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 Barrier System

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PostSubject: Barrier System   Sat Aug 14, 2010 5:45 pm

Since people have been Inactive in the village, I’m setting up this system to make sure you all know when the barrier is up or down. Saruno will be up and about to force out any intruders. As long as they are just village ninja or whatever, they’re safe.

When the barrier will be up:

Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

When the barrier will be down:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

The ninja holding the barrier have incredible amounts of chakra, and why they were chosen to be the barrier holders for the giant Barrier that overcomes and protects the entire village. There are eight normal posts that are set all around the village of Kumogakure no Sato. A map will be provided to show where these are. There is one in the dead center of the village, which is heavily guarded as the most important barrier post. The Raikage himself can only use this one because of his heavily massive amount of chakra he can use to increase the barrier strength.

The posts are made of a high-concentrated substance that absorbs and channels chakra through the barrier seal that expands over the entire village. Since it is a barrier ‘seal’, it takes the barrier holders to use them all at the same time. The seal is a three hundred and eighty five trigram expulsion shield which repels any and all attacks or things that touch it with the exact or double or even triple the amount of momentum that touches it. It is a very powerful shield, that spans over the entire village, and even underground. The type of shield is a Sphere. It repels even underground attempts of infiltration. Although the barrier must go down for the holders to rest. At night, it’s an option for the holders to go to bed and let the barrier fall if it’s a quiet night.


-The barrier holders are controlled by the Raikage, and will be given names. (Also known as NPC's.)

-The barrier goes down on the set dates mentioned above; the topic that starts on that DAY. And must be completed with the same day in that topic. The day cannot change. Just to sneak in and out of the barrier.
( Example: Topic started Sunday, and then went on and on till Monday. The barrier is still up in that topic only. )

-Mission scrolls have a Emblem of Return and Release. They last as long as the mission might be. It’s recommended to have at least some fun while doing a mission that happens to be outside the barrier if it’s up.

-Since the barrier isn’t up 24/7, there are constant amount of guards that man the cannons that surround the walls of the village. The cannons can only have one element on them. The bullets, if merged, will cancel each other out. If they hit an intruder at the same time, they will only hit. The cannon elements are as follows: Katon, Doton, Raiton, and Suiton.

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Barrier System
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