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 Toketsu Clan

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Ryusaki Toketsu

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PostSubject: Toketsu Clan   Wed Aug 04, 2010 9:30 pm

Kekkei Genkai: Tanso Kontorōru

• Description: This ability allows members of the clan to manipulate carbon, from creating diamond to weakening any carbon based material to weak as charcoal and vice versa

• Physical Traits Members of this clan can generally take alot of punishment to their bodies.
• Ability Overview The ability of this bloodline is carbon manipulation. It allows them to manipulate any carbon based material even from a distance. If they can get contact with people they can rearrange the carbon structure to increase it's hardness or even lower it's hardness to that of charcoal. They can rearrange the carbon make up of things to create acid, from any living thing that would burn through anything. Though they usually defend themselves from this by lacing themselves in a diamond like material. Members can extend their lifespan and heal themselves regularly by following the same process. This can be done to anything containing carbon.

Current Members: Ryusaki Toketsu, Yuina Maeda

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PostSubject: Re: Toketsu Clan   Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:48 am

How can you make acid, carbonic acid would require that you manipulate the hydrogen and oxygen too, pure carbon alone will not make acid. and what are the limits of the ability, can you add and remove carbon from an object, or do you just rearrange it. and how far away are you able to use the ability. personally this seems too much like an atom manipulation clan to me.
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Toketsu Clan
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