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 Mothman vs Yon

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The Mothman

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PostSubject: Mothman vs Yon   Mon Aug 16, 2010 1:50 pm

Mothman sat in a tree in the middle of the jungle just outside of konoha. He had chalanaged a konoha ninja to a fight to the death just to see how it would turn out and now sat in the forest waiting for him to arrive. The time was mid fall the leaves on the trees littered the floor but there were still enough leaves on the actual trees to prevent sunlight from coming through accept for a few random splotches of bright sunlight. Mothman sat under a tree that compeletely shaded him from the sunlight in a crouched position watching below him for his enemy to arrive. He had his wings folded around his body to make the colorful cloak like outfit he preferred to wear but did not have on his fox mask this time instead his face was uncovered revealing is bright red almost glowing large eyes.


Red eyes burning bright a rustle of his wings in the dead of night . A ferocious shriek as the creature takes flight the mothman is coming for you.
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Mothman vs Yon
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