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 Summon rule's

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PostSubject: Summon rule's    Tue Aug 03, 2010 11:19 pm

Ok there may only be one summoning contract per a Animal or anything you are using. You must be at least Chuunin to make a summon contract. A Genin my sign a Contract made by another member. But they may not summon a summon Higher then C rank. You may only have one Contract per character. Your character can have as many Summon's on it. But that does not mean go Make a Hundred S rank Summon's. Your Contract should only have about 1 or 2 S rank summon's. And do not take Advantage of making a lot of Summon's. If there is a summon you wanted but it is taken. You must ask the Leader of that contract to sign it. Then you must Sign it in Rp.

Ninken(Dogs) -
Snakes - Lord Vizer
Toads -
Slugs -
Monkeys -
Spiders - Menda
Hawks -
Penguins -
Chameleons -
Bears -
Seagulls -
Crabs -
Foxes -
Cats -

( this is a list of some summon's More can be Added and Made just tell some one to add it )
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Summon rule's
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