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     Fuyu Sairento

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    PostSubject: Fuyu Sairento   Sun Aug 15, 2010 10:47 am

    Basic Info

    Fuyu Sairento




    Important Family Members:
    Natsu, his twin sister.

    This is an interesting combination. Clearly this guy has problems with self-control, especially when it comes to getting some bedroom action. He likes his food and drink, and has a bit of a hot temper. However, he's honest, kind and generous, and humble to boot. All in all, he's probably a pretty good friend to have — just don't leave your girlfriend alone with him. A little lustful, a little gluttonous, otherwise this particular man isn't much different to anybody else in terms of personality. His virtues outweigh his sins, but not by much.

    Talk about going to extremes! Envious and spiteful to the point of psychosis, a confirmed glutton, yet honorable, patient and diligent beyond the common run. Fuyu could be trouble, or he could be a great help; in any case, he'd require careful handling. Serious and quiet, interested in security and peaceful living. Extremely thorough, responsible, and dependable. Well-developed powers of concentration. Usually interested in supporting and promoting traditions and establishments. Well-organized and hard working, he work steadily towards identified goals. He can usually accomplish any task once he has his mind set to it.

    Quiet and reserved, interested in how and why things work. Excellent skills with mechanical things. Risk-taker who lives for the moment. Usually interested in and talented at extreme sports. Uncomplicated in his desires. Loyal to his peers and to their internal value systems, but not overly concerned with respecting laws and rules if they get in the way of getting something done. Detached and analytical, Fuyu excels at finding solutions to practical problems. Fuyu is kind, and conscientious. He can be depended on to follow through with anything. Usually, he puts the needs of others above his own needs. Stable and practical, he always values security and tradition. He has a well-developed sense of space and function, rich inner world of observations about people and is extremely perceptive of other's feelings.

    Quietly forceful, original, and sensitive. He tends to stick to things until they are done. Fuyu is extremely intuitive about people, and concerned for their feelings. His mind contains a well-developed value system which he strictly adheres to. He is well respected for his perserverence in doing the right thing, and is likely to be individualistic, rather than leading or following. Fuyu is reflective, and idealistic and interested in serving humanity, which he strives to live in accordance with. Fuyu is extremely loyal to anyone he deems worthy of his trust and friendship. Fuyu is increasingly adaptable and laid-back unless a strongly-held value is threatened. He is mentally quick, and able to see possibilities.

    General Appearance

    Basic looks
    Fuyu is a relatively tall individual, slightly taller than his twin sister, Natsu. Being that, he also has a muscular build hidden behind his seemingly weak bodily figure. From a simple appearance, one could say his body was thin and slender, however with the exploitation of his body, it can be clearly seen that Fuyu is considerably well-toned and athletic. This is required of him, since his kekkei genkai requires him to have atleast some sense of a muscular form.

    His clothing on a daily basis consists of a black shirt, baggy, long black pants that signify his laid-back and aloof; typical mindset. Under the black shirt, one can visibly see that he has a pink, long-sleeved, undershirt on that cuts off just shy of his wrist. The shirt is a V-neck design, and has no imagery whatsoever on it. The pants have various pockets, and a multitude of areas to clip things unto, which is useful for carrying ninja weaponry such as projectiles or scrolls. The pants are cut off however, at his ankle and tightly bound by the footpads that all ninja are seen wearing. As he is from Amegakure, the braces are black.

    Fuyu has a very cute and adorable facial expression. His skin is smooth, flawless and rarely ever dirty. He is a clean-freak, and will not stand to be dirty in any way whatsoever. His lips are a soft blend of pinks and reds, his nose being relatively small. Fuyu's eyecolor is a unique one to say the least, but is also notable, as his sister possesses the same eye color. It is a direct physical trait of their clan. They have a distinctive green-blue turqouise eye color, with practically small pupils in the center. His hair is ghost-white with very small variations of gray shades and hues. It hangs down fairly long, and stops around the middle of his face. The style is much like Kakashi's. Spiked, hanging and yet another signification that he is a restful, calm and aloof man.

    5' 10"

    178 Lbs.

    preferred wardrobe:

    Extra Features:

    Bloodline Information

    Kekkei Genkai:
    Sairento Enzetsu (Silent Speech)

    The Silent Speech kekkei genkai is utilized by the Sairento clan, and can only be used by Twin's from whom are born by a mother from the Sairento clan, and father from the Enzetsu clan. The only known Twin's who have successfully been born from these clans is the couple of Natsu and Fuyu, an elite Jounin pair. They use this kekkei genkai to emit telepathic conversation between each other from any given distance, at any point in time. In addition, they have the opportunity to feel each others pain, and can communicate freely between each other by reading each others minds, and responding to any thought and such without anyone else being aware of it.

    Furthermore, any thoughts shared by one Twin, can be 'heard' by the other. IE: If Natsu thought about eating ramen because she was hungry, Fuyu would nonetheless feel like eating ramen, because he is suddenly hungry. The clan also has a special ability they have kept unknown to the world by secretly hiding the Twin's prowess behind the facade of simple common sense and understanding. Natsu and Fuyu are the only two born successors who have actually uncovered the true power of their clan's Hidden Technique.

    Physical Traits

    Ability Overview
    Sairento Sanketsu (Silent Suffocation)

    This kekkei genkai can only be utilized by the twin ninja, Fuyu and Natsu. They activate this jutsu by taking advantage of their twin-telepathy to communicate through each others mind. This is the reason they have mastered the arts of Genjutsu and Illusion. However, this is not the case. The kekkei genkai they both share is called Silent Suffocation for a reason, because it allows them to, when together, reduce the amount of overall oxygen in the air around them by a great amount, suffocating opponents slowly, but surely. However, this can only happen when both twin's are present at the same time. As time grows on, a larger percentage of the oxygen in the area is cut off. If each twin is not together, and the kekkei genkai is activated, the effects still manifest themselves, however, less amount of oxygen is taken away than it would've been if the twins weren't seperated.

    As time grows on, less and less oxygen in the area becomes present, which would suffocate the enemies present. Note: This doesn't affect Fuyu or Natsu. This happens by having the twins notably manipulate the oxygen particles in the air and direct them into a manipulative state, turning the matter into pure nitrogen which is a colorless, tasteless and orderless gas that compromises approximately 78% of the Earth's atmosphere. As such, the subjects would detect no abnormal sensation. This leads to asphyxiation without the painful or traumatic feeling of suffocation.

    When a human breathes in pure nitrogen, they exhale carbon dioxide without resupplying oxygen. This is the reason for the slow, silent meaning of the kekkei genkai. A typical human breathes between 12 and 20 times per minute at a rate primarily influenced by carbon dioxide concentration, and thus pH, in the blood. With each breath, a volume of about 0.6 liters is exchanged from an active lung volume (tidal volume + functional residual capacity) of about 3 liters. Normal air is about 78 percent nitrogen, 21 percent oxygen, and 1 percent argon, carbon dioxide, and other gases. After just two or three breaths of nitrogen, the oxygen concentration in the lungs would be low enough for some oxygen already in the bloodstream to exchange back to the lungs and be eliminated by exhalation. Crude simulation of oxygen transport through the lungs and blood stream suggests that the partial pressure of oxygen in arterial blood would be about 50 percent of saturation 1 minute after switching gases and would reach zero within 3 minutes.

    Loss of consciousness may be accompanied by convulsions (Fisher n.d.) and is followed by cyanosis and cardiac arrest. About 7 minutes of oxygen deprivation causes death of the cerebral cortex and presumably the medulla oblongata, which controls breathing and heart action. The medulla oblongata is the lower half of the brain-stem. In discussions of neurology and similar contexts where no ambiguity will result, it is often referred to as simply the medulla. The medulla contains the cardiac, respiratory, vomiting and vasomotor centers and deals with autonomic functions, such as breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. Overall, this Hidden Technique is used by utilizing a different handseal, or series of handseals, every post. (Note: THEY ARE GLOBAL)

    The overview of oxygen loss is as follows:
    When Both Twins Are Present;
    1 Post: 10% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Bird Handseal
    2 Posts: 20% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Monkey Handseal
    3 Posts: 30% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Horse Handseal + Ram Handseal
    4 Posts: 40% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Dragon Handseal
    5 Posts: 50% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Rabbit Handseal + Dragon Handseal
    6 Posts: 60% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Dragon Handseal + Snake Handseal
    7 Posts: 70% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Rabbit Handseal + Dragon Hendseal + Horse Handseal
    8 Posts: 80% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Bird Handseal + Monkey Handseal
    9 Posts: 90% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Dragon Handseal + Rat Handseal
    10 Posts: 100% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Bird Handseal
    11 Posts: 50% Asphyxiation
    12 Posts: 100% Asphyxiation (Death)

    When Both Twins Are Seperated;
    1 Post: 5% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation -
    2 Posts: 10% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Bird Handseal
    3 Posts: 15% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation -
    4 Posts: 20% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Monkey Handseal
    5 Posts: 25% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation -
    6 Posts: 30% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Horse Handseal + Ram Handseal
    7 Posts: 35% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation -
    8 Posts: 40% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Dragon Handseal
    9 Posts: 45% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation -
    10 Posts: 50% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Rabbit Handseal + Dragon Handseal
    11 Posts: 55% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation -
    12 Posts: 60% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Dragon Handseal + Snake Handseal
    13 Posts: 65% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation -
    14 Posts: 70% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Rabbit Handseal + Dragon Hendseal + Horse Handseal
    15 Posts: 75% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation -
    16 Posts: 80% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Bird Handseal + Monkey Handseal
    17 Posts: 85% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation -
    18 Posts: 90% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Dragon Handseal + Rat Handseal
    19 Posts: 95% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation -
    20 Posts: 100% Oxygen/Nitrogen Manipulation - Bird Handseal
    21 Posts: 50% Asphyxiation
    22 Posts: 100% Asphyxiation (Death)

    Rank and Skill Information


    Special Jounin
    Letter Rank
    Group affiliation


    - Main:

    Advanced/Secondary Skills:
    Mastery Genjutsu
    Kekkei Genkai Mastery
    Kenjutsu Mastery

    Elemental & Jutsu Information

    Elemental Affinity

    Primary Element
    Secondary Element
    Advanced Element


    Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Armor
    Lightning Release: Shadow Clone
    Lightning Release: Lightning Armor
    Important Body Points Disturbance
    Lightning Release: Oppression Horizontal Technique
    Water Release: Hidden Mist Technique
    Water Release: Great Water Arm
    Water Release: Stormy Blockade
    Water Release: Water Replacement Technique
    Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
    Water Release: Hydration Technique
    Water Release: Ice Darts Technique
    Water Release: Powerful Blasting Rain Trench
    Water Release: Demon Fish Wave Crash Technique
    Water Release: Water Shield Shot
    Water Release: Black Rain Technique
    Water Release: Tornado of Water
    Water Release: Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death
    Water Release: Huge Explosion Technique
    Water Release: Gunshot
    Demonic Illusion: Descending Hell Technique
    Bringer of Darkness Technique
    Illusionary Mist
    Mist Servant Technique
    Tyrant's Calling
    Poison Moth Genjutsu
    Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique
    Demonic Illusion: Double False Surroundings Technique

    Name: Sairento, The Twin-Sword of Silence
    Rank: A
    Element: Lightning
    Classification One-Handed Sword
    Requirements: Mastery Kenjutsu
    Weight: 10 Lbs.
    Length: 4 Ft.
    Abilities of item: When put together during the time the sword is enveloped in electricity, the swords true power becomes known. This will be explained when Shikkan is reviewed.
    Description of item Appearance:

    When Fuyu invokes the prowess of his lightning, the blade becomes highly conductive, and envelops itself in layers of extremely dangerous electricity and static.

    Name: Shikkan, The Twin-Sword of Surrender
    Rank: A
    Element: Water
    Classification One-Handed Sword
    Requirements: Mastery Kenjutsu
    Weight: 10 Lbs.
    Length: 4 Ft.
    Abilities of item: When put together during the time the sword is enveloped in water, the swords true power becomes known. When Fuyu puts the swords together, the blades will send a surge of lightning and water particles through the metal, into the handle, and be transfered onto the hands of Fuyu. During the time this happens, Fuyu's body turns into a highly conductive electricity field. This is a more advanced version of Lightning Release Armor. The difference is, Fuyu can forcefully send out several bright bolts and beams of electricity that shoot at his enemy. A halo of bright energy spreads from Fuyu's body as he uses this technique. The beams are able to alter their direction after being shot at the will of Fuyu. Since they are utilized using water and lightning, the damage level can be placed into comparison with that of a 10,000 Watt electricity fence, which would cause disastrous burns to the body, bleeding of the ear, bleeding from the eyes, loss of coordination, and even have the possibility of temporary unconsciousness.
    Description of item Appearance:

    When Fuyu invokes the prowess of his water, the blade becomes highly lucid, and envelops itself in layers of extremely pliable water particles and becomes incredibly vulnerable to conductivity.

    History/Rp Sample

    Rp Sample:
    As he became a Gennin of Kumo he would begin to understand the Ninja ways once more. Acting within a team wasn’t something he had wished for, so he chose to do very small easy missions for the time being. Keeping himself low key on the radar of the shinobi world. As he trained and wandered Kumo he met a girl, she was young and seemed like a younger and female version of him. Her name was Kana, she was a young Gennin of Kumogakure. He introduced himself to her, allowing her to slowly earn his respect. He had taken quite an interest in the young girl, she seemed to have gone through the same suffering in a way that he had, but not as far. But she was still young, and still had time to suffer, just as he has. So the two would begin to talk and get to know even more, Shingai didn’t share much of his history with her, he shared the loss of his family but nothing of the Hidden Mist Village, or the Hidden Stone Village to her. He had his reasons, he told no-one of Mist, and he swore to never reveal Stone to anyone. So the two would become close and in a spar to test her abilities Kana would use a Nara jutsu against him. It was there when he first became interested in the Nara Clan. The idea of manipulating one’s shadows could prove to be very useful for an assassin like him. He would ask her for the scrolls to the Nara techniques she had. She said she only had originals, and he promised to make copies, and so that is what he did, he would copy the information down from scroll to scroll as he finished he would hand Kana the originals and he kept the copies for himself. He thanked her for her trust in him, and praised her abilities as a shinobi. It was then where he made a promise to forever protect her. He saw her as a little sister of sorts, she was still rather young, and yet she suffered in many of the same ways as Shingai.

    He would let her begin her training as he carried and trained the scrolls of the Nara Jutsu. He was feeling more and more at home here in the Land of Thunder. He didn’t mind being locked down on a short leash of the Village. He wandering the village one day and as he watched a song bird a boy in white would appear before him. All white, a hood masking his face, all but his mouth, where a grin seemed to reside. “May I ask you of your name?” Shingai asked the boy in white. He wouldn’t respond, nothing said, but a simple grin relaxing on the face of Kurogane Rokusho. The two would stand there on the streets of Cloud, both facing off, neither really in the mood to deal with each other. But Kurogane came for a reason; he had seen the boy around before and decided he needed to find out what his deal was. “My name is Kurogane Rokusho of Kumogakure,” the boy in white would state, he then would ask of Shingai’s name. He was afraid to answer Kurogane, for he had a suspicion rising about being caught for his past. “My name is Shingai,” he would state, hiding his last name from the boy in white. “You and I are the same,” Shingai would add, this threw Kurogane off for sure. “What do you mean?” he would ask in response. “You hide your face within the shadows of your hood, while I hide mine behind my many masks,” The words would be philosophical and quite well thought for such a short amount of time. “We both no doubt have suffered in the past, but it’s key not to dwell on such painful memories,” the added point would no doubt gain the respect of the White Cloaked Shinobi.

    A year’s time had passed now and Shingai was offered the opportunity to join the Chuunin Exams with his fellow Gennin Team. He said he would gladly accept the offer once he spoke to his family. He had never told those of the Cloud Village that he was an Akumu yet, he had merely told them he was Shingai no Kujo. He would set off to the Land of Water in search of his homeland. A month’s travel it would require to reach the Island where the Akumu Village resided. He had entered the village with pride; offer a large amount of his Ryo as a Donation to the Village. One of the many respected Akumu had confronted him on the fact he had yet to learn any of the actual Akumu techniques. He had only learned and lived by their codes and honor system up till now. An argument would ensue from that point leading to the Elder quickly breaking the jaw of Shingai completely. Within time it would heal and the approval of joining the Chuunin’s would be granted. He was also given a large scroll containing the secret jutsu of the Akumu. He was to begin his training after the Exams and not return to the village until he had learned a majority of the jutsu, no matter the circumstance. So he would stay an extra week for he decided the time had come once more to begin crafting a new mask. The boy would sit in a small shack with a single light above him and no windows. So small it was more of a small shed if anything. He worked for a week on the new porcelain mask, the mask turned out to cover less of his face, and seemed more festive than anything. He would leave wearing the white mask that he crafted along with the black one. His journey back to Thunder would begin, and the start of the Exams were only two months away.

    He would return to Cloud within a month since he left the Akumu Village. This left him with only a month to prepare and travel with his team to the Chuunin Exams which were being held in the Land of Tea. Within a few days of his return he was told to pack up once more and get ready to leave for a fight of his life. He would grin behind his white mask; the boy loved a good challenge, especially if he could kill his challenger. The bloodlust had been held in for sometime inside Shingai, he had the thirst once more, and these Exams would be sure to quench it more than enough. His team would travel with their Jounin Teacher all the way down to the Tea Country and when there they were told of the Exams he participated in when he was their age. Shingai would listen in hopes of gaining valuable information on the exams he was about to be a part of. Once they started, the first test would be one of the mind, something that would throw Shingai for a moment, but it was also a strong team test. His teammates would excel more in this test than he but all three had passed none the less. The second test of the Exams was a survival test, one that Shingai ahdn’t been run through by Ninja before. He’d killed several in his time but he’d never needed to worry about the creatures and the ninja. In this part he did not seek the items they were to obtain, he simply killed all of those who opposed him, his teammates would then search the bodies and find the items they needed. Shingai would add a total of six more bodies to his kill count before the third test could even begin. The teams were separated, now a battle of power, and art. A showing of skills of sort to those who chose to observe. Shingai would fight a very worthy opponenet from the Village of Mist ironicly. The two would fight to the extent of their power, but Shingai found a weakness in his opponent and quickly took advantage of it. Killing his opponent in cold blood as the Examiner attempted to intervene before he could deliver the final blow.


    Birth Arc:
    Fuyu was born on the 17th of September, along with his twin sister, Natsu. Fuyu could have always been notably passed off as an honorable and chivalrent person, even from childhood. Unlike his violently exploited sister, Fuyu was calm, aloof and detached; keeping his posture top-notch and maintaining his composure in any situation. Although trust was a certain issue in his life, his love and trust was directed only to his sister, despite the fact that she would tease him repeatedly for his kindness and honesty. He still knew she loved him.

    Academy Student Arc:
    Fuyu was admitted into the Academy of Iwagakure alongside his sister, Natsu. They became the top of their class shortly after, mastering various forms of Academy-taught abilities, jutsu and techniques. Fuyu became increasingly attached to the art of swordsmanship, and became the most skilled Kenjutsu artist at a young age in the entire village. He didn't enjoy the fame that came along with his gift, and primarily spent his time alone, or studying with his sister.

    They were the best of the best at their age, despite the fact that Natsu was so wrapped up in her bloodlust for domination and power, Fuyu always kept her behavior under control by talking to her telepathically, so she would never exert her energy over worthless causes. When Fuyu wasn't practicing his swordsmanship, he was finding new and explicit ways to enhance his Genjutsu.

    Genin Arc:
    As time grew on in the Academy, they were shortly promoted just a few slight years after their admittance into the school. Passing with the highest grades in either class, Fuyu and Natsu were put into the same team, which was remarkable because their teamwork during missions and combat was simply impeccable to the T. Fuyu notably kept track of his sisters thoughts, and always put her safety above his among all, because he knew she had the possbility to fall into a deadly situation because of her bloodlust.

    Countless missions had been successfully completed by the team and their sensei, although their third member was an odd individual who always seemed to never be capable of shutting his mouth. Forever speaking, they simply ignored him so they could focus on talking to each other telepathically. People knew something was odd about them, because whatever one Twin knew, the other would find out shortly after. Fuyu was a natural at wielding and using swords from the Academy, and by this time, he had already become a Kenjutsu master. He truly was gifted.

    Chuunin Arc:
    The time came for the Chuunin Exams to come about. And as it did, Fuyu and Natsu were beyond prepared for anything they could've possibly thrown at the team. A series of papers were given to them, and they were given a set amount of time strictly adhered to during the test. The papers were cascaded with hundreds of questions, many involving the Bunshin jutsu techniques and various Taijutsu movements, as well as scenario's that would prove difficult for any ninja to overcome. As the procter announced the final test, many Genin unexpectedly left the room because the Sensei had announced that this final question would determine whether they were capable of participating or not.

    Once they left, the procter examined the room with a serious look, and said "You have all passed. Those who have remained in the room will participate in the Exams!" The entire class erupted into a wave of excitement and amusement. The room roared in happiness and eager behavior. All but Natsu and Fuyu. They kept their composure, which was a direct contribution to the Kage and High-Jounin's beliefs of their mass skill and maturity levels. Soon enough, the time came around where the final stages had come into effect. Natsu was fighting a shinobi from Kumogakure, as Fuyu was set up against an Uchiha from Konohagakure. The battle was difficult, because they both specialized in Genjutsu. Every illusion they placed upon each other was broken, except the Uchiha had mistaken Fuyu's skill in Genjutsu for his weakness, and charged him with a barrage of Taijutsu. Fuyu quickly made good use of his skill in Kenjutsu, and sliced the body of his foe apart in seconds. Fuyu had successfully passed, and became a Chuunin along with his sister Natsu, who won shortly before him.

    During the time Fuyu was a Chuunin, he became an Grandmaster at the art of Kenjutsu with his swords, Sairento and Shikkan; Silent & Surrender. Natsu became exceptionally skilled with Genjutsu, as Fuyu primarily focused on Kenjutsu and the use of his sword and its abilities.

    Jounin Arc:
    As time grew on, Fuyu and Natsu drifted apart in their careers as Shinobi, Fuyu becoming a Grandmaster and teacher at the Academy for Swordsmanship and Kenjutsu, Natsu becoming a successful mission-runner. Still, they always kept in contact with each other through their telepathy, and had frequent conversations during the day. Except, one time during one of Natsu's missions, he could no longer hear her respond. This worried him gravely, and despite the Tsuchikage's dearest requests for him to remain in the village, he found Natsu's mission logs, and began his journey to Yukigakure to recover his sister.

    Being as trustworthy and loyal as he always said he was, he will kill anyone who stands in the way if there is harm to be done to his sister.

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    The blades need a range for how far they can shoot beams. As well as a description for the damage they cause, "alot" is pretty variable.

    While the jutsu list seems to be mostly canon, they still need to atleast have ranks and descriptions.


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    Nevermind, nice touch with the links.
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    No preferred wardrobe?
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    His preferred wardrobe is the wardrobe he wears. XD
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    Umm, Kay then.

    Looks good too me if thats the case.

    Approved, I suppose.
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    Moved >.>
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    Fuyu Sairento
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