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 Elendril's app [Sand/Approved]

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PostSubject: Elendril's app [Sand/Approved]   Fri Jul 09, 2010 4:10 pm

Basic Info

Name: Hoshi,Elendril

Nickname/Alias: Firefly

Age: 14

Gender: Male
Important Family Members: None

Personality:Elendril is very cunning ,and smart. He is alway's triking and out smarting people. From taking there money to playing prank's on them. He know’s the world like the back of his hand. Since he love's to explore. Going new place's when ever he get's the chance to. He loves to play jokes on people . Like gluing them too there chair or when they go to take a bath taking there close. To show that he is a a very outgoing person. He like’s to keep to him self most of the time. Never telling people how he really feal's. Since most people chose not to liens to him. Because they think he is only trying to play a prank on them

. So he stay’s occupied by training to become a great ninja one day and rebuild the true way of the ninja. He heard stories about so he could use his great mind and talent's to those who rebuild the true way of the ninja. To show people and his self that he is worth something a lot more then they and he think’s. So he can stop his self doute and show every one that with hard work you can become something. But Elendril personality change's when he get into a fight. When fighting Elendril can only think of one thing the fight. Eather killing the opponent of finding a way to get away from them. For Elendril Belize's in runing to live and fight another day
General Appearance

Basic looks Elendril is a very fit ninja. He is of average Hight for a boy his age. Five two,not counting his very spiky hair. That he has. Witch is alway's piked it is just natural. It has been like that since he was a little kid. And he is very found of it. So he does nothing to get rid of it. Elendril is very muscular. Having a nice rip six pack. That when he is seen with out his shirt on get's him compliment's from girl's all the time. It is said that Elendril has a very attractive face. With his baby blue eye's that are said to remind people of the sea. He also has a very small pointy nose. That is said to be very cute.
Elendril is seen in his ninja uniform most of the time. For he think that's it show's respect to the way of the ninja. A way that Elendril will follow to death. so It is very rare not to see him in his Ninja Uniform. His Uniform is of what a basic Ninja would wear. He has Iron hand guard's that have the Kaguya clan symbol on them. Since his glove's are passed down threw the family. Since his great grand father used them in a fight against a very powerful Bijuu. And since then they have been passed down to the oldest sun in the family,and since Elendril is a only child he got them no matter what. The forehead protector is a regular mist forehead protector. The same one that he got when he graduated from the Ninja academy. The band color is a dark blue and the plate is very shiny with the mist village symbol on it. Elendril also where's a mask cover's from his chin to his nose. In case of a poison jutsu. Elendril will have a vent to keep some of the poison out
Height: 5'2
Weight: 120
preferred wardrobe: A black and white cloak
Extra Features: N/A

Bloodline Information

Kekkei Genkai: Plasma release

Description: Ability to control and Manipulate Plasma

Physical Traits None
Ability Overview Ability to control Plasma

Rank and Skill Information

Village: (What Village, you are from, if a Missing Ninja please place a Strike)

Rank: Sannin
Letter Rank,A
Group affiliation(Sand

- Main:Ninjutsu
-Combination(Must have admin permission)

Advanced/Secondary Skills: (proficiencies, mastery….)

Elemental & Jutsu Information

Elemental Affinity

Primary Element Fire
Secondary Element Lightning
Advanced Element Earth

JutsuAnother post
Name: (Name of your jutsu, or technique)
Rank: (Rank of your jutsu, or technique - E, D, C, B, A, S, X)
Classification: (Gen, nin fuuin…etc….)
• [b]Requirements

History/Rp Sample

Rp Sample:


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PostSubject: Re: Elendril's app [Sand/Approved]   Fri Jul 09, 2010 4:25 pm

Basic Ninjutsu
Katon Jutsu

Raiton Jutsu




Clan Jutsu

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Null Abarada

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PostSubject: Re: Elendril's app [Sand/Approved]   Fri Jul 09, 2010 4:49 pm

First things first,

I accept as my sannin.
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Ryusaki Toketsu

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PostSubject: Re: Elendril's app [Sand/Approved]   Fri Jul 09, 2010 10:02 pm

My approval
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PostSubject: Re: Elendril's app [Sand/Approved]   

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Elendril's app [Sand/Approved]
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