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 Cretonis Clan

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PostSubject: Cretonis Clan   Thu Aug 12, 2010 5:38 pm

History//Legend of the Clan:
Birth of a Nation:
The Cretonis clan was birthed at the same time as the formation of Iwagakure no Sato. In fact, its founder was made one of the founding ANBU Captains, along with several other shinobi. The group of nomadic shinobi had stuck together, perfecting the genetic mutation that was their own, for centuries. However, with no home to call their own they felt they couldn't call themselves a true clan. When the Stone village was formed, Daisuke Cretonis brought together all of the nomads. He told them that Iwagakure was their new home, and that they would finally make a name for themselve's. They all took on his own surname, Cretonis, so that they could basically validate the fact that they were now a true shinobi clan. At first the clan attempted to work things out democratically, everyone had a say as to what went on in the village and the only task of the Leader was the be a diplomat between the village and the clan, and to make sure no one killed another clan member during their many debates. After fifty years of this process, Daisuke realized the clan would not last under such a system. So, while on his deathbed, he asked his successor to change all of it. He made it his dying wish that the clan form a counsel of elites who would rule over the entire clan. Daisuke's son would present this idea to the people, but they didn't like it. However, even though they disliked the idea, they respected Daisuke's wisdom and foresight, and eventually agreed to do as he said.

Formation of the Elites:
The Cretonis would meet under a democratic rule one last time. In this meeting they would decide on seven candidates to be the first of the counsel. From that day forward, only the first born child of descendants of those seven men and women would be able to join the counsel. Other descendants were given high rankings in the clan, but no authoritative powers. The Cretonis seemed to have no problem with the nobleman's rule, as they seemed fair and uncorrupted. Their offspring would grow up as diplomats, not shinobi; this infuriated the clan, however. How could someone they could so easily kill without using even a jutsu rule over them? They were angry, frustrated, and rebellious. The noblemen tried handling it diplomatically, because that was what they were trained to do, but in the end would fail completely.

A minor Ultimatum:
The rebelling clan gave their superiors an ultimatum. The superiors could either fight the clan for their right to lead, or they could back down and let the clan lead themselves as they once did. Being men and women of intelligence and a diverse range of thinking methods, the superiors would have no trouble coming up with an easy solution. The diplomats had connections nearly everywhere at the time, so calling in favors and pulling strings was as easy as breathing for them. The clan would be faced with a miniature army of shinobi all fighting for the diplomats. Even in their rage the clan knew that there was no way that they could take on such a force without heavy damage to their side. Not willing to risk so many deaths, they would eventually back down.

Reformation of Peace:
Choosing to put their little conflict in the past, the clan returned to their place beneath the diplomats. The diplomats, however, didn't want such a rebellion to occur again. So, they came up with a compromise. The diplomats would find a way to balance the teachings of shinobi arts and diplomacy with their children, and raise the rest of the children who would not inherit a seat of power to become great shinobi. On top of this, they agreed to create a small organization within the clan that would become the main fighting power for the Counsel of Seven. However, there was still a group of shinobi that disagreed with their superiors and chose to stay separate from the clan. They would name themselves Yamaguchi, and become nomadic monks. The Yamaguchi developed and grew in the arts of Doton to surpass even their mother clan, and would eventually lose the will to hold their grudge. However, after so many years of expanding and diluting their blood, they had lost the access to their kekkei genkai and as a result their pass back into the clan. So, they were named a branch clan of the Cretonis, and given the task of training their finest in the arts of Doton.

Birth of the Minok:
Meanwhile, the Counsel had still not chosen their elites or formed a group. Being pressed by their clanmates to hold up their end of the compromise, the counsellors got together to discuss what course of action they should take. They would agree on forming a group of five elite shinobi within the clan. These five members of the clan would be called the "Minok", the name bearing no evident connection to their history or past leaders. It seems the name was completely random, as if they had just thrown a few sounds together and created a name that would seem legitimate. They chose their five, and gave them the tasks that they would have to complete to prove themselves. Those tasks would become customary for any entering shinobi of the Minok, however the tasks never remained the same. They were purely created on the whim of whoever was assigning them at the time.

Kekkei Genkai//Bloodline of the Clan:

There are several traits of this clan that are unique to them. The first trait is what they consider to be their actual kekkei genkei, the part of the clan that no other shinobi in the world could copy completely. This eye, also called the "Meikyuugan" or the "Labyrinth Eye". It was given its name because of the method in which the clan member trains to master it(See Clan Training, Clan Information). The Meikyuugan grants the user the ability to see through walls and other solid objects as if they were not actually there. This technique gives the user a very powerful advantage while fighting in places like buildings, mazes, or forests. They also have the ability to pass through a solid object if they can maintain contact with that object for more than seven seconds. This means that they could not use the technique to go through attacks, but they can use it to pass through walls and trees. This ability can only be used in short bursts, meaning that they could get through a wall but not a mountain. If they attempted something like this they would revert back into their physical form underneath the mountain, and be crushed. Another trait that they find to be unique to them is their mastery over the element of earth. Their expertise with this element is said to be rivalled by no other clan's, except for their branch clan the Yamaguchi. However, they have forsaken the use of any other element, so no member in the clan may have an element other than the element of earth. It is ironic that the clan members would have a kekkei genkei based solely on intangibility, and yet excel in the most solid of the elements.

Clan Information:

- Clan Training :: The clan members are trained in several aspects. The first aspect starts at a young age, in which they are trained to use the earth element. When it seems that the clan member has a natural gift for the earth element, they are given to the clan Yamaguchi to train them in the art of completely control over the element of earth. At the age of ten the child is expected to be given back to the clan, or in the case of a member who didn't train with the Yamaguchi, they begin their next stage of training. In this stage the child is forced to navigate their way through a labyrinth built by the clan, with only their kekkei genkei to use as a tool for survival. The labyrinth is filled with the summonings of the person who is training them. They have four days to escape from the labyrinth or they will die. When they escape from the labyrinth, they are declared halfway to adult-hood. The child will be trained for eight years in every aspect from more advanced kekkei genkei usage, to high level doton, and even physical endurance and taijutsu training. When the clan member passes all eight years of training, they are labeled as adults and can begin their own life.

- Population :: The clan is a small, ancient clan that resides in Iwagakure no Sato. Though they are great in power, they prefer to keep their numbers under two hundred, as they don't want their power spreading out too far and becoming diluted.

- Nature//Values :: Members of the clan have few values that they expect all other clan members to share. Their only real values are their need to succeed as shinobi, intolerance to failure, and love of tea.

Additional Information [Optional]:

- Clan Founder :: Daisuke Cretonis ((Die-s-kay, Cray-To-N-iss))

- Relationship :: The clan has no relationship with any clan outside of Iwagakure. They do not meet with other clans, ally with other clans, declare war on other clans, or concern themselves with other clans.

- Clan Political Structure :: The Cretonis clan is run by an Oligarchy. It is run by a group of "Nobles", the purest in blood of the clan. This group of seven nobles makes all of the decisions for the clan. There is no voting, meeting, or discussing amongst the others within the clan. The Oligarchy has a special group of shinobi called the "Minok" which are a small organization of the most elite shinobi who enforce their rule and protect the clan. They are charged with the task of destroying the remains of deceased clan members so that they cannot be used to recreate the sacred kekkei genkei.

- Important Members ::
Konpaku Cretonis
Miyuki Cretonis
Senji Cretonis
Horus Cretonis
Agrona Cretonis
Theseus Cretonis
Acridona Cretonis

The only known member of the Minok is Toshihiro.

Other Clan Members:
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Cretonis Clan
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