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 Homino Suzuka (Work In Progress)

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PostSubject: Homino Suzuka (Work In Progress)   Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:28 pm

Basic Info

Name: Homino Suzuka


Age: 23

Gender: Male

Important Family Members: Homino Tsuzuhara (Mother), Homino Hirotsuchi (Father)

Personality: Suzuka is a complex person as a whole due to his rather loose vision of how he is meant to act conflicting with the basic idea of what is expected of him. The more basic aspect of this personality is that he’s unable to turn down a mission whenever given one as a request. For the most part if it’s within his scope of time he’s able and willing to act out of his way to help out anyone and basically everyone who has gone out of their way to speak to him. This aspect of his personality almost never conflicts with himself or deals with any real problems however, when it’s confronted with his other portions of his personalities it tends to fall short.

Suzuka has a very hard time dealing with humans due to the fact that he often sits around hanging with animals most of the time. His communication skills are horribly rough and he’s almost never capable of considering the emotions of others. This tends to cause for him to state several obvious issues that clash with painfully obvious and rather moot points with very little ease. His manners are also not known for being the greatest in the world either, so in the end that also tends to cause for his true self to get thrown under a bus.

Suzuka’s attitude towards the men and women around him is very helpful. He is always attempting to help and push towards assisting the men and women of his respective village as well as attempting to assist the shinobi around him. So it isn’t rare that when given free time that he will go about following lower ranking shinobi so that he’s capable of watching their development and at the same time protecting them. The future of his village is seen as one of the more esteem issues to him, and protecting that future is a primary focus to him.

Suzuka tends to have a fairly straightforward personality when it comes to combat as a whole. When he tends to combat his fighting style as a whole may tend to change and alternate as time progresses, yet his basic personality is fairly straight forward. He doesn’t have any room for middle ground as a whole, and there can only be enemies and allies. In the end though this tends to give him a higher kill count then those around him, shinobi as a whole aren’t really treated as a tool to him more so they’re just people. The idea of holding back is one that he doesn’t understand and for the most part it’s complex for him.

Killing for Suzuka isn’t so much a second nature as it’s just a basic nature when it’s done on a humane level. The death of humans are deaths that he is capable of accepting and coming to terms with in an instant, yet when done on a more feral nature he’s often conflicting. Suzuka’s nature to avoid harming animals as a whole tends to cause for him to avoid fighting them or killing them, but when a mission of any form is required to be carried out and he’s forced to do so he’s a bit more sympathetic towards animals then he is when dealing with humans.

General Appearance

Basic looks Suzuka wears a fine look about him, and the most notable feature of his basic look is that his hair is finely kept. The length and actual makeup of his hair gives off a rather regal or rather feminine design to it. For his rough and wild like personality this tends to often come across as more or less out of place with him. The length of his hair is what one would come to expect out of a young adult who tends to favor a more animalistic approach towards the world.

Suzuka’s tone is extremely fit and well kept in contrast to his muscle build and weight. The percentage of muscle which his body keeps is shown through with any given chance and even though he isn’t known for having the best physique he’s capable of keeping up with himself very well. His body and chest are often shown through the clothing which he wears, or lack there of. The finely built body which he carries with him though, tends to grant him a fair share of compliments.

Suzuka’s physical features are direct adaptation of what one would come to expect out of his father and mother. The muscular build that he has developed is from his father, while the finer aspects of his appearance are taken from his mother. His milky soft skin and complexion are the prime notice of most of the men and women around him. The finer points that he had developed due to the fact that he had spent most of his time training as a shinobi are often of his own. These are primarily his nails, feet, and even his unmarked body.

Height: 6’4

Weight: 173 lbs

preferred wardrobe: Suzuka’s preferred Wardrobe is often left in the hands of is mother and father’s choice. In the end this always tends to come across as some loose fitting robes and Kimono rather then the tight fitting clothe that most shinobi restrict themselves to wearing. The pattern of each of the robes and Kimono as a whole never seems to shift or alter regardless of the coloring as a whole.

Any depiction of waves and flow are captured on the robes which are worn by Suzuka at all points in time. These are often shown as a raging sea rather then a calming river or pond. Yet it is not unlikely that the later one is showcased while outside of missions and such. His Headband is often captured around his right arm, often kept around the shoulder which bears the Kimono on rather then the opposition. Yet for the most part while in his robes he carries the Headband around his forehead due to the lack of freedom that it limits to him unlike the Kimono.

Suzuka wears a standard Kimono with a free forming twist to it. Suzuka wears his upper half of his Kimono with one of his sleeves often off and slanted to the side. This is due to the restrictive nature of the clothing tending to clash with the free form fighting style which he tends to take up. The Kimono is often used for situations in which there is a chance that he’ll engage in combat as a whole while the Robes are often used for a more leisure time period. In the end however, it’s more of a state of comfort rather then any major issues of style.

Extra Features: Suzuka’s left body is labeled and branded with Tattoo’s which showcase his exploits and works as a shinobi, and to him each and every tattoo seems to tell a story. The most noteable image of these tattoo’s is that there’s a fine black symbol running down his shoulder, towards his abdomen and even reaches down to his fingertips. The symbol itself takes the form of numerous different animals and such as it runs down his arm. While in the area beneath his shoulder takes the form of a tiger, the arm section of his tattoo takes the form of a rat, a dragon, and white fish.
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Homino Suzuka (Work In Progress)
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