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 Yuui Summoning

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PostSubject: Yuui Summoning   Sat Aug 07, 2010 7:44 pm

Type: Personal Summoning
Name: Yuui
Physical Description:

Yuui is different when reversed summoned out from the Blade. Her hair color is different, which almost matches with Saruno's, which is a pure snow white. Mainly all of her hair on her body will be White in nature. Eye color is a golden hue. Because of such a rash, unusual nature, she has a pair of 'Neko' like ears along the top of her head in which she can use for show. They have no special abilities. They only make her look hot. Within Yuui's hair is two pins to hold her hair in a large ponytail that hangs behind her head. Her attire consists mainly of a few layers of clothing, which is styled as a Japanese Style suit, which is in two pieces. The lower layers of her shirt consist of sealing markings that bind her to the blade. The upper shirt is an attempt to hide it. Her pants are just a normal pair of black slacks that cover her lower half, down to her ankles. She also wears a pair of Gheta for a style of shoe.
Summon Requirements: Pentacle Seal Summoning Circle, Reverse Summoning inside, 20% of chakra, Saying words, "Yuui, Shed your shell for a moment, and help me kill.", Blood summoning. Double Call.
Species: Humanoid
Rank: S+
Story: See Yuui.
Special Characteristics: Yuui is like no other blade, no other person, no other summon. Once she's summoned, you either want to run and say, 'Oh f***!' Or stay and die. The amount of chakra stolen from Saruno is high, and is always a last resort for Saruno to summon her out from the blade. After the short time is started when she fully renders into the world, she wields a blade similar to the one she was trapped in, only a part of her being itself. If she swings the sword to the right side or downwards, she has the option to create a mass of blazing fire, and the opposite for releasing a huge amount of Raiton. Her power enables her to wield a sword bigger, and heavier than she is. Although she has enough strength to swing it with ease. Although the basic drawbacks come with being such a powerful summon: She can only be summoned for a maximum of two posts. When the summoning is done, she vanishes back into the sword. Her sword can be swung as a huge weapon, and yet has the same properties of a sword. It can break, and be stuck in things, but only with enough force.
Elemental Affinity: Raiton & Katon
Signatory's: Saruno Only.

Jutsu List

Name: Yuui Style - Epic Smash
Rank: A
Type: Kenjutsu
Element: -
Range: Close
Description: Yuui can smash her sword downwards with an excess of chakra coming off the blade for an added impact of the earth. If the sword hits the ground, it'll cause a shatter of power to break some of the ground. If used on a person, they'll be split in two and shattered.

Name: Yuui Style - Downgrade Smash
Rank: A
Type: Kenjutsu
Element: Raiton
Range: Close - Medium
Description: When Yuui smashes her blade down onto an opponent or the ground, air or whatever, she has the option to do a finishing side slash to finish off, or send off a mass wave of Raiton chakra to impact along an opponent.

Name: Yuui Style - Fire Slash
Rank: A
Type: Kenjutsu
Element: Katon
Range: Close - Medium
Description: When Yuui slashes the sword in whatever direction, either on an opponent or elsewhere, she can let off a mass of fire to incinerate an opponent in a blowing wave of hellfire.

Name: Yuui Style - End Blow
Rank: S
Type: Kenjutsu
Element: Raiton + Katon
Range: Point-blank.
Description: When Yuui stabs an opponent with the sword, she can use the blade as a medium to let off a huge mass of chakra of both calibers to send the insides of an opponent into a frenzy of being shocked to death and melted into burning flesh. This can also be used when slashing into an opponent.

Name: Yuui Style - Unsummoning
Rank: -
Type: -
Element: -
Range: Self
Description: When Yuui's summoning time is up, she is immediately un-summoned back into the sword after 2 posts. She cannot be hurt, but she cannot fight also. She is removed from the battle. The cool-down for the summoning is 4 topics.
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Yuui Summoning
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