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 Do It, by Naethyn

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PostSubject: Do It, by Naethyn   Wed Aug 04, 2010 2:51 pm

Do It

By Naethyn
He stood there, standing in the raging wind storm. His body was motionless although the thirty mile per hour winds were heading straight towards him, as if to target him. He began walking down the crumbling path of dirt, his feet barely being able to hold his almost two hundred pound body. Sure he was tall, but weight is what makes a difference. He fell on the ground, writhing in pain. The dirt got into his eyes and slowly began turning himself blind. His eyesight was his only “perfect” thing about him, 20/20, “perfect vision.” He slowly felt sharp jagged rocks cut into his skin. Subtly, rubble entered his bloodstream and as soon as it reached his heart he was done for. Although within the seconds that this had happened, he knew that God, the Almighty Creator, was going to punish him for giving up on his quest. He knew that his life was a sham, nothing more than empty promises and cries for help; what’s he to do in his shit lifestyle.

He felt the rubble in his bloodstream enter his heart atriums and slowly his body began shutting down, one organ at a time. First it was his lungs; his gasps for breath were useless as he airlessly screamed for oxygen, begged for it. Then, slowly his stomach and digestive track began shutting down; his kidney’s started to fail as well and he was in the worse pain of his life. Somehow, as if by a hell given miracle, his body began rehabilitating itself and his gasps for air were being achieved, his oxygen supply restoring; however the rubble in his atrium was still there, and the poison from his appendix, that was leaking, was in his bloodstream. How come he did not die? What was God doing? Toying with an innocent life, to teach him a lesson? How dare he?

He cautiously stood up as if he felt fine but could feel the death in his body. With a heavenly ring a ghostly figure raised from the ground, although representing an angle, why did he think it was demon sent from hell.

“I am your guardian, I have protected you from all that has happened in your current state, over rest your body shall feel fine.” The figure said as the man was slowly coming to.

“Guardian? Your nothing but a sham, sent from hell if you will! You have nothing to do but cause my slow, painful fatal injuries to heal. The pain that comes with that is worse! I don’t need a guardian or your lousy God leader.” The man said, his voice dripping with the acid of distaste, of hatred, of pure fiery hell.

There was wrath to pay but in an instant the guardian but nodded and the man fell to his knees, slowly bleeding out of every pore in his body, dead in an instant.

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Do It, by Naethyn
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