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 Curse Seal of Hell (For Shinichi)

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PostSubject: Curse Seal of Hell (For Shinichi)   Fri Aug 06, 2010 2:52 am

Curse Seal of Hell

1st Stage: 30% increase in Chakra pools and physical abilities.

2nd Stage: 50% increase in Chakra pools and physical abilities.

This is a personal Cursed Seal created by Kyogi. The most powerful Curse Seal of them all. But at the most costly as well. The seal looks like three interlocking rings, though when activated they spread over the body, interlocking more rings on to each of them. This is a terribly powerful Curse Seal, though when deactivated, the vessel is left a more demon like then human. With Shinichi's version the Curse Mark spreads around his body encasing him in Iron.

{Ist Stage & 2nd Stage} Physical Body strain: Everytime this seal is used, the body of the user is put under great strain. When the seal is used up, the user will be extremely tired for a certain amount of time.

{2nd Stage} Mental strain: Everytime this seal is used, the mind of the user is corrupted by the use of the seal. This is irreversable, once the effects are applied they cannot be changed. Or it can be you cannot control your own mind, as if it becomes extremely evil and battle hunger.

{2nd Stage} Loss of senses: Upon the seal retracting, the user will have blurred vision, strange touch, scratching hearing, stopped up smell, and strange tastes. If used prolongly, they will loose these sense's completely.
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Curse Seal of Hell (For Shinichi)
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