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 The Bingo Book

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PostSubject: The Bingo Book   Wed Aug 04, 2010 9:44 pm


From here on out, all Kage's shall keep track of and maintain their own Bingo Book. These books should maintain information on wanted criminals of the village. This can range from Missing Nin, to Akatsuki, to even nin from other villages. The idea of maintaining this properly is in order to allow the nin of you village to gain points without needing to directly accept missions. That, and to weed out whoever you don't like.


Each Bingo Book is to have a standard format. This MUST include; The Wanted's name, a rough or accurate description depending on the sighting, the location of said sighting, their current crimes, the amount of points given for capture AND possibly most importantly, a letter rank associated with what it would take to bring them in. This letter rank IS NOT the wanted criminal's letter rank, but rather a ranking of how hard the ninja would be to bring in. A picture is not mandatory, but would be an asset to any ninja searching for the wanted criminal.

The exact format should be as such:

[img]If Available[/img]
Letter Rank[/b]
[b]Last Sighted:[/b]
[b]Associated Crimes:[/b]
[b]Points Awarded:[/b]

Here's a full example:

John Doe
E Rank
Last Sighted:

Outside Konohagakure's Academy
Associated Crimes:
Stealing Doe John's Ball.
Points Awarded:


Each bounty gets a certain amount of points. The amount of points depends directly on their crimes and skills. In John Doe's case, he was only an E rank Bounty and all he did was steal, thus he is only worth fifteen points. A chart for variances can be found below.

Start with Rank:
E Rank: 5
D Rank: 10
C Rank: 25
B Rank: 35
A Rank: 50
S Rank: 75
SS Rank: 150

Next, add in the crime.
Each account of Theft: +10
Each account of Treason: +20
Each account of Assault: +30
Each account of Murder: +40

Finally, add in accessories:
Missing Nin: +10
Akatsuki Member: +30
Akatsuki Leader: +50
*Dead: +10
*Alive: +10
(NOTE: Dead and/or Alive are optional. If they aren't stated in the Bingo Book entry, no points will be given for them and the wanted criminal may be turned in in any condition.)

And there you have it. So let's now say that John Doe had not only stolen Doe John's ball, but had then killed a witness and left the village to become a missing nin, the situation changes:

He gets:
5 Points for being an E Rank Bounty.
10 Points for one account of Theft.
20 Points for one account of Treason. (For simply leaving the village and not returning.)
40 Points for one account of Murder.
And finally 10 Points for now being a Missing Nin as well.

This now totals 85 points. While that may seem like alot, Bingo Book entries are harder to complete then missions. They require tracking as conquering the criminal in question. In John Doe's case, this may be an easy task. Though do keep in mind, most Academy students don't murder people.

Final Notes:

As a general rule for the Bingo Book, entries can only be for wanted criminals. This absolutely means that there must have been a witness to the crime. Any crimes a missing nin gets away with, cannot be added to his crimes list, and his bounty will not increase.

And Happy Hunting.


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The Bingo Book
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