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 moth man vs anyone(off rp death match)

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PostSubject: Re: moth man vs anyone(off rp death match)   Thu Aug 19, 2010 3:57 am

Missing his initial attacks, Daedalus' sonar picked up the Mantis beside him. Glaring at it, he swung the sawblade in it's direction, aiming for it's neck. His stage three activation was more than capable of destroying what were once powerful, but now just simple insects. Twisting mid-air to look downwards, Daedalus spotted the carrier beetle, and launched the wrecking ball at it. With extra chain links summoning in to extend it's length, the steel ball tore through the beetle, detonating the ants that were on it. Continuing through, the ball landed with a thud in front of Mothman, digging and holding into the earth.

Giving the chain a tug, Daedalus was soon right beside the Mothman once again. With his increased speed, the Puppet King flicked through hand seals, using the last of his chakra to hopefully end this. Six clones immediately surrounded Daedalus' opponent each of them flicking through their own set of hand seals. Daedalus meanwhile leaped up and above, closing off that exit point. This was the last move his activation technique could take, but with it's deactivation, he had enough speed left to quickly close off any chance of escape.

With that the shrieking came. It was sudden, powerful, echoing from the mouth of every clone, Atsugai. The entire area erupted in blinding white light. This would be Daedalus' final move, but knowingly his most powerful. While the clones would obliterate each other, anything caught in between would too be shredded by the incredibly large slicing blasts of wind. As the technique even rained down from above, the entire area was masked in the blistering white light.



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The Mothman

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PostSubject: Re: moth man vs anyone(off rp death match)   Fri Aug 20, 2010 1:46 am

The mantis watching as the chainsaw came out him attempting to dodge it was simply too slow compared to this puppet as he managed to avoid a lethal strike from the chainsaw it however cutting through one of his scythe blade like arms.

[intercept] As the clones began to form the large green mantis began to strike them killing a few of them while mothman created the ultimate protection technique to defend against this multitude of puppets. He knew that this many clones were not created for simply hiding himself this was a strategy that was usually followed by a clone explosion but this wall protecting him from the attack that he could not see or feel. His mantis however took the full force of the attack being outside the wall he managed to destroy a few of the clones but this jutsu at first did nothing to him but so many of the clones attacks hitting him causing him to fall to the shredding of the technique. Mothman however created multiple bugs to burrow under the ground while the attack continued to go on outside the wall held up to it however it could not withstand anymore attack. Mothmans burrowing beetles quickly created a hole big enough for mothman to go through. Mothman also left five C4 ants underneath the rubble that was now the ultimate protection technique he had used but could not acutally be seen by the puppet unless he moved the rocks. He left the rock in a way to make it look like his slinder body was underneath oen of them he actually being burried underneath the ground still burrowing in an arch to escape to the other side of the battlefield.

Jutsu Used

Bugs Used


Red eyes burning bright a rustle of his wings in the dead of night . A ferocious shriek as the creature takes flight the mothman is coming for you.
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moth man vs anyone(off rp death match)
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