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 Fushoku Terumi

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PostSubject: Fushoku Terumi   Mon Aug 09, 2010 5:24 pm

Basic Info

Name: Terumi, Fushoku

Nickname/Alias: The Corrosion King

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Important Family Members: None

Personality: Fushoku is very annoying, somewhat of a bragging Kage wannabe. He always speaks about how his whole life he will be the best of his clan, who he is now the leader of. Fushoku always talks nonsense and begins rambling to himself at awkward times. Fushoku understands that the members of his clans are good people, naturally, but yet he wants to embrace an evil-natured character being. He feels that with his amazing techniques and great strategies he could overcome anything. He tends to brag a bit more than the average person.

He is concerned with the fact that Kiri is becoming a city based on power triumph and is trying to find a way to get out of Kiri without looking like a Missing Nin. His Mizukage hopes will never come to a realization as his personality is a major contradiction. Despite the fact that he brags an enormous amount, he feels that he may never amount to anything.

Some more of his dreams are to use all of Kiri's shinobis to overcome the world and defeat everything, so that he can become the Satokage, or Village Shadow. He also wants to be the first Terumi to create the first changed form Mist without the drawbacks of having to defend against it. His power is strong, his will is stronger, however his self-confidence struggles.

General Appearance

Basic looks Fushoku has dyed purple hair that hangs over his face in an almost perfect alignment. His hazel eyes are covered, one of which is slightly going blind. Fushoku's eyebrows are burnt off and will never grow back. His light pink lips are big, but not very plump. His jaw line is very defined which helps him pull off the hair. Fushoku's torso is very cut and defined, it is very toned as his muscles are quite big. His legs are quite long and bulky which supports his muscular build. His fingers and feet are very long, being an American size "14" in shoes as well as having to sew attachments on his gloves. His back has a tattoo on in that says "Indulgence." and below it, in cursive letters, its says "good for the soul." His bottom lip has a piercing that is a spring that goes through four holes before ending.

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Fushoku Terumi
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