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 Building a Family Bond (Ryusaki)

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PostSubject: Building a Family Bond (Ryusaki)   Fri Aug 06, 2010 3:29 am

((This technically counts as a training thread, as I'm inventing or building something that otherwise needs a moderated word count and so on.))

Daedalus was working as always. He was in his laboratory, where he could always be found. Ryusaki was with with, monitoring him, as he always was. Tinkering away, Daedalus’ thoughts drifted, to loneliness more than anything. It was true, his bond with Ryu was strong, but it was his only. As such, Daedalus had found himself searching for something else, something new. Unfortunately, he still had no clue what, or rather how. Glancing over at Ryu, who sat non-chalantly, clearly bored with the daunting task of watching somebody who was clearly no threat, Daedalus passed a cleaning brush over a metal hinge for possibly the thousandth time. The puppet was diligent in his work, obsessed some would say. In all honesty, most would say he was bonking mad. In truth, he was pretty close and his fragile sanity was enough for Iwagakure to have him under constant watch. Grinning to himself, Daedalus couldn’t help but let the word roll off his tongue once or twice.

“Sanity... San-i-ty. Sane, Insane. Sanitize? No, no, no, wrong.”

It was strange little outbursts like this that kept Daedalus’ privileges limited. As he had paused to talk to himself for a moment or two his eyes now opened with realization. He was forgetting to do something! Looking back down at the project before him, the puppet king’s mind found the track’s once again as he busied himself with scrubbing away at the joint. It would continue on this way for hours, a mix of sudden strange epiphanies, a forgetful moment, and then a quick and hurried return to his work. It was no wonder why Ryusaki got bored; it was like watching a five year old play with lego. Tinkering away yet again, another realization seemed to hit Daedalus, this however, would be deduced as one of his actual breakthroughs. Dropping his tools, the frantic puppet man quickly stood, spinning around as he did so. Moving through the lab, he began tearing shelves apart, searching for some tool or another. Finally finding it, he rushed over to Ryu’s side.

“Hold still!” A ruler in his hand, Daedalus held it up to Ryu’s forehead. Studying it for a moment, he said little, lost in thought.


Spinning around unexpectedly again, Daedalus practically leaped across the lab, tearing apart the top of one of his desks to clear space. Moving ever frantic still, he then began to collect wire and other conductors, small chips and pieces of metal. A soldering iron came into play at one point, and a stapler at another.

“Yes, yes, I’ve got it!”

Then the lab seemed to freeze. As Daedalus’ whirlwind of activity settled he could be seen poised over a now clear desk, tools at a finger tips reach, materials close at hand. It was then that a frown hit his face. Slowly, he turned his head towards Ryu, who was at an angle nearly behind him, his body remaining in the same position over the desk.

“Well, go ahead, ask what it is!”


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Ryusaki Toketsu

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PostSubject: Re: Building a Family Bond (Ryusaki)   Sat Aug 07, 2010 5:47 am

It was nothing out of the ordinary really, Ryu was often sitting here watching Daedalus work away on something. Just like always though it ended up being boring to him as non of it made much sense. Ryu kept himself occupied by looking around at the different tools in the workshop. Considering all the different things they could be used for. Every now and them he would throw a glance at Daedalus to see what he was doing. But most times it would just raise a question on what was going on anyway. Though the answer might confuse him as well, so Ryu stayed silent. He went with the old time will tell scenarion when it came to stuff like this. Better off not rushing and being to curious anyway, he wasn't that type of person. Suddenly Daedalus started rambling on about something. Missing the first word what he was talking about escaped Ryu until he started on again. He was going on about sanity, saying the word and its variation, ending the sentence with wrong. The whole thing seemed to go around in circles, making the man seem crazy. Then again, not many people would have the guts to turn themselves into a living puppet so if anything was an indicator to his sanity that could be it. Though instead of sitting there wondering about the rambling that had just baffled him Ryu once again figurd that he was simply better off not thinking about the whole thing. It was less of a headache trying to decipher what somebody else was thinking when it wasn't absolutely needed anyway. Suddenly Daedalus began looking through the entire place. Searching through shelves and throwing things down looking for something, what was beyond Ryu. But he guessed he would find out eventually.

Eventually Daedalus appeared beside Ryu holding up what he found at the shelf to his head and telling him not to move. It's not that he would regardless anyway, he was too busy trying to figure out what was going on. At this point "time will tell" wasn't really cutting it for him. Ryu continued to stare at Daedalus wondering what on earth he was doing as he started swiping things off of the desk ahead of him. Suddenly he began gathering different things from around the area, and suddenly Ryu became slightly interested in what was going on. If anything this could be new and a change of pace from what often went on in this place. Suddenly Daedalus turned around and told Ryu to ask what it was. On some minor level he wanted to take a wild shot at it and see if he got it right. But when he looked at the table all he saw was a jumbled mess and a couple spare parts of something. The more he thought about it the less sense it made so eventually he gave up and asked. "Alright I'll bite. What is it?"
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Building a Family Bond (Ryusaki)
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