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 Masanosuke,Akitsu[not Finished]

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Akitsu Masanosuke

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PostSubject: Masanosuke,Akitsu[not Finished]   Fri Jul 09, 2010 4:08 pm

Basic Info




Important Family Members:None

Akitsu is a quiet person,he dosen't have much friends either some people think that its because of his calm and silent nature that keeps him from mingeling with others.He rarely expresses any emotion,he has a weaker side for beautiful girl's.Akitsu is calm all the time even if he is losing in a battle he won't get very anxious or raged about it because he thinks that it disturbs his concentration.He hates high places and loves water because of his birthplace in Kiri wich resided near a silent lake.As being one of the Jounin in kirigakure Akitsu has deep respect for their kage who is quite famous among kiri.
Akitsu loves to eat sushi,it's his favorite food and he eats it all the time.As an high ranked shinobi in his village Akitsu help's those who need help.When someone is bullyed he solves the problem.He is kinda heart even though he looks like he would kill anyone in his path.
General Appearance

Basic looks
He has a wing-like sleeve on his right arm and various body piercings, usually in sets of three or five. His usual outfit consists of a ragged-looking black tunic with studded edges, studded wristbands, and studded boots His hair style is long, black hair.


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• [b]Requirements

History/Rp Sample

Rp Sample:

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Masanosuke,Akitsu[not Finished]
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