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 Kumo's Earth and Suiton Cannons

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PostSubject: Kumo's Earth and Suiton Cannons   Fri Aug 06, 2010 10:27 pm

Name: Doton Cannon
Rank: A
Element: Doton
Classification: Mounted Cannon
Requirements: Doton Chakra - Cannot be Moved.
Weight: 7.5 Metric Tons.
Length: 12,000cm
Abilities of item: Since the amount of chakra is doubled for the amount to use one bullet for the Cannon, the Doton Cannon has to use Mudballs for the bullets, which can mix with the Suiton cannon. A user of the mounted cannon can use their Doton chakra to fire out at a distance.
Description of item Appearance:

Name: Suiton Cannon
Rank: A
Element: Suiton
Classification: Mounted Cannon
Requirements: Suiton Element - Cannot be moved.
Weight: 2.5 Metric Tons
Length: 750cm
Abilities of item: Can shoot Suiton out in powerful bullets and can still have the same amount of damage it can do from close range. It requires someone with a powerful attribute in a Suiton element. Never to be touched unless given permission.
Description of item Appearance:


Name: Finish Cannon
Rank: S
Element: Raiton + Fuuton
Classification: Mounted Cannon
Requirements: Raiton + Fuuton Element - Cannot be moved. - Raikage Status
Weight: 9 Metric Tons
Length: 40,750cm
Abilities of item: This is usually never used, ever. It's forbidden to use because of it's absolute last-resort use. The Cannon combines the elements of Raiton and Fuuton violently in a bullet format, and can only be used once in it's full use. It's only fired once in it's entire creation. The bullet, if impacted on a target, will cause an explosion big enough to shatter a lot of things, in a 50m radius. The raikage has a switch to activate the cannon, and use his own chakra to power the cannon. It takes a lot of chakra and may drain to exhaustion, but not death. Although using it with all chakra may cause death.
Description of item Appearance:
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Kumo's Earth and Suiton Cannons
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