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 Starting war

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PostSubject: Starting war   Wed Aug 04, 2010 8:46 pm

(This not for this war for this is to get the plot started. but all other's must try and go by theses.)

The point of this. Is so that pointless war's do not happen. I have been on many site's where a person start's a war just because they do not like someone. Or that they got into a fight over something and decided to kill them and or there village. so this is a way to stop that

Village you want to war against

Reason why you want to war against that 

Who will back you up in the war

What are you going for in this war ( Money item's body's or even to take the land. Are to just destroy the place)

Who will be your second and Third in command ( They must be at least Chuunin and if you die they become Kage)

This is just a idea comment on it or say if i need to change up the Template

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Starting war
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