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The site is currently experiencing minor constructive changes. Anything new or appearing as odd to you should be taken with a grain of salt. These changes are for the betterment of the site, and we are simply trying things out as we go. Thank you.
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 Avatar New Beginnings

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PostSubject: Avatar New Beginnings   Tue Aug 03, 2010 6:04 pm


100 Years after the Death of Avatar Aang, the new Avatar is a Waterbender. Peace has returned to the world, and all is well. The large threat of the Fire Nation had been eradicated many years ago, and every last known Energybender has died.

At least, that's what people think.

However, when the legendary battle was going on, there was another Energybender... This Energybender, Kain, saw the fall of the Firenation as a perfect opportunity to take over the world.

And so, the Energybending began his plot. He captured Fire Lord Ozai, and broke Fire Princess Azula out of the Asylum. Then, he told them of his plot for world domination. However, not even these two know his real intentions. Kain used his Energybending to keep Ozai and Azula at their current age for 100 years.

Meanwhile, deep in the legendary Lion-Turtle's homeland, the giant creature sensed what was going on, and using the last of his power, he did to Toph Be Fing what Kain had done to Ozai and Azula: Granted her eternal youth. The Lion-Turtle's goal: To keep Toph alive so that she could lead the legion that would stop these two power hungry Firebenders and their master.

General Rules

1. No Harassment

a. Discrimination will not be tolerated at all in any way, and is seen as a serious offense. Discrimination does not include refusing to Role Play with someone because you don't like him or her or the way they write. We're talking gender, race, etc,...

b. Racism will not be tolerated and is also seen as a serious violation.

c. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated either and is a serious offense.

d. Flaming has to be kept to a minimum, try giving an educated argument instead of shouting vulgarity.

2. Respect other members

a. In order to stop people from harassing other people you'll have to respect all the other individuals on the site or else. I'm not asking for you to hug and kiss everyone and be best friends with everyone you see, but you and yourself can decide to tolerate another person (If you can't, try to walk away instead of starting something). Might there be any issues, be sure to PM a staff member about it. Be sure not to be disrespectful to anyone however.

b. Don't bother the staff incessantly to grade your material, or we will kick your butt! No, but seriously. We are working really hard here.

3. Content

a. Do not post links to adult content. To elaborate on the term 'adult Content'; Porn, hentai or any of that kind of content. It does go so well here.

b. Refrain from advertising other sites in any other place than the Advertisement board. This is very important.

4. Language

a. Try to keep chat speak to a minimum. This board is based on an English Speaking Website, and as such, we expect English to be spoken.

b. Don't go overboard with vulgarity.

c. Do not go around spamming, especially if it's in combination with advertisement. It's plainly retarded or/and annoying.

d. Understand and abide by the these Chat Rules, or I’ll come and kick your butt!

5. Multiple Accounts

a. Do not make multiple accounts, regardless of reasons. One person should have one account in order for us to keep in check that everyone has the same limitations, and to make activity checks easier. If you and your sibling share a computer, an exception will be made, if you’re lucky. If you are caught with multiple accounts we will delete them all.

Role Playing Rules

1. Role-playing

a. Do not God-mode. You aren’t god. You can’t dodge every attack. And don’t do automatic hits either.

b. Do not Meta-game, this means that your characters know things he or she couldn't possibly have known. I.E Someone makes a character and you have never met them before but you have read there character to sheet, you do not know what there powers are in the RP world so do not act as if you do.

c. Do not Power-post, this means that you're constantly posting before your turn or to bump up your thread. It is acceptable to skip someone’s turn if it is taking them literally days to reply. However, you can do it other ways like Pm them and ask them to get to it. If they do not respond then do it and contact us so we know.

d. Third person Role-play, you should always Role-play in third person on this forum, as we do not support first person role-playing. This mean no “I”. It is “He,” “She,” “Her,” and “Him.”

e. Personal issues towards someone need to be put aside while RPing, and outside of RPing. We don't like having to get involved in arguments, so please don't make us, or we will beat you with this stick!

f. Stay in character, meaning do not go out of character unless it is stated in the board you are allowed to do so!

g. No bunnying. You can't control someone else's characters, meaning you can't control their actions or do damage to them. You can only try to and they decide if you do it or not.

2. Applications

a. Do not Role-play before an official Staff member has approved your profile.

b. Please refrain from posting in another member’s profile. Only staff may post a review or helpful hint in them. We're sorry if this cramps any member's will to help, but it's a general politeness factor. If you do want to help feel free though to Pm them or so but do not interact with the post itself.

3. RP Romance

a. Sexual intercourse will not be allowed. The highest romance you can get to is French-Kissing. (A.k.a. Making-Out.) You may have sexual intercourse in one of two ways. One: PMs. (Yes, this counts as the RPing.) Two: Ask a staff member if you can have sexual intercourse in your post. If they say yes, put “18+” in your topic, and put the whole post in the spoiler.

4. Limitations for Characters
You may only make one character for now, though this may be changed. With permission from an Admin, though, you may get to make multiple characters. Make sure the character you make you can RP and follow all the rules.

Creator: Energybender Kain
Copyright: All Plotlines, Rules, and Ideas are the property of Avatar: The Last Energybender, or the people who created them. Do not steal any ideas or templates from this site without permission. If you do, we will report you to Forumotion.©
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Avatar New Beginnings
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