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 Chapter 1: Forgiveness. (Open, I suppose.)

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PostSubject: Chapter 1: Forgiveness. (Open, I suppose.)   Sun Aug 08, 2010 2:10 pm

Namine, awoke with her wheat-coloured hair in tangles, her pajamas fitting tightly to her figure. Moving slowly to the edge of her bed, she stretched, her bones snapping into place. She pulled herself off of her bed, poking her alarm clock with her finger, the alarm fading away. Her white nightgown was pulled off, and putting on her casual clothes, she fitted on a white tank top and grey shorts, leaving a gap for her butterfly tattoo to peek out at her back, above her rear end. She walked to the bathroom, brushing her hair, the knots untangling. Her purple eyes peered at her face in the reflective surface, her soft, porcelain face peering back at her. She smiled, slipping on her flipflops, and walking out the door, grabbing a lollipop from the sugar bin inside. The door slammed shut as she jumped down the stairs. Unwrapping the lollipop, she pushed it to her lips, putting it into her mouth gently. She perched herself on a bench in the streets at the park, her body laying across the bench, her knees pulled to her chest.

She had her notebook in her arms, a pencil in it's holder on the book, pulling it off, the book opened, doodling, she thought of ideas. She drew a flower she saw on the ground, and a journal entry of her walk there, and what she had seen.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Forgiveness. (Open, I suppose.)   Sat Aug 14, 2010 6:46 pm

As he was Raikage, he awoke in the 37th floor bedroom. His own. He murmured some as his right palm swayed through his hair, the white locks moving back with a massive headache just pounding. Damn it hurt. He muttered some words to himself before his exposed flesh on his chest was shown with the light of the rising sun through his window. His thin curtains didn't cut most of the light that came through. Only his headache was pounding in his head. Turning his legs from the bed, he set his feet down onto the wooden floor. No one came in. No one should. Lifting himself from the bed with a push of his palms along the fabric, he stepped into his Morning sandals. They were like Gheta, only lightly more comfortable. He slipped onto his robe to just walk out of the sliding door that was his room. Making his way down the stairs, and slowly tying the ribbon to his robe, he just kept muttering to himself. So quiet. A pair of black clothing was along all of his legs and his lower half. No socks. Wooden Gheta. No shirt. A robe. That was all of what he wearing. His white locks weren't tied or styled, so it flourished down along his neck, untamed. It was sorta like Bedhead, only this was it's natural style. Spiked outwards slightly, and all around his head. He twitched his palm some to open the lowest door, seeing the sunlight just shine down along the area. He took in a breath once, and then again, letting it out through his nose. Outside air smelled too nice. And so he began his walk out of the Tower.

Walking through the barrier that was around it, the thing wobbling a bit from where he walked out, and settled back invisibly there. On his way out, he only noticed out in the distance some girl that was laying on the bench a few ten meters out. She looked alright for a little Kunochi. Only to tilt his head a tiny bit, he just continued to walk, until he reached that bench.
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Chapter 1: Forgiveness. (Open, I suppose.)
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