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 Cursed seal System WIP

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PostSubject: Cursed seal System WIP   Wed Aug 04, 2010 2:51 am

Ok Cursed seal's are said to be OP Well they are not going to be they are going to be Basic

Ok so first How do you get a Curse seal

They way to get a Curse seal is by a curse Seal creater. It could be a NPC or it could be a real person. They way to get it is that. A person can do a Experiment on you. Are you could get Attacked by a creacher. That will infect you with a Cuse seal but just because you get infected or Experimented on does not mean you get the Curse Seal. After the test of Infection you will be knocked out until the next day. 12 Hour's real time.

This is where the greatest risk is involved. The user will take a dice roll to see the whether it was successful or not.

1-5 = Perfect. You come out fine with a full functional CS.
6-9 = Something’s off? You are not fully compatible with the CS you can only go up to learning the Second Stage.

10. Failure. Your body cannot handle the CS. Your heart explodes and you die.

If you get a full functional CS you have to train 500 word's to fully control it.

if you get a not complete curse seal you must train 1000 word's to train your curse seal.

A curse seal will put a strain on your body especially if it is not complete it will strain you really bad

for a Complete CS you can use it in it second form for 15 post and a 5 post cool down.

and in it's complete form for 10 post and 5 cool down

if it is not complete you can use it for 10 post and a 5 post cool down

[u][b]Description of stage one:[/b][/u]
[u][b]Description of stage two:[/b][/u]
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Cursed seal System WIP
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