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 Koden Hyuuga

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PostSubject: Koden Hyuuga   Tue Aug 17, 2010 1:42 pm

Basic Info

Name: Hyuuga, Koden

Nickname/Alias: -

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Important Family Members: None

Personality: Koden is a get things done first, and ask questions later type of guy. A born fighter, that is relentless for the most part. Indeed he hates how people may act so childish and definitely not there age, but either way he deals with them very quickly.

Fighter: As I have said before Koden was born to fight, not to enjoy a family and prosper greatly. Think of him as a fighting dog, he was born for one purpose, and that was too fight, kill, and make his parents happy. And if he didn't he would be sold too someone that could deal with him. He hated making his parents happy, because he just hated them and couldnt wait till there time came. But until then he would do there bidding.

Sleep Deprivation: Koden almost never sleeps laying down. Unless he knows its safe. He really doesent like to sleep in general because when he slept he would dream about how he would be brutally beaten when he was only 6. The last thing you would ever see Koden cry, he has been through too much too cry and nothing makes him sad anymore, nothing whatsoever.

Hatred Among the Others: Koden absolutely hates others that torture or abuse. He would rather kill a man than see him torture someone else. It is purely irony how he thinks because he sees killing as torture as well, and he kills the men and women who do enjoy torturing. But never the less he remains loyal to most things and wont kill unless told too or driven.

General Appearance

Basic looks

Head: Koden has a full head of blonde hair, not bright blonde because his blonde hair is mixed with a walnut brown. It looks as if he has some highlights for the top of his head is blonde and under it is brown. His Nose has a straight bridged center, and his eyes are always white due to the hyuuga kekkei genkai, but an awkward tint makes them look like they are a deeper blue. Kodens Mouth is usually in a sliight smirk, but thats just natural not to be in a joking mood.

Upper Body: Koden as a naturally toned body, his torso and arms are cut up, and has scars that remain from his childhood. His right bicep is a bit bigger than his left due to him being right handed and carrying a larger sword in that hand. His abdominals are toned as well but not overly buffed. Just slightly.

Height: 6"3

Weight: 197lbs

preferred wardrobe: Koden wears a button up shirt that has no sleeves with a V like cut towards the top that also has no collar. Over the button up shirt is a long, big sleeved robe that helps his body out giving him a cool breeze and comfort ability while in movements. He wears a baggy set of pants that alos promote a comfortable lifestyle, so too speak. The pants tend too fall if he is not wearing his hazlenut brown belt like sash. Up towards his neck lies a sash like mask that covers his mouth and partially his nose.

Extra Features: Many embedded cuts and scars all along his body.

Bloodline Information

Kekkei Genkai: Byakugan


Physical Traits Vein-like eye features, content eye colors.

Ability Overview -

Rank and Skill Information

Village: Konohagakure


Rank: Legendary Swordsman
Letter Rank A
Group affiliation 7LS


- Main: Weponry
-Sub: Ken Jutsu
-Combination Tai Jutsu (From Byakugan kkg)

Advanced/Secondary Skills:

Elemental & Jutsu Information

Elemental Affinity

Primary Element Lightning
Secondary Element Fire
Advanced Element Earth
Combination -

Jutsu Being Done Later

History/Rp Sample

Rp Sample:

History: Koden was born not a natural boy but with the hyuuga kekegenkai. And he wasnt born into a family that actually wanted too start a family but too fight too the death just to get a little money for his family. Born into a world where he was unwanted, abused, and treated like a fighting dog, only fighting to kill and get money for his family. When he was young he didn't know that this was wrong, he though it was natural and every kid had too do this to get there money to let your family prosper, as you suffer. He couldn't even call his mother and father the simple names of "Mom", And "Dad". It was always master, or owner. Koden did not know any other way, and thats how his lifestyle was, living too kill, and dieing to over come.

He won almost every fight, but one night he was almost killed. For the day previous from that he had been fighting all day, he maxed out in fights, and had killed 4 boys much like himself. The next night while he was fighting a teenager that was much bigger than him he was thrown from wall to wall. Almost as if the guy was toying with him, laughing at how weak he was, almost in tears when he found out that Koden was the reason for many deaths of other fighting kids. The teenager threw him on the ground and started pounding in his face.

And for a moment, one simple moment, Koden wanted too die, he wanted his life to end. He wanted to end his suffering. Thats when he heard his fathers words, "Get the hell up you worthless bleeder". That was it, Never again would Koden hear that shit again, never would he be tortured, this time he would kill the ones that brought him into his life, his supposed masters.

A small spark of wanting to kill anything in his path ignited his willpower as his byakugan activated on its own will. Koden opened his eyes, seeing everything within the opponent and pointed two fingers in his direction and shot the fingers forward hitting the middle of the teens pumping heart. Stopping it in a blink. The teens eyes widened as everyone bidding on who would win were astonished as they saw te large teen stop in his tracks and hit the floor dead.

Koden followed his master home being cussed out that he almost died, and was told that the next time that happened his father would kill him with his own power, or lack of Koden thought. Later on in the shade of the night, Koden walked into his father, and mothers room. His mother wasnt too hard on him but he hated both of those ass holes. Grabbing a kunai that sat on his dads desk he put it up to his dads neck, the man waking up to his own trainee holding a knife too his neck he was scared but before he could scream or yell, Koden took a simple swipe across his neck that dropped the man in half a second all the way to the wooden floor. And as the mother heard the thud in the middle of the night she woke up, noticing all the blood, and her husband dead she began to scream and cry. "Shut up bitch" Koden whispered as he launched the kunai forward deep in her chest cavity where he heart was located shutting her up quick as she tried to remove the kunai but was a little to late as she struggled to breathe and slowly died watching Koden smiling as she passed. Koden slept like a baby last night and woke up the next morning with little regret as he left the village before anyone had woken up. Leaving his parents behind for the rest of the village to see.

That day Koden found a large boat that said Kirigakure Bound. Koden stole some money from his dead father the night before, and had more than enough to take the trip. When he got there, he noticed many men and even some women training with swords, and such. He enjoyed watching the ninjas with there swords, training. And was one day given a sword and offered a match too spar. Of course this was all after he had spoken to the mizukage.

After his spar with his new sword he then after never stopped with his sword, and always training with his byakugan hopefully one day becoming a master in both. He found refuge in the village of the mist, and stayed there enjoying his prosperous life. And he was hopeful too keep living in such manner, staying loyal, and always driven.

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PostSubject: Re: Koden Hyuuga   Sat Sep 25, 2010 4:35 am


Kunai~Shuriken~Explosive Paper

Delta Darts
These weapons are very slim kunais, they are so small that they travel twice the speed of regular kunais, and are really hard to see when air born. A small ring connected to the back of it creates a spot where an explosive paper may be tied.
Rank: C

Dragon Shuriken
This shuriken is the same size as a windmill shuriken, and when airborn the razor sharp blades will extend out, and with a hand sign from the user the knives will eject out of the disc sending knives every where in a extremely fast flurry.
Rank: B

A simple blow gun. Requires a concentrated gust of wind into a small tube. The tube then pushes against a fast accurate dart. The darts are almost always tipped of with a toxic poison that may kill a foe in 6 posts.
Rank: B

Origami Shurikens-Tashbishi

Extremely sharp origami like shurikens, made to land on people or thrown at people. there isn't a side that isnt extremely sharp. A barrage of these usually acts as a painful distraction.
Rank: C

Ejectable Armblade
A blade that is tightly strapped to kodens arms, they may eject by the flip of a switch on the upper handle. The blades are extremely sharp that can cut through some metals.
Rank: A

Smoke Screen Ring
This is a ring located on Kodens right ring finger, the smoke expands when exposed to oxygen. The colors of the smoke differs from normal smoke screens, for the bright colors make it so that heat cannot be sensed, if the smoke is inhaled it will make the opponent cough alot to the point of knocking them out after 5 posts, for 2 posts. The smoke screen may be blown away, and it wears off in 5 posts.
Rank: A

Bow & Arrow
A simple bow and arrow with blades at the front for close combat. There are numerous ammount of arrows, and alot of them different.
Posion Arrow- An arrow tipped of with deathly poison, used to puncture the foe and allow the poison to spread. It will kill the object it punctures within 9 universal posts.
Explosive Arrow- An arrow that explodes on contact, its explosive power is almost twice the power as a regular explosive paper.
Hollow Tip- An arrow with a hollow glass tip, once it punctures or makes contact it will break sending sharp glass everywhere.
Steel Tip- An arrow with a tip harp, and strong enough to pierce through metal.
Smoke Bomb Arrow- An arrow with a small cartridge on the front of it, once making contact or with a handsign from the user the cartridge will explode a giant smoke bomb that may irritate the eyes and lungs to the point where they can no longer see for a week and is painful for them to breathe.
Rank: A

Explosive Bowling Ball
A ball that looks colorful to deceive the opponents but really is a wadded up ball of explosive paper. Making a huge explosion, being able to wipe out a 20 yard diameter.
Rank: A

NOTE: When not in use these weapons are hidden in scrolls, all except for the arm blades, Shurikens, and Kunais.

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PostSubject: Re: Koden Hyuuga   Sat Sep 25, 2010 8:50 pm



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PostSubject: Re: Koden Hyuuga   

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Koden Hyuuga
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