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     Toshihiro, Done

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    "Toshihiro Yamaguchi"

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    PostSubject: Toshihiro, Done   Tue Aug 10, 2010 12:35 am

    Basic Info

    Name: Toshihiro Yamaguchi; Toe-she-he-row Yah-muh-goo-chi; Toshihiro - Meaning Wise or Clever

    Nickname/Alias: Koudobenda[[Ko-Doe-Ben-Duh]] - Earth Bender; Naginata no Ishi[[Nah-g-ee-nah-tuh no Ee-she]] - Stone Halberd;

    Age: 39

    Gender: Male

    Important Family Members:
    Konpaku Cretonis
    Miyuki Cretonis
    Senji Cretonis
    Horus Cretonis
    Agrona Cretonis
    Theseus Cretonis
    Acridona Cretonis

    All NPC's
    Toshihiro is a wise, elderly man compared to the expected lifespan of someone in his line of work. He knows what needs to be done and how to do it, and is pretty street smart. He is also extremely book smart, something someone wouldn't expect of such a brutish-looking man. Toshihiro is a lover of tea and good humor, he is a great tale-teller, and is always open to hearing another's tale. He loves the company of others, but also knows when he needs to be alone. Toshihiro is both a celibate and a nephalist, meaning that he doesn't consume any alcohol. In fact, many have come to call him an ascetic, which one wouldn't argue if they saw how he lived. Toshihiro denies himself all but the most basic needs, the only luxury he awards himself being tea and the company of others. It seems he has found peace in simplicity, and doesn't wish to break that peace. So, he generally donates any money he doesn't need to survive, seeing as how he would never need it.

    Toshihiro is anti-romantic, meaning that he has no interest in any gender; he finds this to be the best path in his line of work, since it means less of a chance of being seduced. He has never had any interest in romances or anything like that, and as a result has no actual experience in the field. Even when he was younger he was more focused on becoming the best of the best than he was on women or men. In a general manner, Toshihiro is very old-fashioned about the way he treats either gender. Women he treats with chivalrous respect and honor, he protects them and finds anyone who would harm a woman despicable. However, if a woman attacks him first Toshihiro will fight back, and that is only if negotiation fails. He believes that a man should support himself in every aspect of life, so unless a man is outnumbered by more than two, or outranked something like genin to jounin, Toshihiro will almost never interfere in a fight.

    Due to his wisdom, Toshihiro also knows how dangerous it can be to release his full power, which is why he absolutely abhors fighting so much as full strength with his limiters, as he fears it may just force one of his limiters to break. He is generally very respectful in combat, allowing the opponent to choose if they would rather have the first or second strike. The majority of the time he treats all battles like a spar, counting the number of hits until one of them gets three. When it gets to that point Toshihiro will offer them the win, and give them the chance to walk away relatively unharmed. However, he is not against killing, he simply knows the meaning of mercy. He will only kill if forced to, if brought to no other alternatives. Even then, he will either bring the body to his respectful country, or give it a proper burial. In wartime, when he doesn't have time for this, he will simply say a simple prayer for them in the hopes that whatever powers-that-be are out there will be able to take care of the body.

    General Appearance

    Basic looks

    Recon Uniform:

    Body Type/Facial Features/Skin tone:
    Toshihiro is a tall, well-built man. His muscles are well-defined, and rock hard. His veins bulge along his arms because of the amount of muscle in his body. He is six feet two inches tall, though his straw hat adds another inch to that height. His shoulders are wide and defined, his torso in the form of a wedge as his hips are not as defined, due to the fact that he is a man. Toshihiro is perfectly proportional, nothing is too long or too short. His skin is a darker tanned color, though he can still be identified as Caucasian. Toshihiro's eyes are a brilliant emerald color, his eyebrows thick and black in color. His jaw line is well defined and would be described as square. His nose is a bit on the fat end, with a massive scar running from his upper lip, through the left side of the bridge of his nose, and up just above his eyebrow. Toshihiro's lips are full, and pale in color. His tongue is a light pink shade, fatter than it is long. Just above his upper lip is the beginnings of a trail of facial hair that follows down the sides of his mouth and into two separate "beards". Toshihiro is bald; to be more accurate he shaves his head every day, as is the practice of men from the Yamaguchi clan. His eyes are wide and large, hidden under bushy eyebrows and deep, dark circles underneath his eyes.

    Toshihiro's most distinguishing feature is that he wears constantly. This straw hat only leaves his head when dressing for a formal event or on a recon mission. Most often he wears a completely green outfit. The first part of this green outfit is a shirt which goes down to about his knees. This shirt opens at the chest, and only comes down to about three-fourths of the way down his arm. The rest of his arm is revealed. On his right shoulder is a set of metal plates that protects said shoulder from damage. His left shoulder appears to bare no such constrictions, however. The sleeves he wears are baggy and loose, wide at the cuffs to allow for maximum maneuverability. He wears a pair of green or tan pants with these, the pants being as baggy as the sleeves. On his feet he wears nothing, though he does wrap his ankles and shins in some form of cloth or bandaging. To keep the shirt closed, he wears an olive-green sash, which bears two charms that dangle from thread. When on a recon mission, he forsakes his straw hat. Also, he wears a more traditional outfit for the mission. The outfit he wears is an Iwagakure no Sato recon outfit, which consists of a shirt much like his, and a pair of pants almost identical to his. The only differences are in color, which doesn't matter much, and the craft of the shirt. The shirt lacks a right sleeve, being cut off at the right collar and being left with a gaping hole on the right side. Underneath this baggy shirt, Toshihiro will wear a tighter-fitting shirt, and most likely his shoulder-plates. Two things that do remain the same no matter what outfit he wears are the charms that dangle at his waist and the fact that he has bare feet.

    This will be the shortest of the paragraphs describing his appearance, as it has little information. First of all, Toshihiro has a tattoo that runs from his arms to his chest. This tattoos is a tattoo of two dragons. Their tails and bodies coil around his arms, drawn in green ink, digging their claws into his forearm and upper arm. Their necks and heads move out onto his chest, coiling around each other at his diaphragm, staring at eachother with fiery, emerald eyes. These two dragons will glow a brilliant green when he begins to break one of his two charms. He has a scar that was previously described in Facial Features, as well as several scars on his chest, stomach, ribs, legs, and right upper arm.

    Height: 6' 2"

    Weight: 181 lbs.

    preferred wardrobe: Read up

    Extra Features: Two charms on his sash

    Bloodline Information

    Kekkei Genkai: Meikyuugan


    There are several traits of this clan that are unique to them. The first trait is what they consider to be their actual kekkei genkei, the part of the clan that no other shinobi in the world could copy completely. This eye, also called the "Meikyuugan" or the "Labyrinth Eye". It was given its name because of the method in which the clan member trains to master it(See Clan Training, Clan Information). The Meikyuugan grants the user the ability to see through walls and other solid objects as if they were not actually there. This technique gives the user a very powerful advantage while fighting in places like buildings, mazes, or forests. They also have the ability to pass through a solid object if they can maintain contact with that object for more than seven seconds. This means that they could not use the technique to go through attacks, but they can use it to pass through walls and trees. This ability can only be used in short bursts, meaning that they could get through a wall but not a mountain. If they attempted something like this they would revert back into their physical form underneath the mountain, and be crushed. Another trait that they find to be unique to them is their mastery over the element of earth. Their expertise with this element is said to be rivalled by no other clan's, except for their branch clan the Yamaguchi. However, they have forsaken the use of any other element, so no member in the clan may have an element other than the element of earth. It is ironic that the clan members would have a kekkei genkei based solely on intangibility, and yet excel in the most solid of the elements.

    Physical Traits (Any physical traits that your Kkg gives you)

    Ability Overview
    Doton Mastery
    Object Passthrough
    Object Seethrough

    Rank and Skill Information

    Village: Iwagakure no Sato

    Rank: Jounin
    Letter Rank A
    Group affiliation


    - Main: Taijutsu
    -Sub: Ninjutsu
    -Combination(Must have admin permission)

    Advanced/Secondary Skills: Gardening, Herbology.

    Elemental & Jutsu Information

    Elemental Affinity

    Primary Element Earth
    Secondary Element (E-A, Rank being equivalent to your rank, Chuunin and up only)
    Advanced Element (E-S, Rank being equivalent to your rank, Jounin and up only
    Combination (Only if Clan based.)

    Academy Techniques:

    Non-elemental Ninjutsu:


    Ninja Tools:

    History/Rp Sample

    Rp Sample:
    The sky was blue, the clouds, white, the world placid and pristine. It seemed as if nothing could possibly go wrong on such a day, that even Lady Fate herself could not be that cruel; and so the day was an all around good one for the masses. Sitting in the massive, achromatic, tower of the first division, was the newest leader of the massive army known as soul reapers. The spirit guardians, armed with weapons more powerful than any human technology, ran about beneath his window, going about their duties that were required to keep both worlds peaceful. To be more accurate, it wasn't "both worlds" they were keeping peaceful. It was two out of five known worlds that they were keeping peaceful. These two worlds were known as the Soul Society and Living World, and both were kept together under the authority of this one man. The man who was now pondering these exact same thoughts, as he sat in his massive, palatial, throne-like chair with his haori wrapped around his shoulders and his katana in his hands. The tip of the katana was stabbing into the carpet at his feet, the blade facing out toward the door on the opposite end of the long, thing, corridor of a room. The aqua-blue, silk-wrapped, handle was held to the blade by a crescent moon-shaped cross guard. Both of the man's slim, pale, soft hands rested upon the golden pommel of the katana. His chin rested upon his hands, and indirectly upon his blade. It seemed fitting that he would use the sword to support him both in combat and out of it, though many would argue that a weapon as precious as a zanpakuto shouldn't be used so carelessly.

    The cold brown eyes the Captain Commander gazed out of the hole in the wall that served as a window. A butterfly fluttered past, black and purple in color with a morbid design. He knew these butterflies all too well, and he also knew what message they would be carrying. As soon as the butterfly found the respective thirteen captains, on Kidou Corps Commander, they would relay the following message:
    Greetings, my Captains and fellow Commander. This is your new Captain Commander of the Soul Society speaking, I have an urgent message. As we do not know each other, and I have yet to gauge your competence, I am requesting that all fourteen of you come to the Captain's Meeting Hall above the First Division Barracks and participate in this meeting I am holding. Any Captain that fails to appear himself, or send a representative with one hell of a good reason for not showing, will be stripped of his rank and instantly replaced. I jest not, do not try my patience. I look forward to conversing with all of you, enjoy this beautiful day, as long as you are enjoying it on the way to the Meeting Hall.

    At the thought of this message, the Captain's cold, emotionless face broke out into an even more chilling smile. He had a feeling that at least one Captain would have an issue with him being in command, whether this showed through blunt insubordination or silent plotting, Xuntaii knew he would catch it. He had an eye for traitors and schemers, something he was afraid not many Captain Commanders before him had been graced with. Xuntaii sighed, removing his chin from the back of his hands, leaning back in his chair as he snapped his fingers. Suddenly, a figure flickered into the room. He was dressed completely in black robes, with a simple katana at his waist wrapped in a navy blue fabric. His hair was long, pulled into a messy ponytail on top of his head. He bowed instantly, awaiting orders.

    "Make sure you let any and all Captains in as soon as they show up, I don't want to be left waiting. Let no one else in unless they have proof that they are to represent their captain." He said in a cold, authoritative voice. The shinigami instantly called out his understanding, disappearing in a flash. The shinigami had slammed the door on the way out in his hurry, and the annoying banging noise echoed throughout the room. Xuntaii cringed at this sound, it was irritating when people slammed doors, he had always hated that.

    Xuntaii, the newest of the Captain Commanders, looked deceivingly young. He looked to only be in his twenties, when in actuality, he was around five-hundred and fifteen times older than that. His hair was kept messy, black in color, and hanging about his his face and around the nape of his neck. The bangs would occasionally be pushed to the top of his head if he were working or just didn't want them in the way. The eyes that rested in his head were almond shapes, small, and a rich brown color. His nose was slim and pointed, his face heart-shaped. Xuntaii's lips were thin and colorless, currently pulled down into an aggravated frown. His skin was an almost ghostly pale, seeming to be unmolested by acne or scars. He dressed in an odd fashion, with a tunic that was mainly black, but trimmed in scarlet. This tunic's color was a V-neck, coming down to his first rib and showing his collar bone. He had no hair or scars upon his chest either. At his waist was a length of cloth that was teased and torn at the ends, seeming to be the remains of an old cloak or cape. On his right arm was a massive sleeve that held tightly onto his arm just above the elbow, but fanned out to be wide open at the hand. Upon this sleeve was a crescent moon. Underneath the sleeve was a plating over his arm, protected him from blades or other similar assaults. His pants were baggy, a pale blue in color, and tucked into the knee-high black boots that he wore.

    There in that room he waited for the arrival of his captains, playing absent-mindedly with the length of black ribbon that was tied to his upper left arm. The ribbon twisted around his bony, twisted fingers; occasionally it would slip between them and fall upon his lap. When this happened Xuntaii was stare at his empty hand blankly, as if he didn't notice the thing he had been playing with was gone. After a few seconds of staring, he would turn his attention to the fallen ribbon, pick it up, and restart the process.



    Toshihiro was born to the Yamaguchi clan, a clan of nomadic monks who had no home or real lore of their own. They were traditionally peaceful monks who used earth ninjutsu to assist in traveling and agriculture, but Toshihiro and several others would settle down in the village of Stone and offer their services in combat. They did this because they knew war would break out eventually, and instead of running like cowards they wanted to fight. So, as a boy of four he found that his home would be the Village of Stone. He was allowed to play with the other village members, as long as this didn't stop him from living the life of simplicity that all of his clan treasured so much. He would never go to the academy, instead being taught everything he needed from his father and mother. They had both learned academy-level ninjutsu through their new friends in the village, and passed this along with the earth element down to their son.

    Becoming a Soldier:
    Toshihiro would soon become a genin, gaining a squad and everything. Nothing big or traumatic happened, in fact his life as a ninja was significantly dull. He would never fall for any girls, only train and become stronger. However, his teammate, Aiko, did fall for him. She understood his situation, though, and agreed that they would be nothing more than fellow ninja, and good friends. He loved her company more than anyone else's, but refused to admit that this had anything more to do with him liking her than it did with the fact that he respected her as a warrior. The three of them would all become Chuunin together.

    Teaching the young'uns.
    As Chuunin, Toshihiro was given the option to become an Academy Sensei. He took the exam that would allow him the degree to teach others in the arts of shinobi combat. Soon he would become a taijutsu sensei at the academy, teaching his students how to take hits more often than he taught them how to return blows. He taught them his way of life, but also the other ways of life, he never forced his views upon them only kept them open-minded as to how life could be lived. However, one group of parents didn't like this, they blamed him for brainwashing their children and he was taken out of the Academy. Without that purpose in life, Toshihiro went back to the life of an active ninja.

    The Newest Tsuchikage:
    Toshihiro became a jounin around the same time that the old Tsuchikage fell and replaced with a new one. This Tsuchikage was a powerful and respected man, an old face around the village. Holding nothing but the highest respect for his leader, Toshihiro devoted his life as a shinobi to that man, training and gaining abilities that would help him to defend his Kage.
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    Drawbacks are sufficient.



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    Toshihiro, Done
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