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 Akumu Kaguya

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Akumu Kaguya

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PostSubject: Akumu Kaguya    Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:44 am

Basic Info

Name: Kaguya, Akumu

Nickname/Alias: -

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Important Family Members: ~

Personality: Psycho- Tired of everything, and is trying to get things done quick. He hates to wait, and he would rather laugh at something than run away in tears. He knows his limits as a psychopath, and also knows that his limits are ridiculously wide spread. Given the choice too kill or run he would most likely kill, eat, burn, torment, and anything else that would come too his fast pace mind.

Hungry- This is also a big block of his personality because he could eat for days, and days. And thats how most people can spot him out is from eating so damn much. Fast food too Akumu is road kill. A fresh meal would be a freshly killed villager/shinobi whichever the case. But he will settle for dumplings and ramen any day.

General Appearance

Basic looks
Akumu has white hair that is very distinguished, and usually has to be hidden so that no on recognizes him. The hair is also fairly long, reaching down to the midway point of his spinal chord. His eyes are awkwardly a deep white color, that go along with his long white hair perfectly. His torso consists of bulging pecks, and abdominal muscles. His arms hold light bone armor that are basically used for looks. He has very broad shoulders that go along with his height. There is also some armor along his legs as well.

Height: 6'2

Weight: 170

preferred wardrobe: ~

Extra Features: (~

Bloodline Information

Kekkei Genkai: Kaguya

Description: Bone Manipulation

Physical Traits ~

Ability Overview ~

Rank and Skill Information

Village: Kirigakure

Rank: Jounin, Sannin if Approved by Kage.
Letter Rank A
Group affiliation T B A

Specialties: Nin-Tai

- Main:
-Sub:(For chuunin and up)
-Combination(Must have admin permission)

Advanced/Secondary Skills: (proficiencies, mastery….)

Elemental & Jutsu Information

Elemental Affinity

Primary Element Wind
Secondary Element Lightning
Advanced Element ~
Combination ~

Jutsu Being Done Later

History/Rp Sample

Rp Sample:


ACADEMY ARC:Akumu absolutely hated his class mates, he was very smart just hated his class mates. Akumu would walk around and be teased that he didn't have a father. His father abandoned Akumu when he was at the tender age of 2. Everybody around the academy would say stuff such as "Your father didn't want you, why do you think we do" and etc. Akumu hated that but toughed it out withstanding every harsh comment and bullying. Then one day he had enough when one boy walked up makeing fun of him, Akumu took a step back cocked his hand and fired a hailmarry punch, that completely decked the kid knocking him out cold. Akumu walked away from the kid stepping over him as his blood dripped all over the floor. The kid was then later helped out by medical ninjas later on, and no one knew who was the person who knocked him out. Akumu then walked home after school to his hard working mother, it was a long dirt road that felt like it never ended. Akumu hated it until one day while he was walking home he found a small dog, Akumu kneeled down sticking his hand out as the small puppy that resembled a wolf licked his fingers. Akumu was happy with that and started walking looking back to see the puppy following. Akumu stopped and picked up the small puppy figureing that the puppy had probably already did enough walking. Akumu brought him to his house, Akumu's moms first words where "get that dog out of here" Akumu then was mad telling her that it was his only friend. So his mother allowed him to have the puppy. Akumu would go to the academy every day anxious to get out and get to see his puppy. Everyday he walked back home the dog would meet him in the same exact spot. Akumu then thought that the dog had been with them for a while now and he needed a good name instead of calling him pup every day, so Akumu named him Tero.

Gennin: When Akumu bacame Gennin his little puppy was all grown up now, Akumu would train with the dog, watching it do tricks and such. Akumu had to go through a test for gennin, as did all the other academy students. Akumu had to perform a weaponry technique in which he had to throw three kunai at the same time but all had to be in different directions to hit three scarecrows. Akumu did that with ease hitting the last one with such power that it took it right out of the ground hitting the floor with a thud. When Akumu showed them that the instructor was very impressed, and was premoted right away. Akumu was asigned a grroup five days later with two other girls. Akumu was not mad because he knew he had to be grouped up, but the two girls didn't get on his nerves so he was alright with them. When the Tsuchikage heard of Akumu being promoted to gennin, he was surprised. He thought that Akumu was a loaded gun ready to go off at any second, so he put together a little test for the kid. The Tsuchikage put up 6 white boards, and 9 black boards. Akumu's job was to hit all the white ones without hitting one black one unless he wouldnt become gennin. Akumu was a little confused why the tsuchikage would want him to do this, but he knew he would have to do it unless he wouldnt become a gennin. So the tsuchikage made him turn around first without looking at where the white, and black boards were. Then when the Tsuchikage gave the word Akumu would have to turn around and hit all the white boards withing 3 seconds. So Akumu stood with steady breaths awaiting for the signal to start when all of a sudden he heard a "go!" from the Tsuchikage, AKumu turned around so fast throwing all the kunai's on the turn around hitting them all except one. When all of a sudden the tsuchikage threw a white board out in the middle of the field, Akumu only had on kunai left, with one second. Akumu threw the Kunai with great speed hiting the flying white board on impact, then kept flying into the other white board piercing in the wood, creating a large thud. The tsuchikage looked at akumu, and nodded, and then spoke "good job, enjoy being a gennin for which the chuunin exams will be there in no time."

Chuunin Arc: Could the Tsuchikage be so right, as it felt like the Chuunin exams felt like it was the next day. Akumu couldn't beleive it, and the worst part was that he had to fight the Tsuchikage's son, who was very popular in that village with many friends. Before the Chuunin exams, his mother told him that he has matured enough to use his kaguya benefits which included his bone manipulation. Akumu was happy that he was able to use these powers now, and trained with them. He had three days before the chuunin exams, three days of nothing but training. That day came pretty fast, while he was walking through the doors of the arena he saw many people in the seats cheering them all on. When Akumu walked in the proctor told him to stop and remain in that spot which was a good 15ft away from the center of the arena. Akumu looked across the arena to see his opponent stareing him dead in the eyes. "alright, if he wants a battle i'll give him one" Akumu said as the proctor said begin. The opponent who happened to be the Tsuchikage's son was name Talon. Talon came racing at Akumu throwing kunai's as Akumu pulled out his kunai and blocked them all making the clinky deflecting sound. Then Akumu threw his kunai at Talon, tearing the wind up. The kunai cought Talon off guard as he twisted his torso so the kunai would blaze past him, but since Talon was cought off guard he reacted to late inwhich the kunai went passed him but gently sliced through the gennins shirt and skin causing him a little blood drip from the small wound. Talon still kept running at Akumu unknowing of his bone manipulating skills, talon pulled out another Kunai at 7ft away from Akumu jabbing it forward Akumu jumped into the air dodging the attack, then turning around lifting his hand as five bone bullets shot out of Akumu's fingertips, shooting just like a bullet and burried through Talon's body like a real bullet. The bone's hit Talon dead in the back shooting right through him, one hitting Talon's heart dropping Talon to the floor without breath. Akumu landed as the proctor anounced Akumu the winner. Akumu walked off out of the arena with a sigh, and a smile. As he heard the proctor yell that Talon needed a medical ninja, and fast.

Jounin: Now a jounin being granted that rank by the Tsuchikage for outstanding performance. He was no longer in the group of two other girls,then a catastrophe struck. Everybody looked at Akumu as a monster. They thought of him as a loose trigger. They didnt no much because Akumu had full control of whatever he did. Every day he would get dirty looks from everybody even the store owners around the village. Akumu felt like he was reliveing his academy days. When everyday he was bullied. No longer was Akumu bullied but was treated with immese hatred. Akumu was dumbfounded. He just saved the village from an attack and now is looked down apon. Akumu felt like he was now hated and planned to stay that way. So he went to his mother telling her that he was leaving and that he had to leave. His mother was not happy whatsoever and absolutely didnt like the idea of him leaving. His mother felt like Akumu should just stick everything out, and everything would be fine. So akumu did, and waited for a good 4 months until one day the people of the village went to far.When he was out one day away from the village relaxing in a open field,until it got dark so he decided to go home. When he came home every night he would go around back, and feed his dog Tero, and give him some water. So when Akumu walked around his house with his two bowls in hand he saw the worst site he could ever see, it was his dog with blood everywhere, and a kunai stuck through his head. Akumu dropped everything, and walked over to the dog, and dropped down on his knee's beginning to cry. When he saw a paper, it wrote: this is only pay back signed- Talon. Akumu was enranged running over to the tsuchikage's office killing the two guards who tried to stop him with two bone bullets dead smack in the head. He busted the doors open of the Tsuchikages office seeing Talon talking to his dad the Tsuchikage. " hey get out of here" said Talon. Akumu raised his hands, "tell me if the Medical ninja gets you out of this one" said Akumu as he shot 100 bullets of bone at Talon. Creating a massive blood shed, " as for you, Tsuchikage you wont need to worry about me, i'm gone" said Akumu as he ranout of the office, and ran out of the building. Taking off at crazy speed running out of the village, and never coming back with no regret whatsoever.
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PostSubject: Re: Akumu Kaguya    Fri Aug 06, 2010 10:25 am

it's ok, approved if you intend not to add jutsu
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Akumu Kaguya
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