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 Asuki clan ( WIP)

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PostSubject: Asuki clan ( WIP)   Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:32 am

Clan Name: ►Asuki◄

History//Legend of the Clan:

Write Here

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:

Asuki can manipulate there Black Blood in any way they wish. They can form weapons, armor, sheilds, mist, etc. They can harden there blood to the point that it surpasses steel and sharp enough to cut through iron. Psycho can create up to two weapons at a time. All the weapons can be createtd instantly, but after creating 6 weapons in a row, Psycho will need a 1 post recharge before he can make anymore weapons

Blue stage The Blood still like the the black for but with a new ability if any one is cut by the blue blood , the blood would enter their body. Once the blood has entered their body, it will release a poison inside of their body that will effect their nerves ( it will take 2 post to take over the body and then the only way for the person to get the blood out is by draining there Blood. But it they let the poision sit in them for 5 post they will not be able to move for 3 post

Green stage
Green - The Blood gives off a sweet secent and when the opponent is pierced by the blood, it will release a poision that acts as a hallucinogen. The Hallucinogen takes three posts to take full effect. Once the hallucinogen is in full effect the opponent looses all sense of where they are. The Hallucinogen will open up closed memories inside of the mind of the opponent and bring their worst fears before thier very eyes. The opponent will be in their own world, cut off from everything else around them. Too long of an exposure to this will cause them to break their mind. It will be 7 posts after the Hallucingen takes full effect, until the opponet's mind is broken. One can break free in a couple of ways; One is to have a strong enough mental will to surpass. Another can be to experience a great amount of physical pain, that they recover from the shock. But this color can only be used once a topic or every 20 post witch ever come's first.

Clan Information:

- Clan Training :: First stage Black Start with

Green 1000 word's and clan leader's permission

Blue 500

- Population :: 5

- Nature//Values :: The Asuki clan value there there way of life they live free and how they want to. The Asuki clan value's the way of Freedom very much. Being that they never really like to follow thing's for 2 long
- Clan Symbol :: Write Here

Additional Information:

- Clan Founder :: The clan is said to be found by lurk Asuki but it is not really known

- Relationship :: The Asuki have a rivalry relationship With the Hoshi Alway's wanting to prove they are better then them

- Clan Political Structure :: The clan has a clan Leader who make's the law's of the clan but other than that every one is Equal

- Important Members :: None
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Asuki clan ( WIP)
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