. Ren, however, did decently well. Again he would fight an opponent who wielded a polearm. However, this one was far different than the last. His opponent wielded a trident, and excelled in water-based ninjutsu. He didn't use the trident as a weapon, but more a focus for his jutsu to be channelled through. Inus defeated him using his katana, not sparing his life. From there he would move up in the tournament. His next opponent didn't wield any weapons, he was a genjutsu user. His downfall was that his whole strategy revolved around getting him in a visual genjutsu. When he had him in the grasp of his genjutsu, Inus realized what he was trying. He quickly shut both of his eyes. Running him through from such a close distance was no trouble at all. He left the stadium a chuunin, vest in hand and two friends dead.

As a Chuunin he spent a while teaching at the academy, thinking that it would change his morbid thoughts on the world. However, he was unable to change anything, despite the fulfilling career he had chosen. So, after only a year as an instructor, Inus quit and returned to the field as a combatant.
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PostSubject: Re: Inus Resiege   Wed Aug 04, 2010 7:57 pm

Clan Jutsu:

Academy Jutsu



Name: -
Rank: C
Element: -
Classification Katana
Requirements: -
Weight: Maybe 10 lbs?
Length: 3.5'
Abilities of item: -
Description of item Appearance:

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PostSubject: Re: Inus Resiege   Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:58 pm


Only one thing!

Forming clouds or fog, I should think is more then Suiton, especially if you can compress it enough to where it physically affects you.

Switch Raiton to Fuuton and it's good.

Shouldn't be too hard as you have no Raiton jutsu as of yet.

After that, it gets approved and moved.


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"Toshihiro Yamaguchi"

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PostSubject: Re: Inus Resiege   Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:16 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Inus Resiege   Fri Aug 06, 2010 10:01 pm

So far so good.


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PostSubject: Re: Inus Resiege   

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Inus Resiege
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