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 Amazing Invention [7 years prior to rp]

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PostSubject: Amazing Invention [7 years prior to rp]   Wed Aug 04, 2010 3:00 pm

Kitaro talked with the Hokage about this previously, however he did not tell him what this idea was about. The meeting went something like this.

Kitaro walks into the office of the Hokage and begins to open his mouth to ask him a question. The Hokage raises his head to give him the 1 minute sign to let him know that his presence was acknowledged. Kitaro understood and so he stood there waiting for him to give him permission to speak. Approximately three minutes later the Hokage motioned for Kitaro to speak. Kitaro opened his mouth, drew in air, then began to speak to him. "Lord Hokage, I request that you give me permission to test some experimental ideas on the prisoners of the Leaf. Not on the petty crime prisoners but the mass murderers and such that have no chance to get away." Kitaro gaged the Hokage's reaction to his statement. He was a hard man to read but still possible if it weren't for that damn hat that was covering his face as he looked down thinking. "Tell me Kitaro, you are one of my most skilled shinobi. However though you likely have greater intellectual ability than mine that does not mean that you can take advantage of my hospitality and demand such things. I require you to tell me what you need these prisoners for." Kitaro took this into account and then spoke again after a few seconds of thought. Lord Hokage, you should trust that by now I would not harm..." The Hokage interjected into this and spoke. "No, no. Skip your games Kitaro I do not want you to tell me things that cause me to change my mind. No explanation is equal to no prisoners. I'm sorry but I will not authorize it otherwise. Good day sir." Kitaro nodded and turned around walking out of the Hokage's office. This was not done yet. He needed live experiments for this idea and who better to use than the scum of the earth.

So Kitaro went into the prison by himself. As a high ranking shinobi of the leaf village he was greeted by the guard with a smile from both. Finally Kitaro smiled and waved his way to the warden of the leaf village maximum security prison. Kitaro then asked him a simple question and a meeting ensued. As follows.

"Hello sir how are you today?" Kitaro asked in the nicest tone he could manage after being shut down by someone who he long thought of as a good friend. "Mighty fine there Kit, but this isn't a place for the normal visit. Whatchya need?" The warden plainly replied with the happiest of tones that a warden of a maximum security prison could manage. So Kitaro responded happily back to him. "My good sir, I have some money for you but I also have the wish to release some of the deep down prisoners into my custody. If you know what I mean old friend. Under the radar trade?" Kitaro knew this man could resist anything but the allure of cash. So it was a matter of time before he agreed to this offer. Kitaro was right and them and the man didn't even reply just made Kitaro write down the names of the prisoners he wanted while Kitaro handed the cash over to him. Then he walked away. Kitaro watied for a while and soon he came back with a line of angry and gruff looking prisoners. Seven to be exact. As Kitaro turned to walk away he smiled and said. "Pleasure doing business sir" Kitaro smiled as he left with seven prisoners who he took up to his lab which no one ever went to. For the reason that it was a small technologically advanced hut in the the middle of the woods right outside of the Konoha village. This is where his research would begin.

The first test subject had a .5% chance of survival because of the unstable testing of the nano technology in the use of a hidden jutsu that would revolutionize all forms of combat at least for the only one that could use the jutsu. So Kitaro grabbed up his tools and began working on creating a nano bot that would preform destruction on a mass scale of explosive destruction. Kitaro took his precise tools and began to tinker. Putting little bits of technology together and then making them small using medical jutsu precision with modern science and genius tactical knowledge with the nano idea as well as a combination of non combative jutsu Kitaro put together a bot. A tiny bot that was invisible to the human eye but still a bot. He had put a very special type of explosive inside. It was a small pill full of fire chakra. It had been extracted from his own body in a way similar to how in the technique Raikiri lightning chakra physically manifests off the body. Once a technique had been done that physically manifests fire chakra like a flame fist it could be captured and stored until it staled into a chakra physical form of the fire element which is incredible explosive and put inside of a tiny nanobot that Kitaro labored for over a year figuring out how t make. The bots were then made by a machine Kitaro had made to make them. They took one piece of sheet metal and every day churned out 1 billion nanobots. Or in this case enough nanobots to equal 1/10 of the blood of a human being. So 10 days later Kitaro had enough for the first test.

Kitaro put the bots into the body of the first prisoner he saw. The prisoner tried to speak to him in another language which Kitaro thought was stupid since that meant he was from the non continental world. So..Stupid. Kitaro took his 10 vials of nano bots and injected them into the man repeatedly. The bots did as they were designed and attached themselves to the man's blood. Now Kitaro stepped back from the man who was attached to a post with a slightly bleeding wrist. Kitaro snapped his fingers with a small device on them to make the noise that triggered the explosion and then watched as the man exploded into a giant cloud of ash and fire. It seemed Kitaro had forgotten to make it so that the inner bots would fail to hear the noise. So they all blew up at once. How sad.

Kitaro now began his work on the bot design. Turning off the machine. He had to decrease the bot hearing ability which would decrease the range of the device but as long as he could use them he would be happy with it. So after careful calculation he made it so that in order for them to not hear through the body he would limit the range to 30 yards for the explosion. Kitaro put the device on his right hand and then put the next prisoner out on that post 10 days later and after 10 injections of the bots. Kitaro then stood back and cut his wrist a small bit and snapped his fingers on his left hand and nothing happened. Which was good that they didn't adapt to the wrong hand for the device. So Kitaro snapped his fingers with his right hand and an explosion occured that blew the man's leg off but that was because blood had dripped on it. Kitaro was pleased and threw a kunai at the man as it cut his chest open and he started bleeding Kitaro snapped his fingers on his right hand again and the man's upper body exploded.
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Amazing Invention [7 years prior to rp]
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