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 Turtle Contract

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PostSubject: Turtle Contract   Tue Aug 17, 2010 3:12 pm

Species : Turtle

Basic Traits : Depending on their element, each turtle is diffirent

Every turtle has this sign painted on their back. The Turtle family has no religion only one belief, that would sort of be in this category. They only serve the Land of Fire.

Boss: Yoshi (Members are bellow.)

Contract holder: Bones and Yoshi

Other Members:

Contracted Individuals: Nobody yet...

This is Kame Island in Japanese Kame is turtle. Kame island is about two miles off of the south coast of Konohagakure. There is a spell over the island created by Yoshi their leader which makes it appear smaller from far away. The island in reality though is huge, and it needs to be for about a hundred giant turtles living on it. The only food there is a Kame fruit, a Kame fruit is about the size of a human’s head and is the main source of food on the island. The turtles eat the Kame fruit, and leaves. Only these special giant turtles can eat the fruit. Any other species would get food poisoning and die in the next five minutes. The island is a massive tropical rainforest.

The summons

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PostSubject: Re: Turtle Contract   Tue Aug 17, 2010 4:09 pm

I know your not done, but your boss or one of your other summons must hold the contract.
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Turtle Contract
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