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 Kumo's Barrier

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PostSubject: Kumo's Barrier   Fri Aug 06, 2010 2:35 pm

There were eight points on the sides of the village walls, and outside, each symmetrical to each other. There was one point in the dead center of the village in case the leader wanted to strengthen the barrier with his own power. Eight Ninja came in front of him while he was at the edge of the entrance to the Tower, that was protected by an invisible barrier. Birds hit against it and fell down to the ground, only a light sigh coming through his pale lips. His black hues were at the Eight ninja, who were bowing in grace. His arms came up and crossed in front of him, while he spoke out almost loudly. "You are the Protectors of Kumogakure, you are the one to protect this village from invasion. Since that attack less than a week ago, we have Rebuilt and made these structures for our Cause. This village will be defended and protected at all costs. No Exceptions. Now... Get to it!"

The Ninja just vanished out to their expulsion posts, the feeling of huge amounts of chakra coming around each of the visible posts. The blackened and blue chakra came like wildfire as a huge clear barrier began to arise out all around the village, and halfway up the tower, mending with it's own barrier. It was a sight to see, having such a thing being put up around the village. He made the posts himself, and the chakra mechanisms along with some of the Amizaru Engineering division. His clan had a debt that was just paid to him for such a thing being built for his village. The barrier pulled itself together to allow a full sphere to appear around the village. Although even he didn't notice it, the underground was also being protected, it was like his village was completely isolated.

-Kumo is now protected.
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Kumo's Barrier
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