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 Destruction of the Annoyance Part 2

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Missing Nin

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PostSubject: Destruction of the Annoyance Part 2   Thu Aug 05, 2010 3:09 pm

Kitaro continued on however he had lost his cloak to mask the body of the dead at the gate of the city. Apparently his face was remembered here by the older ninja. That would mean he would have to be careful. So on his way to the correctional facility he grabbed a random civilian stabbing him in the side and taking him into a dark alley to bleed out and die the whole while Kitaro held a rag in his mouth to keep him from screaming and bringing the attention of the shinobi patrol. That would be very annoying. Kitaro then took his shirt from him and his pants. Wrapping a cloth around his face and then ripping the face of the man that he just killed off he plastered it onto his face using some paste and some small pin devices to make it so his face would look different so people would not notice him. Then he walked off to the Correctional Facility.

an enter exit.
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Destruction of the Annoyance Part 2
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